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21st Biennial Reunion to be in British Columbia * From the Desk of the President-tribute to Donald C. Hubbell 9/12/1930 to 6/2/2023 * Gingerbread Recipe from Societies Cookbook * Volunteer Opportunities at the 2024 Reunion * 2024 Draft Reunion Schedule * Hubble Links Community when Disasters Strike-Joanne Hubble of Orange County, CA * Isn’t it Great to be Cousins? By Shelton & Dottie Hubbell; Meet Burr Hubbell and the Hubbell Homestead in Margaretville, NY


2022-Fall-Family Notes:

20th Biennial Reunion a Great Success-held in Litchfield, CT-celebrating the 400 anniversary of Richard’s birthyear (1622-2022);  From the Desk of the President-Matthew Hubbell;  B.H Hubbell Painting-1892-Glenn Long;  Scholarship Awards-Heather Swartz (granddaughter of Jean Peterson) and John Hubbell (son of Tonya Hubbell);  Four Little Hubbells and How They Grew (part 3) by Majorie Hlava;  Rock Church Clock Repair


2022-Spring-Family Notes:

20th Biennial Reunion to be in Connecticut * From the Desk of the President-Matthew Hubbell * Y-DNA Hubbell/Hubble Surname Project * Visit to Stratfield Burying Ground by Sue Hubbell Hershey and Kim Hubbell Cross * Hubbell Umbraphiles (Eclipse Chasers) by Anne Hubbell Cooper * Four Little Hubbells and How They Grew (part 2) by Margie Hlava * Apologies to the members omitted from the 2021 Annual-Janes W. Hubbell III (ME17355), Pioneer Member; Michael Cooper Hubbell (ME17358), Pioneer Member;  and Marie Harris Clarke (ME[8]), Proud Member * Go Green-receive Family Notes via PDF download instead of paper.

2021-Spring-Family Notes:  Message from the President (Matthew R. Hubbell) * Membership Committee Report * Scholarship Fund Summary * John A. Hubbell * Obituaries: Sandra Lee Hubbell (ME#13772); Shirley Hubbell Mack (ME#10230); Dr. Peter O. Hansen (ME#[7457]) * Margie Kimmel Hubbell Hlava celebrates her 75th Birthday * Alexandria Hubbell and David Ball marry * Publishing the Military History of the Hubbell Family-vol 2 * HSML Book Sale

2020-Fall-Family Notes:

Scholarship Fund Awards Two Recipients for 2020: Mason E. Hubbell (ME#?) of Anaheim, California and Ali Silva (ME#[17632]) of Walnut Creek, California; President’s Message Regarding Board Meeting and Covid-19 Effects on Next Reunion; Officers and Directors Terms Extended; Sea Captain Hubbell To Be Focus of Reunion (Sears Hubbell, ME#493) by Hilbert Hubble; Reunion Timeline; Four Little Hubbells and How They Grew by Margie Hlava (ME#[10293]); Hubbell Pioneers-South Carolina (Sears Hubbell).


2020-Spring-Family Notes:

Meet Your Officers and Board of Directors: Matthew Hubbell (ME#13849), Donald C. Hubbell (ME#10231), Kim Renee Hubbell Cross (ME#16484), Harvey Hubbell V (ME#13708), Stephen Kent Hubbell (ME#15577), Marjorie Lipe Hubbell Kimmel Hlava (ME#[10293]), Hilbert Roland Hubble (ME#11859), Richard Wood Hubble (ME#16285), Kathleen Patricia Kimmell Ver Kuilen (ME#[10293]), Jan Hubble Fulton (ME#16150), Anne Hubbell Cooper (ME#[13902]); A Coronavirus Adventure with Heather Kotula (ME#[10293]) and Sunshine Yellowhorse


2019-Fall-Family Notes:

For Now It’s Called “Hubbell”-a sculpture by Jay Hubbell (ME#a579a); Scholarship Award to Jenna Meredith, granddaughter of William D. Hubbell (ME#17679); Notice to members about registering with the new automated HOLMS membership system;  2019 Family Reunion Photo; Report on the 2019 Reunion in Houghton, Michigan by Margie Hlava; Craft Beer in Seattle-a new business by Jeremy Hubbell (unidentified); A Military History of the Hubbell Family in America: vol 2 by Hilbert R Hubble (ME#11859).


2019-Spring-Family Notes:

Gerald (Jerry) Reynolds Hubbell (ME#13165) Amateur Astronomer; HSML 19th Biennial Reunion Information; Hi Everyone-Margie here-family news updates including partial list of new officers; Corrections to the 2018 Annual; “HOLMS” Hubbell Online Membership System update; Major Edward L. Hubbell (ME#6435) and The Hubbell Awards; Robert Wilson Hubble (ME#16330) football player and official.



2018-Fall-Family Notes:

Witness to Gettysburg: Annette Hubbell (ME#12127) portrays widow Hattie Elizabeth Unangst as she witnesses the battle of Gettysburg; Hubbell Society Scholarship Award recipient Griffin Silva ME#(17632); HOLMS-Online Membership Management System-an introduction; The HSML 2019 Annual Reunion will be held June 21-24 in Houghton, Michigan-hosted by Karen Wertanen ME#(14085); June 2018 Board Meeting-meeting notes.




2018-Spring-Family Notes:

A Rare Opportunity- A visit to Harvey Hubbell V’s (ME#13708) family archives in Litchfield, CT.; The 19th Bi-annual Family Meeting notice; Joe Hubble 1934-2018 our English guide; Hilbert Hubble (ME#11859) awarded the 2017 Grand Prize by the Connecticut Genealogical Society for the Millennium Edition of the Hubbell Family History; Lending a Helping Hand-Robert Oliver Hubbell (ME#19835); A Choice Between Your 401(k) or Alpo Dog Food-Geoff Hubbell (ME#20357).



2017-Fall-Family Notes:

Dr. Victoria Pope Hubbell (ME#10952), author of the book “Blood River Rising”; Academic Scholarship Awards to Roger Cooper, son of member Anne Hubbell Cooper (ME#13902) and Jack Meredith, grandson of member William D. Hubbell (ME#17679); Presidents Message by Margie Hlava; Announcement on the progress of the new Online Membership System;  A review of the 2017 Family Reunion aboard the Queen Mary in Long Beach, CA.: Jan Hubble Fulton (ME#16150) and Dorcus Aunger (ME#[10560]) win 2017 Hubbell Hall of Fame Award; Hilbert Hubble (ME#11859) wins award from the Connecticut Society of Genealogists; 10 Steps to Easy DNA Analysis by Bob Dawes (ME#[9893]); Hopple (Hubbell) Family by Hilbert Hubble.


