Newspaper Clippings (Central Kentucky: Pulaski, Lincoln, Casey, Boyle counties only)


The early Central Kentucky Hubble’s resided exclusively in Pulaski county.   By the 1840-1850s some had migrated into the neighboring counties of Lincoln and Casey.  Today (2021) only a small number of Central Kentucky newspapers have been digitized. The most complete is the Interior Journal (identified as IJ), a Stanford, Lincoln county newspaper.  The Pulaski county newspapers have not been digitized.  Microfilm copies can be found at the public library in Somerset.  Information from these microfilmed Pulaski county newspapers are not included in the survey.  Most newspaper locations are identified.

The name in brackets following a Hubble daughter’s name is her husband’s name.

Key: ME = 2017 Millennium edition of the Hubbell Family genealogy.   A&R = 1995 Additions and Revisions of the Hubbell Family genealogy


I)  Descendants of David Hubble (ME1235) son of Eliphalit that appear in newspapers:

Fannie Hubble-maybe ME5510-A&R4951: unknown date

David R. Hubble-ME2896-A&R2710: 1887 to 1915

Ora A. Hubble-ME5513-A&R4954: 1890

Nora Hubble-ME5514-A&R4955: 1896

Ethel Hubble-ME5515-A&R4956: 1904

Joel Hubble-ME2897-A&R2711: 1879

Joshua Bell Hubble-ME2898-A&R2712: 1893


II) Descendants of William H. Hubble (ME1239) son of Joel that appear in newspapers:

Samantha Jane Hubble-ME5541-A&R4981: 1880 to 1912

Martha Ellen Hubble-ME5543-A&R4982: 1894 to 1908

Helen James Hubble Campbell (wife of Edward B. Hubble)-ME2903-A&R2716: 1882 to 1896

John Perry Hubble-ME5527-A&R4968: 1891 to 1912

Edward C. Hubble-ME9032-A&Ra390a: 1898 to 1910

Jennie Lynn Hubble-ME9033-A&Ra390b: 1905

Robert Gilmore Hubble-ME9034-A&R7714: 1903 to 1918

Cordelia Hubble-ME9035-A&Ra390d: 1903 to 1911

Bessie K. Hubble-ME9036-A&Ra390c: 1908 to 1915

Samuel Walker Hubble-ME9037: see 12/4/1897 newspaper clipping under John Perry Hubble

John Walker Hubble-ME9038-A&Ra390g: 1908 to 1916

William Fields Hubble-ME5524-A&R4966: 1880 to 1912

Elmer H. Hubble-ME5226-A&R4967: 1880 to 1909

Isaac Surber Hubble-ME2904-A&R2717: 1897

Dora Hubble-ME9048-A&R7710: 1906

William Hubble-ME9049-A&R7712: 1917

Hubert Hubble-maybe ME9050-A&R7711: 1917

John Pew Hubble-ME5532-A&R4973: 1909


III) Descendants of Levi H. (Big Levi) Hubble (ME1210) son of Joel that appear in newspapers:

Levi H. (Big Levi) Hubble-ME1240: click HERE for additional info for Levi: ID uncertain

James Harvey Hubble-ME2905-A&R2718-declared insane in 1874

Milton P. Hubble-ME5535-A&R4975: 1877 to 1916

Monroe S. Hubble-ME9063-A&R7716: 1878 to 1908

Mahala Hubble-ME9064-A&R7717: 1879

John Hubble-ME9065-A&R7718: 1916

Sarah E. Hubble Terry-ME9068-A&R7720: 1888 to 1916

Elizabeth (Lizzie) Hubble Baugh-ME9069-A&R7721: 1893

Oliver (Ollie) M. Hubble-ME9070-A&R7722: 1898 to 1903

Malissa Bell Hubble Denham-ME9071-A&R7723: 1900 to 1916

John M. Hubble-ME2910-A&R2723: 1880 to 1909

John McClure (Mac) Hubble-ME5549-A&R4988: 1882 to 1916

John Wylie Hubble-ME9094-A&R7742: 1896 to 1916

Stella Hubble-ME9095-A&R7743: 1904 to 1918

Alma Hubble-ME9096-A&R7744: 1909 to 1911

Eugenia Hubble-ME9097-A&R7745: 1911 to 1916

Nancy (Nannie) Hubble-ME9099-A&R7745: 1911 to 1918

Thomas Hubble-ME5553-A&R4992: 1915 to 1921

Marion N. Hubble-ME5555-A&R4994: 1917

Shelby E. Hubble-ME5557-A&R4996: 1911 to 1918

William H. Hubble-ME2911-A&R2724: 1879 to 1884

Bertha Hubble-ME9135-A&R7777: 1905

Levi Humphrey Hubble-ME5562-A&R5001b: 1883 to 1908

(Wm) Green Hubble-ME5565-A&R5001d: 1896

Henry Reuben Hubble-of Grundy-ME2912-A&R2725: 1872 to 1888

Sophia Hubble-ME5569-A&R5002a: 1878

Roscoe D. Hubble-ME5570-A&R5002b: 1887 to 1901

For additional information on Roscoe click HERE

Levi Hubble-ME2921-A&R2730: 1880


IV) Descendants of Levi Hubble Sr (ME466) that appear in newspapers:

