Hubbell-Hubbles: Organized Alphabetically

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A. C. Hubble of Arkansas-Kentucky University Professor-KY-1869

A.F. Hubbell-Patent Cases-Sandusky, OH-1877

A. H. Hubbell-wedding-Kansas-1903

A. H. Hubbell-News Editor-Engineering and Mining Journal-1921

A. H. Hubble-1876 Huntington County, Indiana-photo-IN-1911

A. P. Hubbell-postcard-jeweler-unknown location-1800’s

A. Hubbell-letter-NY-1847

Abigal Hubbell-part of weaving-NY-1800s

Abijah Hubbell, Jabez Hubbell and Jesse Hubbell-Meigs co, OH-1822-1826

Ada Hubbell Hutchinson-photo-WI-1928

Adrian O. Hubbell-ME11982-Dentist-CA-1900s

Albert C. Hubbell-short bio-Bennington, VT-1800s

Albert Hubbell-ME11747-NY artist-bio, sketch book and prints-1900s

Albert Hubbell-ME11747-Cover of the New Yorker Magazine from 1964-1985

Albina Hubbell-ME3371-Deed-Otsego co, NY-1899

Aldesittia (Alderette) Hubbell Harris-ME3917-married in IN (1850); moved to CA 1852

Alexander Campbell Hubble-ME2971-student at Kentucky University-KY-1868

Alfred Hubbell-Edgerton WI-gravestone-1828-1910

Algernon S. Hubbell-Photographer in Norwich, CT-1800s

Algernon Sidney Hubbell-ME786-obit-NJ-1891

Alice Hubbell-Mrs-Vaudeville performer-NY-1800s

Alice R. Hubble-postcard-meeting Lieut Hubbell-TX-1918

Allan Forbes Hubbell-Columbia University linguist-NY-1940s

Allan Hildreth Hubbell-passport to Mexico-1935

Allman-Hubble Tug Boat Company-Frank P and Alonzo Hubble-WA-1938

Alonzo Hubbell-ME999-Circus performer-also A. P. and William Hubbell-1800s

Alrick Hubbell-ME796-pic-bio-deed-NY-1836

Alvin A. Hubbell-ME5377-Opthomologist-Buffalo, NY-1800s

Amanda Hubball of Baltimore-AR a308b-marriage to John Elliott-MD-1827

Ammon Hubbel-ME350-loyalist in Revolutionary War-1770s

Andrew L. Hubbell-ME2387-Clothier-MA-1881

Anna Hubbell- involved in a buggy accident-Canandaigua, NY-1899

Anna Moore Hubbell-quilt and cookie recipe-NY-1700s

Anson Hubbell-Hubbell and Hale Grocers-business card-Bridgeport, CT-1800s

Anson Hubbell-ME377-Smith and Hubbell Co.-merchants-see George William Hubbell-NY-1800s

Art Hubell-The human bellows-postcard-1900s

Arthur B. Hubble-Prof-postcard-KY-OK-1909

Arthur Hubbell Palmer-poems and songs-OH-CA-1859-1918

Arthur Y. Hubbell-sad iron-Elmira NY-1900s

Augustus D. Hubbell [ME3856]-Civil War Deserter-1864


B. C. Hubbell-President of the Federal Telephone and Telegraph Co-Buffalo, NY-1900s

B. H. Hubbell-Painting-1893

B. H. Hubbell-House Painting-Meriden-CT-1900s

B. H. Hubbell-photographer-CT-1890s

Baker Hubbell Dairy-Peoria, IL-1900s

Barbara Hubbel-Hubbel’s Sample Rooms-Oakdale, CA-1903

Beatrice Hubbell Plumber-book-Little Homespun Songs-1920

Beaukiss cemetery in Williamson co-Hattie-William-Clara Hubble-TX-1900s

Benjamin Hubbell-Hubbell and Benes Architects-Cleveland Art Museum-OH-1800s

Benjamin Hubbell-Hubbell and Benes Architects-The Vineyard House-OH-1900s

Bert L. Hubbell-Railroad agent-Saginaw, MI-1900s

Bessie Hubbell-breach of marriage contract-NY-1889

Beth Hubbell-book-Luxury Travel-1900s

Bethel Hubel-ME3320-Ont, Canada-1800s

Bill Hubbell-baseball player-CA- 1919-1925

Bill Hubbell-Lacrosse player from Maryland-All American Team-MD-1952

Booth Hubbell-model railroader-1940


Brewer Hubbell-ME1533-Indian kidnapping-IL-1830s

Broadwater, Hubbell and Co-store-Miles city, MT-1800s

Burr Family-a general history with many Hubbell references

Burr Hubbell-NY post card-1800s

Butch Hubble Jr-Hamilton county Ohio-2022


C. A. Hubbell-storefront in Bradshaw, NE-1800’s

C. D. Hubbell-Test of Soy Beans-CT-1915

C. H. Hubbell-rail pass on the Troy and Boston Railroad-1886

C.H. Hubble-general superintendent of SW division of Railroad-KS newspaper-1890

C. J. Hubbell-Lieut.-Civil War document-WI-1863

C. L. Hubbell-advertisment-Monclava, OH-1800s

C. M. Hubbell Co.-Mt Kisco, NY-ice pick

Calvin Byron Hubbell-Sarah Elizabeth Booth Hubbell Dean-Traverse City, MI-1940s

Carl Hubbell-comic book artist-Prof. Doom-1960s

Carrie Hubbell-graduating class from Rutgers University-NJ-1800s

Catherine Hubbell-New Mexico Quarterly-Some Little Cakes with the Coffee -NM-1963

Chas. Hubbell-Bombardier during World War II-damaged bomber-1944

Charles B. Hubbell-Invalid Crops-unfit for duty-Civil War-NY-1863

Charles B. Hubbell-picture of the Saye and Sele Inn in Saybrook, CT-1900s

Charles Benjamin Hubbell-ME1035-St Louis City Directory-MO-1857

Charles Benjamin Hubbell-ME1035-Loyality oath-St Louis, MO-1864

Charles Buckley Hubbell-Recollections-1928

Charles E. Hubbell-Hubbell and Chesebro-Geddes, NY-1870s

Charles E. Hubbell-Church on Ponus Ridge-New Canaan, CT-1907

Charles H. Hubbell-attorney-from Cleveland, OH-1948

Charles H. Hubble-civil war letter-OH-1860s

Charles Herman Hubbell-airplane artist-OH-1900s

Charles HL Hubbell Family-family photo-MI-1800s

Charles Hubbell Bidwell-CT-1880s

Charles Hubbell-Lumber-Thamesville, Ont, Canada-1935

Charles Hubble-Indian trader-murdered-AZ-1919

Charles J. Hubbell-mayor of Ravenna, Ohio-1912

Charles L. Hubbell MD-receipt-Williamstown, MA-1889

Charles Lee Hubbell-ME6366-bible-MI-1800s

Charles S. Hubbell-ME3059-banker-sons of the Revolution CA chapter-San Diego, CA-1800s