2017-Spring-Family Notes:

Robert Denis Hubble (an English cousin living in the US); Notice of the Integration of the HFHS and the Hubbell Library; Corrections for the new 2017 Family Genealogy-Millennium Edition; June 2017 Family Reunion in Long Beach, CA; The story of the Mt. Wilson Observatory and the 100 inch telescope.





2016-Fall-Family Notes:

Dozens of Bikes-Thousands of Memories, Wilson and Gail Hubbell (A&R# 14416);  2016-2017 Scholarship Award, Sara Yeager (ME# 7541) and Ian Hubbell (ME# 15260); More information about the Hubbell DNA Project by Bob Dawes (A&R# [8366]); The HFHS President’s Report by Margie Hlava (A&R# [8667]); 18th Biennial Reunion-Long Beach, California by Richard Hubbell (A&R# 11208); Anonymous Child by Bruce David Hubbell (A&R# 11040)-a book review; Jennifer Hubbell-Thomas (A&R# 13401) selected for NASA’s “Flying Telescope”; Writing For Wally-My Life With A Brilliant Idea by John G. Hubbell (A&R# 10584)-a book review.



z-Spring 2016 Family Notes-Front Page-small

2016-Spring-Family Notes
DNA-Its Complicated by Bob Dawes (A&R# [8366]); 1995 History and Genealogy of the Hubbell Family-Index now published on the website; Barbara Kruse (A&R# [5327]) and granddaughter Joanne Thornburg visit Molly Marine in New Orleans; Election year and Michael Wayne Hubbell (A&R# 9381) and Judy Ann Hubbell; Fresno, California’s RocketWorks and Michael Leon Hubble (ME# 13897ba)




2015-Fall-Family Notesz-Family Notes-Fall 2015-front page jpeg-reduced
Tony Hubble (A&R# a294cf) and his book “Protecting Nahir”; HFHS Scholarships: Andrea Rose Arcara and John Charles Eringman; June 2015-17th Bi-annual Family Reunion in Cleveland; The Art of Christine Hubbell (A&R# 11157); HFHS members Sharon and Jon Hubbell (A&R# 10069) spend a year traveling in Australia; “A Hubbell Style Surprise” by Marjorie M.H.K. Hlava-celebrating the 90th birthday of Marjory Hubbell (A&R# 8669)



2015-Spring-Family Notes z-Spring 2015-Page 1 image-scaled
Anne Hubbell (A&R# 11477) Co-founder of Tangerine Entertainment; Richard Hubbell’s Buttons (A&R# 3); 17th Biennial HFHS Family Reunion to be held in Cleveland, Ohio-June 2015; Christopher Scott Hubble (A&R# a275i)





2014-Fall-Family Notes Family Notes-Fall 2014 Final print_1-icon
HFHS visits England and Rock Church; Jessica Charron (A&R# [8]) 2014-2015 Scholarship Award Recipient; Debbie Hubbell (A&R# 13426) receives United Way of Central Iowa’s Highest Honor; Come Visit Northeast Ohio! HFHS Biennial Reunion June 2015; The Spirit of Richard Hubball, Strengthened at Rock Church in England by Julia Bancroft; Rod Hubble-New Mexico Artist; Julie Hubbell Veloo Receives one of Canada’s Highest Civilian Honors.



2014-Spring-Family Notes Family Notes-Spring 2014-front page only-small
Patrick Dean Hubbell; Family Trip to England by Margie Hlava; A Tribute to Hubba the Dane; A New Donation to the Hubbell Family Museum by Theresa Hubbell (A&R# 13366) [Items from Reid Parker Hubbell (A&R# 8566); Mary Hubbell-Ansera: A Native American on the Move; The Case of the Indian Trader: Billy Malone and the National Park Service Investigation at Hubbell Trading Post-a book review by Margie Hlava; “The Largest and Most Important Navajo Rug Ever Woven”; Qeturah Hubbell-A fifth Generation Family Member.



2013-Fall -Family NotesFamily Notes-Fall 2013 front page-icon
Julie Arcara: 2013-2014 Scholarship Winner; Larry Dean Hubbell (A&R# 12177) and his blog “Union Bay Watch”; New shark species named after Dr. Gordon Hubbell (A&R#10061); 2013 Hubbell House Alliance update (website only) by Margie Hlava; Des Moines, IA Family Reunion by Dr. Pete Hansen President of HFHS-introducing three new Hall of Fame Awards to John A. Hubbell (A&R# 11159)-Mable Ruth Hubbell (A&R# 12787a) and Patricia Dawson our Librarian/Curator of the Hubbell Center; The photography of Jack David Hubbell (A&R# 13948)


2013-Spring-Family NotesFamily Notes-Spring 2013-page 1-small
HFHS is planning a trip to England; Important information about the Reunion-by Pete Hansen; Hubbell Family Reunion Schedule of events; Author William Harrison Hubbell (A&R# 10051) aka Morgan Howell; Dr. Thomas Park Hubbell (A&R# 6890) Elected President of the US Sailing Association; Jan Hadwen Hubbell (A&R# 11680) recognized in 2012 for her screenplay “A Perfect Gentleman”; Brian L. Hubbell (A&R# 14569) elected to Maine House of Representatives;  Children who know their family’s history-by Hilbert Hubble; Artist James T. Hubbell (A&R# 9925)


2012-Fall-Family Notes
Family Fun in Des Moines-coming June 2013; Local Hubble Reunion Held in Kentucky July 17 & 18 2012; Emily King-HFHS Scholarship Recipient for 2012-2013; Dear Board Members and Others –message from Peter Hansen; Salute to a Collections Volunteer: Jean Grandy (A&R# 5327), Henry Salem Hubbell-communication from Fred Hubble (A&R# 13087a); The Art of Jonathan D. Hubbell; Student Pursues Country Music Career-Kaily Hubble; Author and Poet Patricia Hubbell (A&R# 12526); Honeyberry Jelly-Brenda C. Hubbell (A&R# 6889)-founder of Honeyberry Farms; The Casey Hubble Band-Casey Brandon Hubble; Nathan Hubble-new album Good Day; John Edgar Hubble III-Smokin’Ed (A&R# 10446)-Outlaw Guitarist; Ezekell Hubbell (A&R# 514)-Item for Auction; Losses in the Family