Joel H. Hubble-Waynesburg section-ME2947-A&R2755a: 1880 to 1908

John Marion Hubble-ME5658-A&R5072a: 1903 to 1917

Tryphina Hubble Singleton-ME9266-A&R7843: 1889 to 1917

Caleb Hubble-ME9269-A&R7846: 1898 to 1916

Fauncie Hubble-ME12896-A&R10452: 1912

Fred Leonard Hubble-ME12897-A&R10453: 1912

William Baker Hubble-ME9270-A&R7847: 1898 to 1917

Joshua A. Hubble-ME9271-A&R7848: 1914 to 1916

Lois Hubble-ME9272-A&R7849: 1905

Lucy Hubble-ME9273-A&R7850: 1910

James A. Hubble-ME2955-A&R2755h: 1882

William Hubble-ME1256-A&R1247-(son of Levi Sr): 1878 to 1915

Spencer Hubble-ME2957-A&R2759-(husband of Samantha Hubble-ME5541): 1879 to 1912

Levi Franklin (LF) Hubble-ME2959-A&R2761: 1878 to 1922

Lorenzo Good (LG) Hubble-also called Rentz-ME2962-A&R2762: 1881 to 1921

Mattie May Hubble-ME5683-A&R5089: 1919 to 1921

Robert Lee (RL) Hubble-also called Took-ME2963-A&R2763: 1881 to 1921

For additional information on RL click HERE

Mattie Lee Hubble-ME5684-A&R5090: 1908-1915

Logan O’Neal Hubble-ME5685-A&R5091: 1907 to 1917

Mary Helen Hubble Eubanks-ME2964-A&R2764: 1884 to 1921

David Hubble [Jr?]-ME1257-A&R1248-son of Levi Sr-obit: 1900

Levi Hubble Jr-ME1258-A&R1249-son of Levi Sr: 1869 to 1919

For additional information on Levi Jr see links: HERE and HERE

Allie Hubble Lillard-ME2968-A&R2767: 1882 to 1916

William G. Hubble-ME2970-A&R2769-son of Levi Jr: 1883 to 1893

Laura Martha Hubble Shelby-ME2969-A&R2768: 1885 to 1916

Mrs. Deniza Hubble Woods-ME1263-A&R1253 of MO: 1891


V) Descendants of David Hubble (ME467) that appear in newspapers:

Thomas Jefferson Hubble-ME2972-A&R2771: 1893

For additional information on Thomas click HERE

Hamilton M. Hubble-ME2972-A&R2772: 1879 to 1913

Arthur B. Hubble-ME5690-A&R5096: 1904


VI) Unidentified Hubbles:  The following individuals mentioned in newspaper articles could not be associated with any known individuals with certainty.  Some individuals are identified using a nick name or incorrect initials while others are likely ex-slaves.

1875-John Hubble-bar in Cato

1883-Thomas Hubble-Boyle co-Danville-5553?

1886-Walker and Hubble of Garrard county

1888-Dr (Dock) Hubble-Hubble KY

1889-Hamp Hubble-killed a man-2772?

1890-J.S. Hubble-road claims

1891-F.M. Hubble-attorney-Lancaster-2761?

1891-Mr Hubble and Singleton-clerks

1893-Hubble belligerent from Lancaster

1893-Mrs Mary Hubble

1894-Allie Surber-aunt Martha Hubble

1895-John Hubble buys house

1895-L.J. Hubble from Illinois visits M.J. Hubble

1898-Hiram and Clay Hubble

1898-Levi Hubble of Pulaski dies-2921?

1898-M.J. Hubble in veterans parade-Union (likely Milton P. Hubble)

1900-Mrs B.Y. Hubble-Preachersville

1901-Kenzie Hubble

1902-J.M. Hubble

1902-Mr Hubble-Marksbury

1902-Mrs M.J. Hubble

1903-Mrs M.J. Hubble of Flat Lick

1904-Carmie Hubble-going to KS

1906-J.M. Hubble clerk for Waynesburg

1908-J.M. Hubble of Eubanks

1909-John Hubble-vet

1910-Mrs S.J. Hubble with sister

1910-William Hubble-gaming

1912-Rans Hubble

1912-Frank Hubble

1912-Martha vs Dink-court

1912-R.G. Hubble-Turnersville

1914-John Hubble-hotel

1915-James H. Hubble

1915-Mrs James Hubble dies

1915-W.H. Hubble-road-work

1916-Chas Hubble-reform school

1916-Miss Mancie Hubble-Mckinney

1916-Mrs Nellie Hubble-Mt Vernon

1916-Pearl Hubble-road claim

1917-J.T. Hubble-Pulaski co-Walnut Grove

1918-John Hubble-Pulaski co-Walnut Grove

1920-Grandma Hubble-Tulsa OK



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