Charles Sumner Hubbell-engineer-Alaska-1800s

Charles W. Hubbell-Mechanical Enginner-1900s

Charles Wolcott Hubbell-ME4004-Henion and Hubbell Co-Chicago catalogue-1905

Charles Woodrow Hubbell-ME13060-obit-2005

Clare L. Hubbell-sheriff-Oakland co, MI-1900s

Clarence Hubbell Mrs.-Reading Club-Richmond, MO-1914

Clarence W. Hubbell-Hubbell, Roth and Clark-engineering company-Cleveland, OH-1900s

Clarence Zalmon Hubbell-architect of Spokane, WA-1900s

Clarissa A. Hubbell-ME2028-Genealogy of Lunette Hubbell Buel-many Hubbells listed-1640 to 1857

Clark Paine Hubbell-ME3253-Smith and Hubbell Co.-CA-1870s-1880s

Clayton Hubble-ME2873-confederate soldier killed-VA-1864

Clayton Huntington Hubbell-ME3603-photo-McPherson, KS-1873

Cleffie Hubble-ME8148-American Annals of the Deaf-AR-1904

Clifford Hubbell-Little Gallery Plates engraved by Clifford-1982

Cyrus O. Hubbell-NY City alderman-NY-1888

Cyrus Oliver Hubbell-ME1836-G. G. Hubbell-quartermaster 92 Reg NYCV-photo-Civil War-1860s


Daniel Hubbell-clerk-History of Maumee, OH-1820

David Hubbell ME32 and son Seth ME151-in French and Indian War-Westchester co NY-1755-1760

David Hubbell-past Mason Masters in Bethel, CT-1857

David Hubbell-loyal citizen during the Civil War-Mexico, MO-1864

David Hubbell-Univ of Tennessee Scientist-2022

Delivan Hubbell-ME3135-Civil War exemption-blind in RT eye-NY-1862

Della Stow married a Hubbell in Milford, CT in 1832-not in ME index-CT-1832

Dennis Hubbel-ME 121-Revolutionary War pay receipt-CT [also see Military]-1777

Dexter Hubel-ME6225-Palm Beach co, FL-1877

Dick Hubbell-Seattle times copy editor-WA-1988

Doris E. Hubbell-WWII pilot-1940s

Dorothy Hubbell-photo-Hubbell Trading Post National Park-AZ-1954


E. C. Hubble-death notice of Mrs. E. C. Hubble-Railroad magazine for employees-KS-1922

E. G. Hubbell-Chairman of the Jones Business Advisory Council-Chicago ILL-1964

E. S. Hubbell-graduate of Princeton University-controversy over admitting Women to Univ.-NJ-1920

Earl Byron Hubbell-ME6920-Moore, Hubbell and co.-Magic Lantern Slides and Projectors-Chicago, IL-1800s

Edna Hubbell Thums-sampler: no date 18th or 19th century

Ebnez. Hubball: Subscriber to-A New System of Mythology (1816)

Ebenezer Hubbell-ME20-house-history-Easton, CT-1740

Ebenezer Hubble-ME2278-petition to Congress for land title-MO-1818

Eddie Hubble-ME9261-born John Edgar Hubble-trombonist-CA-1900s

Edward Hubbell-photographer-CT-1890

Edward Parmelee Hubbell-ME5330–Nelson, Hubbell Bicycle Co.-Toledo, OH-1898

Edward Raymond Hubbell-ME11449g-First Lt.-pilot in WWII-1944

Edwin Hubbell Chapin-mother was ME582 Behlah-famous minister-NY-1840-1880

Edwin J. Hubbell-ME10320-child actor-CA-1900s

Edwin Nelson Hubbell-ME1721-politician-NY-1800s

Edwin Powell Hubble-ME9186-astronomer-CA-1940s

Elbert A. Hubbell-army photo–Stratford, CT-1800s

Elbert Edwards Hubbell and Sons-ME2432-billhead-CT-1881

Elbert Hubbell-Earth Brick Construction pamphlet-1951

Eli Hubbell Hotchkiss-mother was ME3103-industrialist-house in Daytona Beach, FL-1900s

Elisha D. Hubbell-ME1464-letter to Young Ladies School in PA-NY-1838

Elizabeth Hubbell Langworthy-family photo-MN-SD-1800s

Elizabeth Hubbell Williams-ME1242-from Smyth co VA-b: 1806

Elizabeth Hubbell-married Waldon Stone-NY-1926

Elizur Hubbell-ME1814-mountain house resort-New Haven, CT-1823

Elmer Hubbell-Trivoli, IL-school photo-1900s

Emma Hubbell-Oregon

Ephraim Hubbell-ME71 or 142 or 699-pay request for attending legislative session-CT-1789

Ephraim Hubbell and the ship “Jane”: debt of $2000-1806

Ernest Hubbell-ME10654-lawyer-1st president of HSML-obit-MO-2005

Ernest Wilson Hubbell-ME3427-born Ontario, Canada-1862

Ethel Poland Hubbell-singer-CT-1919

Ethelwyn Hubbell-Copyrighted music-1964

Esther Hubbell Foster-ME129?-of NJ, VA, KY-her grandson is Hubbel Shropshire-KY-1780

Eugene A. Hubbell-Gold metal at High Speed Telegraphy World Championship-1936

Eugene Waverly Hubbell, MD-ME6370-Rectal Dilators-St Paul, MN-1895

Evelyn Hubbell-new dance for the 1939 Worlds Fair-NY-1930s

Ezra Sherman Hubbell and family-ME4632-Ont, Canada-1878


F. B. Hubbell-Tribute of Respect to A. Lincoln-Troy, NY-1865

Fairfield CT-historical papers with lots of Hubbles-CT-1700s

Fay Hubbell-Service station thermometer-Ilion, NY-1900s

Flint L. Hubbell, MD-History of Shelby co, OH-son of James A. Hubbell, MD-OH-1800s

Francis O’Meara and Julia Ellen Hubbell-obits in Jackson co, KS-1903-1905

Francis Hubble-Sailor on the steamer Galena-1865

Frances Hubbell-A&R1200?-m: Liverus Munson-b: 1779 d: aft 1870

Frank Hubbell of Kings County NY-buying land in Wyoming-1892

Frank A. Hubbell-Luana Beach Camp-Puget Sound, WA-1900s

Frank L. Hubbell-killed in WWI-Indianapolis, IN-1918

Frank Hubbell and the Stompers-band-1977

Frank Hubbell-Hubbell’s Individuality Book-O.S. Hubbell Printing Co.-Cleveland, OH-1914