2012-Spring-Family Notes
A Camera and the Rodeo-Dan and Linda Hubbell of Hubbell Rodeo Photos-Casper Wyoming; Marjorie M.K. Hlava (A&R# [8667]); Jean Lathrop Grandy; Board of Directors Meeting in Des Moines IA on April 2012; The Shooting Hubbells-Eunice and Harold Joseph (Hub) Hubbell (A&R# 11086); Air Pollutant Levels Continue To Be A Health Concern-Bryan J. Hubbell (A&R# 14285); Not a Traditinal Church-Pastor Curtis Hubbell; The Blog “Bella Eats” by Andrea Hubbell; The Blog “MotorcyGalz”-Kathy Hubble; Sergeant Matthew B. Hubbell (A&R# 14939h)


2011-Fall-Family Notes
Ron Dean Hubble-Miniature Artist; Hal Harold Hubbell (A&R# 9333) obit; Douglas Wallace Poulter obit; Hall of Fame Awards: Dr Peter Hansen-Hilbert Hubble-Carol Hubbell Boggs; The Hubbell Family Scholarship Fund Awards Two Scholarships For 2011-2012 Academic Year: Melissa Beals-Nicholas Kubley; A Long Hard Road-A Local Musician’s Journey-Hal Hubble; 2011 Salt Lake City Reunion Summary and Photos; World War II Heroes Celebrated by Crowd of Thousands-Clifton Howells Hubbell (A&R# 7339); Colin Hubbell (A&R# 12949) Memorial Fundraiser; Philip & Jayne Hubbell (A&R# 12108) of Buffalo New York; Discovery Of How G Proteins ‘Turn On’ May Lead To Better Drugs-Dr Wayne Lester Hubbell, PhD (A&R# 13316); Family Notes-A Busy Year For The Four Descendents of William Fields Hubble II (A&R# 10330); An Interview with Margie Hlava (A&R# [8667]); Blogging On The Web-Sarah and Mike Hubbell of Katy Texas; Justin Hubbell of Rochester New York.


2011-Spring-Family Notes
Technology In The Classroom-by Richard W. Hubble (Samuel and Elizabeth Hubbell); Newspaper Reaearch: How The Digitizing Of Historical Records Is changing Our Approach To Genealogy-by Hilbert Hubble; Ezra Neil Hubbell-100 Years Old; This Is The Place And NOW Is The Time: The Hubbell Family Historical Society Family Reunion-by Mary Ann Hubbell; Fourth Hubbell Book Explores Music In Delta (Dr. Macklyn Ward Hubbell); Update On The Hubbell Center Digitization Project: Spring 2011-by Patricia Dawson (Hannah Herzog); High Soprano Working On Degree (Mary Patricia Hubbell); Hubble Loves Tournaments-Supports Competitors (Gary Hubble); Mugs Mugs and More Mugs From Culleoka Tennessee (Charles Hubbell); Giving Back to Their Community (Fred and Charlotte Hubbell); The Hubbell Y-DNA Project Is Five Years Old-by Carol Hubbell Boggs; Orange Scott Hubbell’s Milford Conn. House For Sale; Visiting The Family History Library In Salt Lake City-by Mary Ann Hubbell.


2010-Fall-Family Notes
Stephen P. Hubbell On The Cover Of Science Magazine-by Richard W. Hubble; Hilda L. Hubble 1917-2010; John Hubbell Retires As Newsletter Editor-by Carol Hubbell Boggs; The Hubbell Family Scholarship Fund Awards Two Scholarships for 2010-2011 (Luke Hubbell-Daniel Harrison Hubbell); Geraldine C. Hubbell “Its Not About Elvis Or The Beatles-Its About Mozart”; The Hobbyist Or The Expert Amateur? (Dr. Gordon Hubbell); Hubbell And Hudson; 2010 Graduates (Amanda Hubbell Jan-Casey Wood Hubble); Cousins In Politics (Lester “Butch” Hubble-Lora Hubbel-Penny Hubble); John Hubbell (Greenville Ill); Reunion to Be Held In Salt Lake City In June Of 2011; The Jay B. Hubbell Medal; Civil War Reenacted In So. Illinois (Rae & Billie Hubbel); Disleckisa…The Movie (Harvey Hubbell V); Tragic Death In Alabama (Jonce J. Hubble).


2010-Spring-Family Notes
Brian Hubble; Robert J Hubbell; Barbara Kruse; The Hubbell Center Digitization Project; Bucyrus Ohio Hubble Family Reunion; Cynthia and Robert Fowler; Ashley L Fowler; Hubble 3-D; Caribbean Circumnavigation by Sailboat, Fred Forest Hubble III.





2009-Autumn-Family Notes
Fund Awards Three $1000 Scholarships For 2009-2010 (Dori Anne Baldwin-Julia S. Hubbell-Katie Elizabeth Hubbell); Loyal Benefactor Leaves $1.4 Million Bequest To WNED (Charles N. Hubbell); A Visit To Des Moines Hubbell Center (Karen Hubbell Wertanen & Daughter Marlene); THFHS Biennial Reunion In Review:Mystic Ct-31 May to 4 June 2009-by Hilbert Hubble; 6 Year Old Helps Rescue Her Mother After Car Crash (Holly and Hannah Hubbell; Blood Drive Honors Jessica Hubbell; The Hubbell Family Foundation; Hubbell Runs Long Beach Marathon (Richard Hubbell); Caribbean Circumnavigation By Sailboat-by Fred Forrest Hubble III (Part 1)


2009-Spring-Family Notes
Community Volunteer & More (Anne Thorne Weaver); Hubbell Pioneers~The Beginnings (Richard Hubball); Hubbell Pioneers In Connecticut-Ingenious Hubbells (Harvey Hubbell II); Mystic Hosts 14th Biennial; About “Hubbell Pioneers”; Hubbells In The Seventeenth Connecticut Volunteer Infantry (William Lewis Hubbell-Eugene Hubbell-James Edward Hubbell); Origins Of The Names Of Connecticut Towns; Four Moons Cross Saturn In Rare Hubble View; Hubbell Center Gallery (Woven Family Crest); Karen Hubbell Was Witness To Warehouse Wall Collapse; THFHS Scholarship Fund-by Donald C. Hubbell; THFHS Mourns The Loss Of Respected Members (Marjorie Hubbell Gibson-R.Leroy Hubble-James W. Hubbell Jr.); CSG Announces 2009 Literary Award Winners (Hubbell By Choice).


