HSML offers for purchase a variety of books and materials that reflect the history and genealogy of the family. During the holiday season some of our best and most sought after genealogy books are on sale for a very limited time.

Our new 2017 Family Genealogy:

At last! After 22 years, a new edition of the Family Genealogy is now available. This edition corrects many of the errors of previous editions; incorporates over 800 new photos and includes over 31,000 descendants of our earliest colonial ancestor, Richard Hubball the Immigrant. The last edition was published in 1995.  To order by mail fill out this form: 2017 Book Form.

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Additional Information about the new genealogy books

What’s in the two volume set?
1. Over 31,000 Hubbell names with all the known spelling variations and links to known family members. This is an exhaustive reference of the Hubbells in the USA and Canada.  Other nations are mentioned whenever we can establish a genealogical link to the family.

2. The index contains over 440 pages.

3. The book has assigned a Hubbell ID to every entry.

4. There are over 800 photos showing everything from candid to formal images

5. A 52 page update to the history of the Hubbell’s in England refutes some of the earlier information with an up to date review of the original sources through to the immigration to the colonies by our colonial ancestor Richard Hubball.
a. He was not an orphan
b. He probably was not indentured
c. We don’t have his baptismal record
d. His parents were married in the Ribbesford Parish Church– not Rock Church
e. He did not sail on the Fellowship of Bristol
f. We know where he lived
g. We know a lot more about the name origin
h. We can track the movement of early English ancestors
i. And much more!

6. Vignettes on family members are published throughout – all new – they do not repeat the information published in previous volumes and editions.

7. The two-volume set contains over 2000 pages and is the largest genealogy book we have ever published.


Other Publications


The following three books are available through the Print On Demand site.

Hubbell by Choice:The Ancestry of Some Early Connecticut Women
by Mary Ann Hubbell; Marjorie Hubbell Gibson
Printed: 399 pages, 8.25″ x 10.75″, hard or soft cover

Hardcover book $48.00

Richard Hubbell came to America before 1647/48 and this book addresses those who married the first three generations of his male descendants, including the wives’ ancestors.

Order directly at —


A Sojourn: The Hubbles of the United Kingdom & Other Commonwealth Countries
by Douglas W. Poulter

Printed: 392 pages, 8.5″ x 11″, hard or soft cover

Paperback book $12.37
A search for Hubbles, Hubballs, Hubbells, Hubbolds, etc., throughout the United Kingdom and other Commonwealth Countries such as New Zealand, Australia and Canada.

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Hubbell Sea Captains
by Hilbert Hubble

Hardcover 126 pages
Purchase Here:   Support independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu.


Other books are also available.  To view and purchase, click on the Merchandise Form at the bottom of this page


Additional Items

shipping included in price, payable in U.S. or equivalent
  New Hubbell Baseball Cap (THFHS & RH mark; cream on navy) $20.00
  Coffee Mug with Coat of Arms (green, yellow, blue, black, on white) $12.50
  Poster (14″ x 20″) of Bewdley in 17th Century (Wakeman Home – Richard’s mother) $17.50
  Bewdley Note Cards & Envelopes package of 5 $7.00
  Bewdley Note Cards & Envelopes package of 10 $9.00
  Postcards (7 Hubbell Sites) package of 12 $9.00

To Order books or merchandise:
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Jan Fulton
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