Frank Hubbell-Lumber and Building Materials-envelope-Shavertown, PA-1918

Frank S. Hubbell and Family-cemetery records-Toledo, OH-1856-1932

Frank Schuyler Hubbell-ME5396-father was Edwin and Frank’s house now a museum in Milford, CT-1800s

Fred and Harry Hubbell-Sun Prairie, Wis-1910

Fred Fletcher Hubbell-ME5183-Scientific American-Hubbell Dinosaur-Vol 47, No. 24, 14 Dec 1908

Fred Fletcher Hubbell-ME5183-American Museum Journal-Hubbell Dinosaur by Matthew-Jan 1908

Fred F. Hubbell’s house-postcard of Howell, MI-1904

Frederick Hubbell Marvin-1865-1942-painter-ca.1900

Frederick Hubbell Mills-Military Surgeon-Spanish American War-born in Leon, NY-1871


G. Hubbell-postcard of motorcycle-1913

G. T. Hubbell-Dealer in Groceries and Provisions-New Haven, CT-1800s

Garner E. Hubbell-Major-ME8771-The Principia-Boarding School-St Louis MO-1923

Garrett V. and son Jacob R. Hubbell-history-OH-IA-1915

Gaylord B. Hubbell-Hubbell and Pattee-Importers-knives-files-NYC-1854

George Hubbell-post card to Sterling Hubbell-see Sterling Hubbell

George Hubbell’s family-Kingston, NY-photo-1900s

George A. Hubbell, Rev-son Arthur dies-CT-1860

George A. Hubbell-hoop skirt-Hubbell and Frake Co.-CT-1867

George Allen Hubbell, PhD-ME5072-Kentucky University-Transylvania Univ-KY-1908

George C. Hubbel Co.-bottle-Hudson, NY-1864

George Hubbel-Hawaiian living in Iosepa, Utah-1912

George Lewis Hubbell-ME1221-death entry in Covington KY-1876

George William Hubbell-bio-paintings-CT-1800s

Gershom Hubbell-pool tournement-CT-1865

Greetings from Hubbell-post card-1907

Grote and Hubbell-Billiard Supplies-NY-1920


H. C. Hubbell and Co-5 cent token-Spring Valley, OH-1800s

H. Hubbell-Hubbell and Johnston-Carriage and Sleigh Manuf-Albany, NY 1857

H. S. Hubbell-letter from Garfield-OH-1877

Harold Hubbell-Sheriff of Bern County, NM-1952

Harold L. Hubble-ME16042-interview-Hartford, CT-2004

Harriet M. Hubbell-photo-graduated Hillsdale HS-New Haven, CT-1895

Harriet Roselin Eaton Hubbell-photo-Morrisville, VT-1900s

Harriet Weed Hubbell-ME7153-books-2nd wife of Sidney-NY-1900s

Harriss Hubble-Church music-CA-1900s

Harry Hubble from Ohio-miner in South Pass City, Wy-1870 census

Harry A. Hubbell-book-Zen of Photography-1961

Harry Hubbell Kane, MD-books-1880s

Harry Mortimer Hubbell-ME4806-scholar-books-1900s

Harvey H. Hubbell-minister in Oregon-1933

Harvey Hubbell I-Civil War photo-1900s

Harvey Hubbell-ME1484-ME3395-ME6385-inventor-businessmen-1800-1900s

Hattie Hubbell-wife of F.H. Olmstead-Waverly, NY tombstone-J. of American Ancestry by Weeks-NY-1883

Henry Hubbald-dies in industrial accident-Popular Mechanics: Index to Vol IX-Chicago, IL 1907

Henry Dewey Hubbell-ME2480-of Boston-arrested for burglaries in Brooklyn, NY-1899

Henry Hubbell-ME8008-son of Henry M. Hubbell-obit-CT 1917-2010

Henry Hubbell-high school football-St Albans, VT-1896

Henry Hubble-ME395-land deed in museum in Carlisle, PA and Revolutionary War index for PA-1795

Henry L. Hubbell-Lake Charles College-Louisana-1890

Henry Salem Hubbell-ME5756-painter-CT and FL-1900s

Henry Simonds Hubbell, Jr.-ME11034-pilot-NH-1900s

Henry Wilson Hubbell-ME2902-memo from Abe Lincoln-Civil War letters and photos-1863

Henry W. Hubbell, Col.-photo and obit-1898

Henry Wilson Hubbell-photo

Herald L. Hubbell-ME7805-obit and Catalogues-Zeeland, MI-1900s

Herbert C. Hubel-photographer-MI-1910s

Hervey D. Hubbell-candidate for county clerk-1900

Hezekiah Bloomfield Hubbell-ME398-Revolutionary soldier-document-OH-1782

Homer Bishop Hubbell-ME3445-Book-Dodge co, WI 1913

Horace Hubbell-Wimmil Hubbell Harris-picture postcard from Mira E. Hubbell of 2 grandkids-1900s

Horatio William Law Hubbel-ME1327-PA-1799-1875

Howard Gregory Hubbell-ME4778-dealer in oils-Bridgeport, CT-1887


Hubball and Dunnett-Hydraulic Engineers-The American Farmer-April-MD-1874

Hubbel and Hopkins Pool room token-Clarkston, MI-1930s

Hubbel and Schermerhorn-envelope cover-wholesale merchants-hay-straw-grain-NY 1899