2008-Autumn-Family Notes
Fund Awards Three $1000 Scholarships For 2008-2009 (Brett C. Hershey-Gabrielle A. Scheff-James R. Van Wyck); Benjamin S. Hubbell Clock tower-Cleveland Ohio (Hubbell And Benes); Join Your Cousins In Mystic!; Update On The Gutierrez Hubbell House In Albuquerque-by Margie Hlava; “I’m My Own Grandpa!”; NASA Delays Hubble Shuttle Mission To May 2009; Hubbell By Choice-by Mary Ann Hubbell & Marjorie Hubbell Gibson; Hubbell Kin Hit By Hurricane Ike-by Hilbert Hubble; Hubbell Revolutionary War Veteran Recognized (Ithamar Hubbell)-by Hilbert Hubble.


2008-Spring/Summer-Family Notes
Hubbell By Choice Available Now!-by Marjorie Hlava; Asterisk Member Updates; Mystic Seaport: The Museum Of America And The Sea-by Michael J. Leclerc; New Monument Dedicated At Memorial Day Service (Darren Hubbell); Family Struggle To Find Life After A Solder’s Death (Cory Hubbell); THFHS Scholarship Fund-by Donald C. Hubbell; Urgent! Wanted!; Minutes Of THFHS Directors Meeting-Mystic Connecticut; Genealogy relationship Chart; George Edward Hubbell Family Photo Album-by Hilbert Hubble; Photo Sheds Light On Hubbell House History; Ralph Hubbell-Buffalo Sports Broadcasting Hall Of Famer; A Tip Of The Hubbell Hat…


2007-Autumn-Family Notes
Three $1000 Scholarships Awarded For 2007-2007 (Ann C. Hubbell-Erica C. Hubbell-Justin V.A. Hubbell); Thank You Stu (Stuart V. Clark); Family Fun In Frankenmuth! (Reunion Pictures); THFHS 25th Anniversary~13th Biennial Family Reunion-Frankenmuth Michigan-by Stuart Clark and Committee; Didn’t You Know It? Hubbells Are Poets-Poems by Norma Crawford-Sue Okoniewski-Elliott Fair-Carol Hubbell Boggs-June Lackey; First Female Aeronaut (Miss Lucretia Bradley)-by Hilbert Hubble; Second Hubbell Soldier Killed In War On Terror (Darren Patrick Hubbell)-by Hilbert Hubble.


2007-Spring-Family Notes
Count Down To Frankenmuth-by Stuart Clark; Hubbell House Paint Color For Your Own Hacienda; THFHS Remembers Three Longtime Members (Raymond Harry Hubbell-Claire Hubbell Pierce-John Howard Hubbell); Member News; New Hubbell/Hubble Merchandise-by Jan Hubble Fulton; From The Genealogist-by Hilbert Hubble; BYU Family History Archive; THFHS Hall Of Fame Selection Criteria; Hubbell House Chef Still Cookin’; Gideon Hubbell House To Become Part Of New Fairfield Museum; What’s The Story With…The Martindale-Hubbell Law Directory.


2006-Autumn-Family Notes
THFHS Directors Meet In Michigan-Site Of 2007 Reunion-by Carol Hubbell Boggs; Library Project 70% Complete-by Carol Hubbell Boggs; Five $1000 Scholarships Awarded For 2006-2007 (Nicole Elaine Hanson-Amanda Ruthy Hubbell-Madeleine Hubbell-John David Hubble-Nicholas Wilmers); The Transit Continues On…(Howard A. Hubbell)-by Anne Hubbell Cooper and Mary Ann Hubbell;  Now Available!! A Sojourn-The Hubbles of The United Kingdom & Other Commonwealth Countries-by Doug Poulter; Veteran Remembers Service (Barbara Kruse); A Wedding Celebration (Shiyama Mudali and Nicholas J. Hubble);  A Big Thank You!;  Hubbell Homes Joins With TV Show To Rebuild Family’s Future;  Hubbell Reality Celebrates 150 Years In Real Estate (F.M. Hubbell).


2006-Spring-Family Notes
“Carrie’s Quilt” Found In NC-by Carol Hubbell Boggs;  Tying These Threads Together-by John A. Hubbell;  Cita Dennis Hubbell Library;  Hubbell And Hubbell Rebuilding Pavilion In San Diego (James & Drew Hubbell);  THFHS 13th Biennial Reunion-Experience Another World-Frankenmuth~”Michigan’s Little Bavaria”-by Stuart Clark;  Biennial Reunion Itinerary;  Hubble Finds “Tenth Planet”-Slightly Larger Than Pluto;  Your Directors Will Meet In Frankenmuth-by Carol Hubbell Boggs;  Jay Abel Hubbell-Michigan Legislator;  About Hubbell Michigan;  Update Your Family Information-by Mary Ann Hubbell;  Participate!-by Carol Hubbell Boggs;  Our Trip To Vietnam-Cambodia And Thailand-by Barbara Kruse;  Member News;  Hubbells On Ice-Sibling Ice Dancers Train To Compete (Keiffer & Madison Hubbell);  Cruising To Totality-by Jean N. Hubbell.


2005-Autumn-Family Notes
Albuquerque-The Reunion With A Difference-by Jean Norford Hubbell;  Reunion Review-by Carol Hubbell Boggs;  Fund Grants Five $1000 Scholarships For 2005-2006 (Rachel Claire Fabela-Heather Green-Cory Michael Hershey-Ian Peter Hubbell-Katherine G. Legge);  Hubbell Hall Of Fame Inducts Four (Jack Jerome Hubbell-James Windsor Hubbell Jr-Jean Norford Hubbell-R. Leroy Hubble);  Hubbell Center Report-by Carol Hubbell Boggs;  Reunion Memories (pictures);  Michigan Selected To Host 13th Biennial Reunion~25th Anniversary Of THFHS-by Stuart Clark;  Hubbell-McClure Relatives Gather For 77th Reunion in Campbellsville, KY-by Martha Sue Batt;  The Hubbell Family: The First 100 Years-by Barbara Kruse;  Member News;  Hubbell DNA Project-by Carol Hubbell Boggs;  News From Hubbell Center-by Patricia Dawson;  Learn To Recognize A Stroke.


