To help locate individual(s) with the same or similar first name, a flow chart of male Hubbell’s born before 1799 has been constructed to assist in locating and identifying individuals.  Data set is searchable using “Ctrl” “f” (hold down Ctrl key and press f key) .  Data taken from the 2017 Millennium Edition of the Family Genealogy.  excel spreadsheet trial


Reading Early American Handwriting by Kip Sperry


Matthews American Armoury and Blue Book:    Frederick Brooks Hubbell (1799-1875) and Charles Bulkley Hubbell (1825-1890)

Popular Mechanics: Index to Vol IX (1907) – Henry Hubbald dies

The Black Diamond: (1909)-A Coal Mining Periodical–E.F, H.C and W.F Hubball of WV; Martin and Hubbell of MO.

A New System of Mythology (1816) – Ebnez. Hubball

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