Hubbel Knapp-business letter-Albany, NY-1822

Hubbel Loomis, Rev-religious pamphlet-Willington, CT-1819

Hubbel Pierce-photo-Bristol, CT-1880s

Hubbel Rounds-ME1626-Civil War solder-Waymart, PA-1860s

Hubbell-Yale University Football Team-photograph-CT-1899

Hubbell and Artault-photographers-New Haven, CT-1844

Hubbell and Bro-stoves and Hollow ware-Buffalo, NY-1881

Hubbell and Brown Co.-Lumber-Cleveland, OH-1800s

Hubbell and Cheney-dealers in Agricultural Implements-Ionia, MI-1888

Hubbell and Curtis-furniture makers-Bridgeport, CT-1861

Hubbell and Company-appliance store-Bridgeport, CT-1950’s

Hubbell & Co-Watch and Jewelry Store-Brooklyn, NY -1890s

Hubbell and Hubbell-lawyers in Davenport, IA-1800s

Hubbell and Klein grocery-Columbia, MO-1912

Hubbell and Lunnagan-NYC-wood plane-1842

Hubbell and McGown printing-postcard-Boston, MA-1901

Hubbell, Merwin & Co-Carpenters and Builders-1883

Hubbell and Miller Inc-WWII-canvas bag and bowl-electronics-NY-1942

Hubbell and Nash-Manufacture of picture frames-Bridgeport, CT-1800s

Hubbell and Pettingill Stoves and Ranges-Odessa, NY-1912

Hubbell and Randall-cutlery-NYC-1880

Hubbell and Romer-SAD iron-NY-1800s

Hubbell and Wheatley and Co-KS-1859

Hubbell & Wilson-Gloves and Mittens-Northville, NY-1898

Hubbell Brothers-cast iron skillet-Springfield, OH-1900s

Hubbell Brothers-groceries and shoes-Altoona, KS-1907

Hubbell Brothers-Grocers-Ravenna, OH-1900s

Hubbell Chemical Co.-Detroit, MI-1900s

Hubble Chinn-History of Kentucky 1922 vol. 3-KY-1800s

Hubbell Class-token-that reminds me-Rochester, NY-1900s

Hubbell Davis-History of Kentucky 1922 vol. 3-KY-1840-1884

Hubbell Electric lanterns-mining lantern-Newark, NJ-1913

Hubbell Family of Maryville-murdered by Hezekiah Roscoe-MO-1900s

Hubbell Garage-Fulton, NY-1900s

Hubbell Homestead-Lanesboro, MA-1910

Hubbell Manufacturing Co.-glass windows for cars-Cleveland, OH-1900s

Hubbell Manufacturing Co-Ice crusher-Springfield, OH-1800s

Hubbell match safe-likely William Lafayette Hubbell-1876

Hubbell Meat Shop-match holder-1800s

Hubbell Motor Co-Elgin, IL-1900s

Hubbell Mr.-Pied Cockatiel-CA-1900s

Hubbell Oil Heater and Stove Wicks-1800s

Hubbell photograph-1st NY Cav. in San Benito, TX-1800s

Hubbell photographers in CT-1800s

Hubbell photographers-a list of 14 Hubbell photographers-1800-1900s

Hubbell Pierce-kids book-1961

Hubbell Plow-J. W. Murkand-Barton, VT-1883

Hubbell Politicians

Hubbell Reed McBride-artist-1900s

Hubbell School House-Leyden, WI-1800s

Hubbell Service-York, NE-1941

Hubbell stamp-information unknown

Hubbell Stove Co.-Buffalo, NY 1882

Hubbell Trading Post-Marble Canyon Poster-rug-token-NM-1900s

Hubbell, West Virginia-car stolen-1922

Hubbell-baseball player-at Harvard 1912

Hubbells of Kelly Corners-history of making apple cider-NY

Hubbells Resort-Long Lake-postcard-Alpena, MI-1900s

Hubbells Solar Powered Engine-Scientific American-1850

Hubbell, Smith Co.-bill of sale-Utica, NY-1912

Hubbell-Times Bldg Denver-photo-Willie-1900s

Hubbell, Wade and Rider Co.-Invoice-Bridgeport, CT-1897

Hubbels Block-C. M. Marsh Photographer-Canandaigua, NY-1800s

Hubbels cabin at East Twin Lake in Lewiston, MI-1900s

Hubbels Mountain-Fishs Eddy, NY-1908

Hubble Creek School-picture-AR-1908

Hubble Drug Store-Humansville, MO-1908

Hubble Mr.-opened a boarding house with Heman Fay-letter to Oliver Burton-NY-1816

Hubble Slough and the River-postcard-Sabula, IA-1900s

Hubble, Virginia-post mark-letter-VA-1902

Hubble-a farmer and miner near Weaverville, CA-1897-1898

Hubble-Grant House-San Diego, CA-1887

Hubble-photo-Northern IN or Southern MI-1800s


Ichabod Hubbell-ME97 or 718-Fishkill, NY-1738-1746

Icholbald Hubbel-ME 97 or 718-Revolutionary solder-1780s

Inez Hubbell Beares-ME11364-Circus performer-trapeze artist-1900s

Inez Wallace Hubbell-husband was Frank M. Hubbell-ME5214-Cleveland, OH-1940s

Ira Henry Hubble-ME6812-Railroads and Coal-Resource Extraction in Indian Territory 1866-1907

Irving D. Hubbell-ME6393-History of Company C-316th Field Signal Battalion-WWI-1919

Isaac and Elisabeth Hubbell-land deed-Owen Co, IN-1847

Isaac Hubbell – Capt. Lieut. Hubble-ME245-Revolutionary War Doc.-see Military History page 30-NY-1781

Isaac Hubbell, Capt. Lt – Pay Roll for Capt. Walker’s Company-also see William Hubbell-1779

Isaac Hubbell, Adjutant in Col John Lambs Battalion-pay voucher-1779


J. A. Hubbell-bookkeeper listed in the St Louis City Directory-MO-1857

J. B. Hubbell-Supt. of steamship co-Bridgeport, CT-1885

J. B. Hubble-architect in Dallas TX-1902

J. D. Hubble-settler-Fairbury, Neb-1870

J. H. Hubbell and Co.-legal directory postcard-NYC-1884

J. Hubbell-wood plane-D Barton-Rochester, NY-1800s

J. J. Hubbell-Forestry Exhibit at the Louisiana Purchase Exposition-MI-1904

J. J. Hubbell-Ideal Garage Man Token-Holmesville, Neb-1900s

J. L. Hubbell-photographer-IN-1840s

J. M. Hubble-Proprietor of hotel in Stanford, KY-1914

J. S. Hubbell-ad for screens-Troy, NY-1900s

J. S. Hubbell-The Pines-his home in East Branch, NY-1800s

J. W. Hubbell-KS-1869

J. W. Hubbell-Retirement notice-Spokane, WA-1900s

J. W. Hubbel-Major-perhaps ME5815-photo-WWI-1900s

Jabez Hubble-a Fairfield minor-ME172?-Benoni Dimon alias Gilbert of Fairfield appointed guardian to Jabez Dec 12, 1757.