2005-Spring-Family Notes
Albuquerque Reunion Update-by Margie Hlava;  Correction;  Updated Schedule-THFHS 12th Biennial Reunion;  Growing Postal Costs & Service Changes Affect Our Mailing-by Carol Hubbell Boggs;  THFHS Wishes To Recognize Loyal Members-by Carol Hubbell Boggs;  Publications Need Your News And Photos!-by Carol Hubbell Boggs;  Secretary’s Notice-by Jean N. Hubbell;  Hubbell Y-DNA Surname Study-by Carol Hubbell Boggs;  DNA Study Of The Human Journey-by Carol Hubbell Boggs;  Kiwis On The Hubble Tree-by Doug Poulter;  “My Family Health Portrait” Can Help Trace Illnesses-by Carol Hubbell Boggs;  Preserving Information For Future Generations-by Bob Dawes;  Digitizing Family Photos-A Case Study-by Margie Hlava;  Alternative To Traditional: Geodesic Homes Go High-Tech;  HMS Somerset’s Past & Present Brought Together-by Majorie Hubbell Gibson;  Charles Hay Hubbell (A&R# 3717)-by Hilbert Hubble;  Hubble Elementary Wins State Award;  A Thank You From Noxen School;  Friendship/Feast/Displays and History Session Sparked 76th McClure/Hubbell Reunion In Danville, Ky-by Martha Sue Batt;  Personal News;  55th Canadian Hubble Reunion July 18th 2004-by Barbara Dawes;  Hubbell Scholarships For 2005/2006-by Donald C. Hubbell;  New AAS Statement On Hubble Telescope Servicing;  NASA Head Select Wants To Review Hubble Decision.


2004-Autumn-Family Notes
Soaking Up Southwest Heritage (The Story Of The Hubbell Trading Post);  Rock Parish-Hubbell Home;  Fund Grants Seven $1000 Scholarships For 2004-2005:Sarah W. Bird-Rebecca Carter-Ashley L. Fowler-Sarah C. Hubbell-Gabriel Ingham-Hubbell Peter Knapp-Nils Pierce Reid;  The Tree Is Standing…But We Almost Lost It!-by Doug Poulter;  Michigan Hubbells Meet-by Stuart Clark;  Who’s Who In Urbana Ohio-Raymond Hubbell (composer 1879-1954);  THFHS 12th Biennial Reunion Draft Agenda And Schedule;  I-44 In SW Missouri Becomes Hubble Highway;  Visiting Ireland’s Birr Castle-by Stephanie Mannino;  Canadian Robot May Save Hubble;  Hubbell Collection Opens To Researchers;  Opening Of The Archive At Hubbell Trading Post-by Margorie Hlava;  Hubbell Gifts.


2004-Spring-Family Notes
THFHS Member Serves In Homeland Defense Mission To Valdez Alaska (John Crowder);  12th Biennial Hubbell Family Historical Society Reunion Planned-by Marjorie Hlava;  Suggested Readings On Native Americans Of The Southwest;  A Message From Membership-by Kitty Ver Kuilen;  Call For Hall Of Fame Nominations-by Robert D. Hubble;  THFHS Scholarship Fund-by Donald C. Hubbell;  Hubbell Retires From BWH Division Of Newborn Medicine (John P. Hubbell MD);  Personal News;  Genealogy 101-by Mary Ann Hubbell;  Useful Genealogy Web Sites;  Check Those Resources More Than Once-by Douglas W. Poulter;  Corrections To “A Military History Of The Hubbell Family In North America”-by Hilbert Hubble;  Student Finds Japanese A Peace Loving People-by Nils Reid;  Hubbell Center-March 2004-by Patricia Dawson;  Hubble’s Future? (Telescope);  Hubbell House In MN Celebrates 150th Anniversary;  Nominations For 2007 Biennial Reunion Site To Be Considered;  Genealogy Hints and “Back Doors”-by Jean Grandy;  Wildfires Destroy Unique Home Of Noted Artist (James T Hubbell);  Play Ball!-by Hilbert Hubble;  State Funding Garnered For Bradley-Hubbell House (Easton CT).


2003-Autumn-Family Notes
Notes From The 11th Reunion Banquet-Chapel Hill North Carolina-June 21 2003;  Children’s T-Shirt Sizes Available;  Learn About Rock Parish;  Albuquerque Selected To Host 12th Biennial;  Urbana Man Dies Serving In Kuwait (Spc. Cory A. Hubbell);  Fund Grants Ten $1000 Scholarships For 2003-2004 (Kristin Callahan-Geoffrey Hubbell-Jerrod Hubbell-Derek Hubble-Jordan Hubble-Virginia Mannino-Jessica Sullivan-David Thompson-Lesley Van Atta-Jamie Warren);  Carolina Reunion Memories (pictures);  Chapel Hill Reunion A Resounding Success-by Shara Simmons Hubble;  A Letter Of Thanks From Jean Peterson;  Hubbells On The Road (Fred & Claudette Hubbell Gilbert);  Personal News;  Officers Meet At Hubbell Center In Des Moines;  Hubbell Center Names Board For 2003-2004;  Help Wanted-by Carol Hubbell Boggs;  Hubbell Burial Marker Found-by Hilbert Hubble;  It’s A Small World!-by Jean Spradlin-Miller;  Are Hubble’s Days Numbered (Telescope)?


2003-Spring-Family Notes
THFHS Biennial Reunion Update-by Dr. Saundra Shay;  Corrections;  New Children’s T-Shirt Sizes Now Available;  Getting To Chapel Hill, NC Reunion Weather Forecast;  “Connecticut Nutmegger” Prints Correction (Hubbell Military History);  75th Hubbell-McClure Reunion-by Martha Sue Batt;  More To See & Do In NC;  PFC Hubble Served In Afghanistan;  Hubbell Center Acquisitions-March 2003;  H.A. Hubbell Clan Reunites In Michigan-by Marjorie MK Hlava;  Hubble Family reunion (Family of Burt & Hilda Hubble)-by Hilbert Hubble;  Artist Balances Form And Function (Adrian Hubbell Boggs);  Web Genealogy Gives THFHS Added Visibility-by Carol Hubbell Boggs;  The Other Hubble’s-Researching The Family Name In The UK-by Doug Poulter;  Lake Effect Storm Named For Edwin Hubble;  Women In The Marine Corps 60th Year Reunion-by Barbara Kruse;  Membership Chair Passes Torch;  Hubbells Hit The Road In RV (Ronald & Karen Hubbell);  Some Hubbell Trading Post Facts-by Jane Sanford Harrison;  Hubbell House in NM Chosen For HGTV “Salute to Preservation”;  Orange Scott Hubbell House-Milford CT;  Website Aids British Researcher-by Marjorie Hubbell Gibson;  Personal News.


2002-Autumn-Family Notes
2002-03 Scholarship Fund Recipients Awarded-Jacob G.Brown-Jennifer Hubbell-Meredith Hubbell-Jason Kenneth Hiatt-Ralph Peters (Chip) Hubbell III-Arthur McClelland;  About THFHS Scholarship Fund;  Nominations For 2005 Biennial Reunion Site To Be Considered;  THFHS Donates To New Mexico Hubbell House;  Hubbell Family Reunion Notes-by Dr.Saundra Shay;  About Duke University’s Jay B.Hubbell Center;  HST (Hubble Space Telescope) Camera Repaired;  Hubbell Center Moves To New Location-by Harvey Hubbell IV and James W. Hubbell Jr.;  Society President Visits Hawaiian Hubbells;  Patriotism Through The Century (Dorrance Hubbell);  Canadian Hubble Cousins Complete Cemetery Restoration;  Tribute to Bill Hubel;  Hall Of Famous Missourians Unveils Edwin Hubble Bust;  The Hubbell/Hubble Quiz;  Roxana’s Story (descendants of Seth Hubbell)-by Carol Hubbell Boggs;  Personal News;  Dine Ndaaschxh’aago Be’elyaa-Portraits of The People-E.A. Burbank At Hubbell Trading Post;  Hubbell/Hubble Quiz Answers;  Hubbell Holiday Gift Suggestions.


2002-Spring-Family Notes
11th Hubbell Family Biennial Reunion Coming To North Carolina-by Dr. Sandra Shay;  Attention College Students-Scholarships;  THFHS Needs Your Help;  Old Salem: A Living History Town;  NC’s Research Triangle Home To Three Outstanding Universities;  Military History Book Hits The Beaches;  Executive Committee Visits Chapel Hill by Hilbert Hubble;  Descendant to Donate Family Bible to Hubbell Center-from Martha E. Ferris;  A Report On The Goals Objectives and Activities Of The Committee To Preserve The Hubbell Property and Hubbell House Alliance by Joe Hlifka;  Hubbells At Rest In Bennington Vermont by Carol Hubbell Boggs;  Jean McCabe: A Study In Courage;  CT History Site A Great Resource by Carol Hubbell Boggs;  “The Royal We”;  Personal News;  “The Vicissitudes Of Mr Seth Hubbell And His Family 1789;  Hubbell Center Depends On Member Support by Carol Hubbell Boggs;  An In-Depth Review Of A Military History Of The Hubbell Family by John Howard Hubbell.


2001-Autumn-Family Notes
Scholarship Fund Awards Six For 2001-2002-Samuel Harrison Bunnett-Christina Ann Cooper-Brandon J. Hershey-Stephanie Ellen Knapp-Elizabeth Gregg-Kristy Large;  Hubbell By Choice Update;  Board of Directors & Officers Attending The Tenth Biennial Reunion;  Hubbell Gift Ideas For the Holidays;  About THFHS Scholarship Fund;  Kenai (Alaska) Biennial Reunion Review;  Hubbell Hall Of Fame Inductees-Ernest Hubbell-Phyllis Hubbell Holbrook-Beryl Catherine Kirkwood Hubbell-Rosemary Hubbell Wirkus-George Kawaa Hubbell Jr.;  Poem by Viola Hubbell Coleman;  Chapel Hill NC To Host 11th Biennial Reunion (from Saundra Shay);  Edwin Hubble In The News;  Thanks From Your Northern Cousins (from Bill Hubel);  Nancy Hubbell Found (Nancy Slater Hubbell Lay);  F.M.’s Derby Hat (Frederick M. Hubbell);  Our “Caring Society” Reflects On 9/11 Tragedy (from Jean Hubbell and Carol Hubbell Boggs);  Letters Of Support From Our Canadian Cousins (from Joan Hubbel Bowden and William E. Hubel).


2001-Spring-Family Notes
Rock 2000 Book Now Available For Purchase;  Corrections (1995 A&R);  Attention College Students…;  About The HFHS Scholarship Fund;  More About The “Hubbell Crest”-by Ken Anderson;  Ellis Island Records Go Online;  Harvey Hubbell V Makes Loop Dreams;  Hubble Telescope Inducted Into Alabama Engineering Hall Of Fame;  Hawkins Genealogy Published-from Carol Hubbell Boggs;  Alaskan Facts;  Hubbell Genome Project-by Kathy Hubbell Gasaway;  HFHS Helps Restore The Church Of St. Peter & St. Paul (Rock Church);  BYU Uses DNA To Build Family Trees-by Rob Dawes;  DNA Needed To Help Identify Missing Servicemen;  Hubbell Wives Get Second Chance-from Carol Hubbell Boggs;  The Small Small World Department (Lester Hubbell)-by Doug Poulter;  Ezra Neil Hubbell Becomes A Nonagenarian-by Nancy Moses;  Looking For Nancy Hubbell-Forwarded from Anne Cooper;  Katelyn (Katy) Rose Hubbell Beats Aplastic Anemia-by Mary Hubbell;  Katy To Be On “The Today Show” In April;  Milestones;  The Hubble Tree Traces U.K. Branches-by Doug Poulter.