Jabez G. Hubbell-ME1375-a creek named Hubbel Run-history-Amity Township, PA-1800s

James Boyd Hubbell-ME2388-doc. archive and history of the Northwestern Fur Co-MN-1800s

James Gale Hubbell-ME5839-Pepper Distillery co.-KY-1898

James Gale Hubbell-Mrs.-wife of James Gale ME5839-photo-Lexington, KY-1894

James Hubbell-photo-Chagrin Falls-Cuyahoga Co, OH-1870s

James Hubbel-New Mexico’s first inhabitants-NM-1800s

James Hubble-most likely Ansel Hubble (ME# 3212-MT-1870s

James Randolph Hubbell-ME3766-Congressman from OH-1865

James Randolph Hubbell-photo

James R. Hubbell-Ohio mortgage deed-1854

James T. Hubbell-likely ME5791-pen and ink portrait-CT-1800s

Jane E. (Bishop) Hubbell-wife of George A.-ME1524-Dodge co, WI-1924

Jane Roberts-daughter of Delmar Hubbell Roberts-book-1900s

Jarvis Hubbell-ME996-account of his death-Texas-1869

Jas A. Hubbell-miners lamp

Jay Abel Hubbell-Congressman from MI-1800s

Jean Grandy-Info on Chauncey Jerome’s Genealogy

Jean Hubbell-actor in a silent movie titled-A Lucky Tumble released 1916

Jean Hubbell-Lunatickle-Lunatics Home Companion–comic book-1956

Jennie Hubbell-Ed’s oldest daughter-photo-1800s

Jerry Hubbell-Silver Spark Plug Award-Trucking info magazine-MI-2011

Jessie Hubbell Bancroft-ME2778-book-Games for the Playground-MI-1909

Jim Hubbell-H. B. Birmingham Oral History-Magdalena, NM-1900s

Joe Hubbell-newsreeler for Fox-Hearst Corp-CA-1933

Joe B. Hubbell-husband of Mary Halmhuber-History of Kentucky 1922 vol. 3-KY-1800s

John Hubble-A Texas Scrap Book

John Hubbell-ME4883-Family Folklore-stories-IN-1800s

John Hubbell-ME394-Revolutionary War solders buried in Indiana-IN-1800s

John Hubbell-Canadian figure skater-1970s

John Hubbell-ME541-The Otego Historical Society-NY-early 1800s

John Hubbell-returns by balloon-1977

John Hubbell Carter-1835-1909-History of Kentucky 1922 vol. 3-KY-1800s

John Hubbell Woolworth-photo-1821 to 1907

John Hubble-Hubble Bros-Maryborough-Australia-1925

John Hubbell and Rev C. A. Hubbell-headstones-Civil War Cemetery-Walton, NY-1800s

John Edgar Hubble, MD-book by Mattie Hubble Green and Bio-VA, CA-1900s

John Holbrook Hubbell-ME14173-History of Bay Area Ranchers-Hollister, CA-1800 and 1900s

John Howard Hubbell-physics-obit-2007

John Jackson Hubbell-ME1898-Lawyer-obit-NJ-1912

John Jefferson Hubble-ME5483-butcher shop-Maysville, MO-1910

John Lorenzo Hubbell-Hubbell Trading Post-AZ-1800s

John Lorenzo Hubbell-running for sheriff in AZ-newspaper notice-1889

John M. Hubble-ME2402-Civil War photo-5th OH Cavalry-1860s

John Martin Hubbell and Carl Hubbell-baseball players-1930s

John Platt Hubbell-ME7194-Chemical Warfare Service, 1st Gas Regiment-1919

John S. Hubbell-Hubbell Department Store-KS-1910

John W. Hubbell-major in WWII-1945

John W. Hubbell-sales club president-NY-1958

John William Hubbell-ME7967-bridge champion-stolen trophy-MO-1953

Jonathan Hubble-first Mormon convert-AR-1835

Joseph Crawford Hubbell-1895-1956-Military Record-NC-1956

Joseph W. Hubbell-CT House of Representatives-1800-1884

Julius Caesar Hubbell-ME782-envelope only-Chazy, NY-1818

Julius Ceasar Hubbell-ME4011-State Representative-Ellensburg, WA-1921

Julius Hubbell Pierce-WWI document-CT-1917


Kate G. Hubbell-photo-San Diego, CA-1885

Kay Hubbell-New England tennis player-MA-1900s

Kelly and Hubbell-Invention-jaw adapters-patent Aug 1886

Kelly Connor Hubbell-singer-1900s


L. Hubbel land Office-Defiance, IA 1911

L. Hubble-engineer killed in steamboat explosion-Lloyds Steamboat Directory-1856

L. Hubbell-painting

L. Hubble-Big Turkey Creek Camp-Marion Co, KS-1860

L.W. Hubbell-Springfield, MO-Soldiers Homesteads Wanted-flyer-1870s

Laporte Hubbell-ME1951-post card-Hubbell’s brook in Bristol, CT-1920

Larry Hubbell and the Mission Band-Music-1972

Larry Hubble-Underground Comix-The Mountain-1973

Larry L. Hubbell-personal narrative of Viet Nam and Korea at Library of Congress-2000’s

Laura Fuller Hubbell-ME1133-Mormon Church-OH-1831

Laura Sophia Hubbell Hoeber-ME4430-photo-CA-1900s

Lawrence Hubbell-ME14017-Vietnam veteran-Eulogy from daughter-WA-1990

Le Moyne Hubbell-ME7156-actress and ship crew member-1920s

Leda Field Hubbell-ME4146-author-1903

Lee or Lou Hubbell-civil war photo-1860s

Leland Hubbell-ME7848-WWII Honor Roll-Princeton, IL-1900s

Lem Hubble-maybe ME5462-Winifred cemetery-Fergus co, MT-1943

Leon Sterling Hubbell-ME5200-Secretary of the Hubbell Family Reunion in OH-1909

Leora Elizabeth Hubbell-ME2676-photo-OH-1800s

Leroy Hubble and Frances E. Hubbell-WI or MN-1800s

Leroy S. Hubbell-photo-San Francisco, CA-1910

Les Hubble-photo-Division Supt.-from Seattle Times newspaper-WA-1930

Lester Earle Hubbell-ME13059-The Hubbell Plan of military compensation-1969

Levi Hubbell-ME1326-NY docs and Wisconsin judge impeached-WI-1850s

Levi Hubbell-ME1326-Adjutant General document-Delaware county, NY-1834

Levi Hubble-ME1258-Buffalo springs cem-Lincoln co, KY-1800s

Levi Hubble Jr-possibly ME1258-Pulaski county-The General Assembly of KY-1850

Levi Hubble, Sr-probably ME1240-Major 44th Regiment16th brigade Kentucky militia-KY 1846

Levi M. Hubbell-businessman and politician-IA-1800s

Levi Hubble-ME2890-went to KS-caught in a snow storm-returned to KY-1800s

Levi Hubble, Rev.-VA-1853

Levi? Hubble, Rev.-The Millennial Harbinger-VA-1841

Lewis Hubbel Judson-Salem, OR-1840s

Lila D. Hubbel-Hopi Indian Mission Program-2nd Mesa, AZ-1900s

Lina Rubi Hubbell-portrait-Navajo-AZ-1910

Lindley Dodd Hubbell-ME8617-dau. Madge Delano Hubbell Tweed-son Lindley Williams-CT-1900s

Lindley Williams Hubbell-ME12270-poet lived in Japan-1900s

Lon Hubbell-ME999-strongest man-1800s

Lorenzo Hubbell Jr-Hubbell Trading Post-1950s

Lorraine Hubbell-actress-1930s

Lorraine Hubble-Ohio-unsolved murder-1972

Louis H. Hubbell-Hubbell and Waterhouse Co.-Vehicle Manuf-St Louis, MO-1902

Lucretia Bradley Hubbell-ME3658-phreneologist-aeronaut-CT-1800s

Lucus P. Hubble-General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church-NY-1836

Lucy Embury Hubbell-ME4018-book-The Book of Little Houses-1927

Lucy S. Hubbell-Mrs. George A. Hubbell-photo-San Francisco, CA-1800s

Lyman Hubbell-book of finances-1806-1849


M. E. Hubbell-water color painting-1899

M. Hubbell-Kootenai, ID-token

M. Hubbell-painting-1957

M. W. Hubbell-from NY-Real Estate in Toledo, OH-1860

M. W. Hubbell-photographic studio in Farmington, MN-1890s

Mabel Hubbell and Tom Mix marry-Yuma, AZ-1932

Mack Hubble-Improved Order of Red Men-Middlesboro, KY-1947

Marcia M. Hubble Fox-ME2078-photo-CT-1800s

Margaret J. Hubbell-ME6811-dau. of John S. and Veva Hubbell-obit-OK-2000

Margaret Wilson Hubbell-marries Francis Wood-Covington, KY-1933

Marguerite Hubbell Mullins-ME13662-Okalhoma politician-OK-1900s

Marian Hubbell-Girl reserves of YWCA-IN-1920

Marie Hollinshead-Hubbell–words to the song Boys of the USA-1918

Marion Hubbell-photo-1866

Marion Hubbell-Cincinnati, OH-1905

Marion Russell Hubbell-photograph-Chagrin Falls, OH-1800s

Marjorie Hubbell Gibson-book on HMS Somerset-1992

Mark Hubbel-gold miner in Todds Valley-CA-1850

Mark H. Hubbell-book on Buffalo, NY homes-1931

Mark Lewis Hubble-ME18940-obit-VA-2019

Mark S. Hubbell-ME4576-clerk-book-Buffalo, NY-1899

Marshal Hubbel-Middlefield, NY-photo-1860s

Martin and Hubbell Store-photo-Richmond, MO-1900s

Martin Jones Hubble-ME2928-family papers at the Univ. of Missouri-1800 and 1900s

Martin J Hubble-ME2928-newspaper article-Atlantic and Pacific Railroad-MO-1871

Mary Hubbell-ME1048-Mary Hubbell house at Williams College-MA

Mary Hubble-Sandgate, VT marriages-Genealogy-A Journal of American Ancestry by Weeks-VT-1786

Mary S. Hubbell-civil war letter-Johnson Island prison-NY-1865

Mary E. Hubbell-dau. of Martha S.-The Life and Writings of an Only Daughter-CT-1857

Mary Louisa Hubbell-ME2677-relationship with James A. Garfield-OH-1850

Mary Parmelee Hubbell-ME2783-Hubbell’s Blue Book of Toledo-Edward Hubbell-OH-1888 to 1910

Mary Rachel Hubbell-married Ralph Erskine McWilliams-NY-1854

Mary Hubble Flinn-Ohio-1836

Mary Turner Hubble McGavock-marries 1812-dies in Nashville-VA & TN-1800s

Mary Hubbell Osburn-ME10472-book-Ohio Composers and Musical Authors-OH-1900s

Mary Hubble Surber-ME1253-son Alfred Surber was CSA officer in civil war-KY-1860s

Mary E. Hubbell Simons-ME6508-dau. of Samuel William Hubbell-Midland co, MI-1800s

Max L. Hubbell-buried in France-WWI-1918

May Hubbell-photo-NY-1800s

McConihe and Hubbell Mfg Co.-seller of pool tables-NJ-1899-1907

Medora S. Hubbell-ME6381-obit-NY-1906

Milow and Polly Hubbell-ME858-history-Kelly Corners, NY-1848

Minor L. Hubbell-cemetery record-Toledo, OH

Monroe Hubble auto Co.-MI-1900s

Mrs. Hubbells Bakeries, Inc-Phoenixville, PA and San Diego, CA-1900s

Mrs. Hubble of Fermhill England-north Worcester-Measham tea pot-1888

Myron Rodney Hubbell-Wolcott, VT-1800s

Myrtle Hubbell-painting-Ontario, CA-1900s


N. B. Hubbell-photographer in CA-1850s

Napoleon Clay Hubbell-ME1947-Hubbel Screw Co-New York, NY-1874

Nash Knox and Hubbell-Manuf. of tables-Goshen IN-1887

Nathan Hubbell Rev-ME2206-book-1890

Nathaniel Hubbell Rev-ME26-Presbyterian Church in Westfield, NJ-1727

Nealie Hubbell-photo-Hartford, CT-1800s

Ned Hubbell-book-Life in Bedford-1900s

Ned Stone Hubbell-ME8582-Hubbell Connections-bio with wife-MI-AR-1900s

Nellie Hubbell-envelope-Bristol, CT-1870s


O. Hubbell-Broker-letters-Indianapolis, IN-1892-1899

O.A. Hubbell and Son-Dairy Wagon in Oneonta, NY-1900s

O. J. Hubbel-Adair co, OK-1910

O. J. Hubbell-real estate and insurance-Maquoketa, IA-1900s

O. S. and Ted Hubbell-printing co-flying-Cleveland, OH-1927

O. S. Hubbell-History of San Diego, CA-1800-1900s

O. S. Hubbell-Hubbell’s Prepared Wheat-Philadelphia-1800s

Oliver Hubble-ME4922-Indiana regiment-Civil War-reported killed-1861

………(see Military History Vol 1, p.176 that refutes his death)

Oren S. Hubbell-photo-Kehkuk, IA 1866

Orin Z. Hubbell-ME5165-Lawyer-State Senator-IN-CA-1800s

Orton Butler Hubbell-ME2188-Poultry rancher-early pioneer in Northern CA-1854

Oscar F. Hubbell-ME4762-article in Railroad Magazine-1949


P. H. Hubbell-first newspaper in Ellsworth co, KS-1868

Page, Henry and HubbellAgents for Continental Insurance co-NY-1893

Patricia Hubbell McGinness-ME13809-and dau. Elizabeth-artist-CA-1900s

Paul and Donna Hubble-slot car racing in Ohio-1968

Paul Edgar Hubbell-ME5631-Professor-Pacifist-Poet-MI-1900s

Paula Stone Hubbell-ME11955-Paroll Officer-Scholarship at San Jose State Univ-CA-1900s