2000-Autumn-Family Notes
2000-2001 Scholarship Recipients Named-Jessica R. Hubbell-Blair David Hubbell-Kristin Elizabeth Carter-Michael Pronovost-David A. Pope-Kate Elizabeth Callahan;  Publication Staffers Needed!;  Corrections;  A Message From The Scholarship President;  About The HFHS Scholarship Fund;  Do You Know? (Military History);  MakePeace Family Of Rock-Worcestershire Visits USA (Don- Barbara & Robert Makepeace);  Milestone Birthdays Celebrated (Harold G. Hubbell-Donald C. Hubbell);  North To Alaska!-HFHS Tenth Biennial 2001-Update;  New Children’s Book Published (William Hubbell);  HFHS President Visits Rischard Farm;  Guidelines For Nominating A Member To The Hubbell Family Historical Society Hall Of Fame;  Hubbell Hall Of Fame Report-by Maureen Rischard;  Hubbell Hall Of Fame Selection;  Hubbell Halloween (Richard & Martha Hubbell Wakeman)-submitted by Mary Ann Hubbell;  L.Hubbell-“Clockmaker” (Laporte Hubbell);  Hubbell By Choice Book Nearing Completion In 2001;  US 1790-1920 Census Images Going Online;  Gather Up Those Reunion Photos;  Neglected Cemetery Needs Cleanup Help (Lynnville TN);  Genealogists Never Die-They Just Lose Their Census;  Hubbell Gifts Available For Order;  Hubble Cousins Hold Reunion In Virginia (grandchildren of Henry Cleveland Hubble);  Personal News.


2000-Spring-Family Notes
North To Alaska-HFHS Tenth Biennial Reunion-June 19-24th 2001-Kenai Alaska;  Publications Staffers Needed;  Corrections;  Paola (Kansas) Library Obtains Hubbell Artwork-Henry Salem Hubbell;  Fund Will Award Four Scholarships;  Hubbell Center Query (Chris Hubbell);  Military History Update-by Hilbert Hubble;  USPS Issues Hubble Telescope Stamps;  Nominations For Future Biennial Sites To Be Considered;  TECCOM Looking For New Recruits-by Bob Dawes;  Remember HFHS When Changing Addresses!;  HFHS Executive Committee Meetings In Cleveland-by Carol Hubbell Boggs;  Recreating The 1890 Census;  Fallen Officer Remembered At Ohio Memorials (John L. Hubbell);  Milestones;  Jurist Found Dead At His Home (Fred C. Hubbell);  Send Us News;  Muriel Louise Rogers (Hubbell/Springer) 1910-2000;  Hubbell Firm (Hubbell Roth & Clark) Designs Top-Ranked Project In MI;  HNN On The Net Four Years Now;  New Book On John Lorenzo Hubbell;  Native American Arts Auction;  “Hubbells By Choice” Update And News-by Carol Hubbell Boggs;  Katy Hubbell Update.


1999-Autumn-Family Notes
The 1999 Scholarship Award Recipients-Shannon K. Sweeney-Emily McKim-Sean Beougher-Adriane Seeley;  Letters From Proud Grandparents Of Scholarship Recipients-Jesse R. Seeley-Kathy Tanksley, Katy Hubbell Update;  Artwork Donated To Historical Museum-submitted by Lena Jump;  HFHS Tax Status Clarification;  Judith Puckett Lobbies For Library;  Genealogy Joke!;  Personal News;  Reunion Memories (Pictures);  Dr. David S. Hubbell Donates Mark Twain Book Collection;  Dr. Robert N. Hubbell Honored By Rotary;  More Moments From 1999 Reunion… (Pictures);  Hubbells Help In Hurricane Clean-Up (Harold G and Karen Hubbell);  Upcoming Events At Hubbell Trading Post;  New Hubbell Connection Found In The UK;  British HUB Corner-Doug Poulter;  Hubbles Celebrate 50th-Edwin & Alice Hubble;  Billie Fred Hubbell-Former Principal Receives New Honor.


1999-Spring Reunion-Family Notes
The Ninth HFHS Biennial In Review-by Carol Hubbell Boggs;  Committee Begins “Hubbell Wives Project”-by Carol Hubbell Boggs;  NHFHA 50th Anniversary Reunion A Success-by Bill Hubel;  Time Capsule Suggested;  Hubbell Military History Planned;  Biennial Facts-Attendance by State;  Rev. Jessie Hubbell Scaggs Gives Invocation at Ninth Biennial Banquet.




1998-Autumn-Family Notes
Scholarship Fund Names Four Recipients-Alistair W. Hubbell-Daniel T. Hubbell-Jonathan S. Hubble-Timothy J. Hubbell;  Hubble Shows We’re Just One ‘Chevy of a Galaxy’;  Hubble Heritage Program;  Personal News;  Young Girl and Family Face Bone Marrow Disease-Katelyn Rose Hubbell;  Scout Leads Drive to Complete Nature Path-David Allan Hubble-Fred F. Hubble III;  Reprint Of 1980 History & Genealogy With Enlarged Index Makes A Great Gift;  Family Members Gather in Mantorville For Plaque Dedication;  Rock Church Undergoes Renovation;  Historic Connecticut House To Be Refurbished-Bradley Hubbell House;  “1000 By 2000”-Membership Drive Continues!-Your Help Is Needed;  A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To Springfield (Donald C and Madalene Hubbell-Harvey and Anne Hubbell);  Barnstable Atlas Now In Second Edition (Marjorie Hubbell Gibson);  Internet Brings New-Found Cousins Together;  Stevens Connections (Helen S. Ullman);  Quilt Drawing At 1999 Reunion.


1998-Spring-Family Notes
Return To Mantorville Plan For Summer Outing;  Exec Committee Meets At Hubbell Center;  A Note From HFHS President Harold G. Hubbell;  Hubbell Center Additions-by Harold B. Hubbell;  Found! (Kitty Hubbell);  Check Your Mailing Address;  Personal News;  49er Plaque Dedication A Success;  Membership Committee Needs Your Help!;  Reprint Of 1980 History & Genealogy With Enlarged Index;  No Sex Please-We’re Iowans;  Warm Wedding Wishes (Robert L. Hubbell);  The Caring Society-by Jean Hubbell;  New-Found Cousins Tour USS Lexington (Brian Hubble & Casimir Roman);  What’s In A Name? (John H. Hubbell)-by Jean Hubbell;  Artist Honored With Retrospective (Lorraine Ashland);  1998 Canadian Hubble Reunion;  Hubble Brit Connections (Doug Poulter);  Barbara Hubbell Sings For Race Fans;  Correction (David & Mary Hubbell).