Peter Hubbell-brickmaker-home on Bunker Hill-Charlestown, MA-1830s

Peter Hubbell-kidnaped-Indianapolis, IN-1947

Peter Hubble-ME520-and family-Schoharie co, NY-graves moved to Jefferson, NY-1900s

Philo F. Hubbell-ME14780-portrait taken – 1851

Philo P. Hubble-ME1190-Wagon Road Corps Dispersing Agent-MN-1857

Platt-Hubbell & Co.-Monticello, IL-1877

Polly Hubbell-wife of Dick Hubbell-Seattle Copy Editor-WA-1981

Preston Reed Hubbell-patent for chair-1948


R. H. Hubbell-Hill and Hubbell Co-painting company-San Francisco, CA-1912

R. J. Hubbell, Dr.-home built on Historic Bronson Blvd-Kalamazoo, MI-1900s

Rachel Hubbell ME511 of Greenfield CT-from the Hurlbut Genealogy 1888-marries-CT-1780

Radabaugh and Hubbell Photographers-photo-Huntington, IN-1890s

Ralph Hubbell-radio announcer-Buffalo, NY-1900s

Ralph Martin Hubbell-ME5795-Publisher-Druggest-Wolcott, VT-1900s

Ralph Martin Hubbell Letters-Vermont-1885

Randolph Hubbell-racing outboard motors-El Monte, CA-1960

Ray Hubbell-ME2394-Globe Metallic Binding company-Northville, NY-1800s

Raymond Hubbell-aka John Raymond Hubbell-ME8581-music arranger and songwriter-1900s

Raynor Hubbell-ME4043-stamp dealer-NY and GA-1800s-1900s

Raynor Hubbell-complete set of stamps

Rebecca B. Hubbell-CT Agricultural Experiment Station-research paper-CT-1938

Rich Hubbell-Navajo muscian-1900s

Richard Hubbell-ME460-Census of Pensioners-Revolutionary War-in Boone co, KY 1840

Rebecca Hubbell vs. Terry-newspaper story-ID-1907

Richard Hubbell, Jr.-ME3-Silver Buttons made for Richard Hubball-an inquiry-2000s

Richard M. Hubbell remembers-ME2426-recollections of a life in MO during Civil War-1800s

Richard Mansfield Hubbell-ME1663-Hubbell and Gardner photographers-Norwich, CT-1800s

Richard Van Arsdale Hubbell-ME4950-MA and WV-1900s

Richard W. Hubbell-Early TV Anchors-NY-1900s

Richtmyer Hubbell-ME5911-Potomac Diary-diary about his civil war experiences-NY-1800s

Robert B. Hubbell-possibly ME13058-R. B. Hubbell-Winter Training at Camp Skeel-MI-1940

Robert C. Hubbell-WWII pilot killed in the Pacific-Philadelphia, PA-1900s

Robert Lee Hubble-ME2963-Buffalo Springs cemetery-Stanford, KY-1900s

Rogers and Hubbell-photographers-New Haven, CT-1800s

Roman Hubbell-bought an airplane-NM-1915

Roman D. Hubbell-Hawaiian Pottery-2003

Roscoe Hubble-ME5570-shot a man-Pulaski co, KY-1887

Rose Strong Hubbell-children’s book-1917

Rosemary E Hubbell-member of the Ninety Nines-International Women Pilots-1900s

Royal Hubbell-photographer and fruit grower-MN-CO-FL-1900s

Rubie Hubbel-married Hendricks-Howard county, IA-1864


S. A. Hubbell-Potter and Hubbell Creamery-Howard county, IA-1881

S. C. Hubbell-letter to Reverend Shultz written from Mobile, AL-1845

S. L. Hubbell-wrote about Jack Slade the famous gunfighter-UT and IL-1860s

S. W. Hubbell Building Co-envelope-Bridgeport, CT-1912

Sally Maria Hubbell Wellman-ME1813-quilt for sale on ebay-2014

Salmon Hubbell, Lt.-ME482 Pay stub-Revolutionary War-1788

Santiago L. Hubbell’s papers-New Mexico Archives Online

Samuel Hubbell-Steam Engines in use -Sec. of Treasury document-1838

Samuel B. Hubbell-Furniture and Undertaking-Elmira, NY-1800s

Samuel Hubbel Treat-Lawyer-IL-1800s

Samuel Hubbell-Hubbell School House-Rochester, NY-1800s

Samuel Hubbell-ME43-paymaster for soldiers-CT-1759

Samuel Hubbel-ME944-photo-WI-1864

Sarah Hubbell Burr-ME309-history of the Burr Family-CT-1800s

Sardis Hubbell-ME2653-photo#1; photo#2-MI-1800s

Seth Hubbell ME151 and father David ME32-in French and Indian War-Westchester co NY-1755-1760

Sherwood Hubbell-ME7196-1st lieut. Air Service-WWI-1919

Sidney A. Hubbell-a judge injured in steam boat explosion-Davenport, IA-1867

Simeon DeWitt Hubbell-ME3070-book-Satin Slippers and other poens-CA-1861

Smith and Hubbell-postcard-Carriages-Harness-stable-Park St-Springfield, MA-1905

Spencer E. Hubbell-ME2826-short bio-Cattarauus county, NY-1800s

Spenser Hubble-ME875-wagoneer in Civil War-Kokomo, IN-1865

Stephen Hubbell-pastor in Hartford, CT 1840-1853-A Memorial History of Hartford County-CT-1633-1884

Stephen Charles Hubbell-ME2825-bio-Judge in Southern California-1869

Stephen Johnson Hubbell-ME5054-from History of Colorado, Vol 3-CO-1918

Sterling Beach Hubbell-ME6574-milk bottle and cap-Wigwam Farm-White Hills-Shelton, CT-1900s

Sterling Hubbell-a post card to George Hubbell-Shelton, CT-1906


T. R. Hubbell-WWI-[see Irving D. Hubbell-above]

Ted Hubbell-aka Edward Lyons Hubbell-ME6435-Major in WWII-The Hubbell Awards-Canada-1900s

Thaddeus Phelps Hubbell, Dr.-ME3035-Optical Institute-letter-Decatur, IL-1887

Thelma M. Hubbell-dau. of Etta ME4440-artist-IA and MI-1900s

Theodore Hubbell house-photo-Huntington, CT-1800s

Theodore Hubbell-pastor-Deersville United Church-Harrison co, OH-1900s

Theodore Huntington Hubbell-ME10284-Professor or Zoology-MI and FL-1900s

Theron E. Hubbell-ME4335-merchant-Boulder, CO-1919

Theron S. Hubbell and Son-ME1660-Hubbell Funeral Monuments-Elbridge, NY-1889

Thomas Jefferson Hubbell-ME3780-Judge-Knox co, IL-1800s

Thomas Jefferson Hubble-ME2972-student at Kentucky University-KY-1868

Thomas Hubbell-ME4841-his descendants and the Kinnick family-Rockland or Clarksburg, NC-1800s

Tom Hubbell-MEa567a-Thomas Gregg Hubbell-Cayman Islands-1900s

Tom Strachan Hubbell-ME4119-Sheriff-Albuquerque, NM-1903

Turner Hubbell and Co-Boot and Shoe Manuf.-Token-Detroit, MI-1863


Unknown Hubbell from possibly Indiana-World War I photo-1900s


Virginia Hubbell-Librarian-Michigan peninsula-near Traverse City, MI-1957

Virginia Hubbell-ME10633-comic book writer-1900s

Virginia L. Hubble-Copyrighted music-1964


W. B. and G. W. Hubble-2 million gallon Award-Washington Area-1984

W. B. and Goldie Hubbell-Mr. and Mrs. Old Settler-Vandalia, IL-1937

W. E. Hubbell-Engineer-Memphis, TN-1955

W. E. Hubbell-Thermometer-For A Home of Your Own-1900s

W. J. W. Hubbell-letter-1888

W. O. Hubbell-ad for electro-magnetic healing device-Topeka, KS-1892

W.P. Hubbell & F.M. Morast-photographers-Clinton, MO-1800s

W. S. Hubbell-Contractor and Builder-Noxen, PA-1800s

W. W. Hubbell and Co.-Dealers in Furniture-Carpeting-Newport, NH-1882

W. W. Hubbell-Rutland Fruit Farm and Nursery-book-Pomeroy, OH-1863

Wakeman Hubbell-ME3062-Hubbell, Swasey and Co.-business and obit-Cincinnati, OH-1868

Walter E. Hubble-photograph-Lovers Lane-Richmond, VA-1900s

Walter Hubbell-ME2164-actor-author-Amherst Haunting-1800s

Walter Sage Hubbell-ME5830-lawyer-Rochester, NY-1800s

Walton Hubbell-ME1803-bridge builder-Hector, NY-1868

Wanda Hubbell-photographic model-1930s

Wealthy Ann Hubbell Holiday-ME2244 & sister Sarah Hubbell Knapp ME2245-photo-CA-1800s

Weller Hubble-ME2835-Civil War-Company G-Grant Co, KY-1860s

Wilber F. Hubbell-ME10075-advertisment-NY-1887

Wilber F. Hubbell-ME13703-general info-Farmingdale, NY-1916-1969

Wilbert or Wilbur Hubbell-ME10458-Baseball Pitcher-1900s

Willard John Hubbell-ME5758-WWI mess kit-Company B-60 Engineers-1917

Willard O. Hubbell-ME3006-Civil War Captain-12th Kansas Regiment-1863


Rev Will H Hubbell-a family history by Kathryn M Hubbell-2021

William Hubel-Hubel’s Ocean View Hotel-Coney Island-Brooklyn, NY-1880s

William Hubble-unclassified-killed in retaliation-White Caps-OH or KY-1893

William Hubbell-picture of the son of the pastor-Boston, MA-1876

William Hubbell-tavern owner-Great Falls, VA-1820

William Hubbell-Oral history-U. of So. Mississippi-Biloxi businessman and historian-MS-1975

William Hubbell-ME360-Lieutenant-appointed paymaster-1781

William Hubbell, Lt-Payroll in Capt. Walker’s company-1779

William Hubble-ME360-Indian attack on the Ohio R.-newspaper clippings-Mason-KY-1789-1800

William Hubbell-ME360-The History of KY 1872-Recounts Indian Attack-KY-1791

William Hubble-ME360-KY General Assembly authorizing the founding of Covington, KY-1812

William B. Hubbell-MEa326b-mayor of Norwalk, CT-1888

William B. Hubbell-photo-Young Republican Natl Committee-NY City-1935

William Barker Hubbell-ME1831-Historical Marker in Sutter Creek, CA-1997

William David Hubbell-ME1015-of Columbia-wife dies-Clay County, MO-1884

William Gaylord Hubbell-ME226-goes to jail for failure to submit tax revenues-CT-1768

William Gaylord Hubbell-ME226-Revolutionary Document-CT-13 January 1776

William H. Hubble-unclassified-age 49-census records-AR-1860

William H. Hubbell-first VP of KLZ-TV-Advertising Club-Denver, CO-1968

William Henry Hubbell-ME2612-early military engagement as a lieutenant in Cuba? in 1851

William Henry Hubbell-ME2612-Civil and Spanish American War Vet-medals-NY-1904

William Homer Hubbell-Taylor and Hubbell Co.-dealers in flour-feed-grain-Newtown, CT-1885

William Irving Hubbell-ME12323-WWI record-1900s

William K. Hubbell-story-Lady of the Dungeons in Double Detective Magazine-1939

William Lafayette Hubbell-ME1940-Inventor-patents-dancing figures-match safe-1870s

William Lee Hubble-ME11218-and wife Renna Ferrell-photo-OK-1900s

William Lewis Hubbell-ME2418-Capt, 17th CT. Volunteers-Civil War-photo-1860s

William Merritt Hubbell-born 1838-family genealogy from internet

William Newton Hubbell-MEa292b-stagecoach line operator near Estes Park, CO-1900s

William P. Hubbell-ME4052-Photographer-Clinton, MO-1800s

William Spring Hubbell-letter mailed from Congress to Penn Yann, NY-1840’s

William T. Hubble (ME5538)-Garland (ME2914) and William H. (ME5546)-KY Civil War Soldiers of Kendall county, Texas

William Wheeler Hubbell-ME896-gold coin-paper on exploding shells-1800s

William or Wilton Elmer Hubbell-ME5976-Colonial Art Needle Punch Set-MO-1900s

William Hubbell Fisher-AOU Committee on Bird Protection-poetry-Lawyer-OH-1888-1903

Wilson and Hubbell Amusement Contractors-Moving Pictures-Lantern Slide-1900s


Zalmon Hubbell-ME1483-Leonardsville Manuf. Co. in Madison co, NY-1852









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