1997-Fall-Family Notes
Springfield MO. Chosen For Next Biennial Reunion (Jack Jerome Hubbell-Donald & Madalene Hubbell-Susan Beougher-Donna Braithwaite);  A Note From HFHS President H.G. Hubbell;  Gifts To Society Now Deductible;  Three Win $500 Scholarships (Erin Derksen-Amy Beth Hubbell-Thomas C. Hubbell);  Personal News Items;  Shipmates Are HFHS Members (Robert J. Tate-Gerald B. Hubble);  John A. Hubbell Is New Editor Of Family Notes (Matthew R. Hubble);  New Directors And Executive Group Elected;  Society Elects Six Officers;  Reprint Planned Of 1980 History;  Scenes From 8th Biennial Reunion In Vermont-Lake Champlain And Chazy (Pictures);  Society Members Celebrate 66th Anniversary (Glen and Edna Hubble Gill);  Hubbell Artist (Marti Miller Hubbell);  Joint History Committee Headed By Dorcas Aunger;  Rosella Hansen Makes Memorial Gift To Center;  Society Plans Hall Of Fame;  Survey About Hubbell Center;  Two Omaha Awards For Anne Weaver;  For 1998-Fund Offers 4 $750 Scholarships;  Cape Cod Visitors Use Atlas/Guide For Genealogy (Marjorie Hubbell Gibson);  Teccom Plans For E-Mail And World Wide Web;  Society Gives Recognition For Special Service;  Hubbell’s Sell Equitable Cos. To Dutch Firm (Janes W. Hubbell Jr.);  Family Portrait Is Passed Along (Betsy Shelton Hubbell);  Watercolors Of Rock-England;  Your Spouse Is Probably Your cousin;  Navajo Extension Agent (Esther Peterson Hubbell);  Gifts From Rock Church Go to Hubbell Center;  Family Items Make Excellent Christmas Gifts;  Family Tree At Biennial Reunion;  Quilt Drawing Will Occur At 1999 Reunion;  Members Provide Genealogy Data;  Gala Dedication In Sutter Creek For 49er Plaque;  Citizen Of The Year (F. Wiley Hubbell).


1997-Spring-Family Notes
Scottish Expert Will Speak At Reunion Banquet;  8th Biennial Reunion-Green Mountain Days-Sheraton Hotel-Burlington Vermont;  Parents!;  Workshop About Family Albums;  Personal News Items;  Hubnet Unites Mother With Lost Daughter (Claudette Hubbell Gilbert);  3 Letters About Participants In “Secret Game” (David S Hubbell MD);  A Slide Talk About Children In Far Places (Jan Reynolds);  “Hubble” Wins Odyssey Of Mind; Hubble Space Telescope Rates As Superstar;  Apology (Frances Deneen Rusch);  Honorary Degree For John Howard Hubbell;  Beth M. Hubbell Writes Book On Family Travel;  Lillian E. Hubbell Led Active Life;  Canadian cousins Reunion July 20;  “Your Good Hat” A Book Of Poems By Barbara Munk Buxton;  Peter “Erik” Hansen;  Scholarship Reminder;  Hubbell Center Is Installed In Larger Quarters;  Optional Tour To Montreal Before Reunion;  Meet Amber Hubbell-Girl Of 21st Century;  Chazy Museum Has Colonial Artifacts;  Harlow Welcome Hubbell Was Beekeeper;  Hubblebubble Hubbub And Hubbellite (Sally Jo Hubbell Carey);  Maureen & Ted Richard (photo);  Are You Moving?;  Scene Of Reunion-Lunch June 28;  Mass Mailing Sent;  Correction.


1996-Fall-Family Notes
Features For Youngsters At 8th Biennial;  Exec Committee Meets Two Days In Plattsburg;  Society Awards First Two $500 Scholarships (Amy J. Berg-Granddaughter of Charles & Betty Jane Potter of Florida and Aaron G. Hubbell-Grandson of Ralph & Jane Hubbell of NY);  Personal New Items;  Members Bring 68 New Members;  Hubbell Center Ready To Answer Research Queries;  Plaque To Honor Forty-Ninner In Sutter Creek (William Barker Hubbell);  Next Year-Fund Will Give Three Scholarships;  Quilt Raffle Set For 1999;  Hubble Town Has Disney Touch At Wesleyan Church;  71st Reunion Has Giant Cookies (Milo Henry Hubbell);  Cousin Parties In Kansas City And St. Louis;  Hubbell Hill Is Now A Mountain!;  Susan Miller Is Awarded 4 Scholarships;  Reunion Trips Offer History And Scenery;  Open House For James Hubbell’s Art Foundation;  Dr. Jean Hubble Does Research By Telemedicine;  Our Name is Distinctive;  More Family Gold Miners (George Asa Hubbell & Harris B. Hubbell);  School Honors Astronomer Edwin Hubble;  Dorrance (S. Hubbell Sr.) Named To Rights Body;  Do You Send Christmas Cards?;  Census Sample For Final 10%;  Just What You Need For Your Christmas List!


1996-Spring-Family Notes
Wilson G. Hubbell Bicycles 1200 Miles;  A&R Numbers Used In This Issue;  Scholarships Deadline Is June 30 1996;  Dates-Hotel Set For 8th Biennial Society Reunion;  Personal News Items;  More About Sue Hubbell;  Clara Barton’s House Also A Hubbell ( Dr. Julian B. Hubbell) Abode;  Center-Society Directors To Meet;  Doug Poulter Reports New Aspects Of English Family;  Chippewa Tribe Director Dies (Justine C Hubble);  Allan Hubbells At Rock Church;  For $1 Million You Can Be In Society (Jay A. Hubbell);  Soil Scientist David H. Hubbell Dies;  Betty Morgan Completes Quilt;  Hubbell Trading Post Is Now 120 Years Old;  Rock Collection Given to Museum (Lawrence L. Hubbell);  James Hubbell Designs-Builds Tijuana Schools;  HUBnet E-Mail Lists Double;  City Honors Judge Floyd E. Hubbell;  New Family Info Goes On Computer;  Bradford P. Hubbell Was a Machine Designer-Artist;  “Hubble Finds Doomsday Comet”;  This Owl Was Not So Wise (Roger Hubbell);  Two Trophies In One Week (Jack J. Hubbell);  Society Greets New Members.


1995-Fall-Family Notes
Scholarships Will Be Offered For Fall 1996;  Society Elects 6 Officers For Next Biennium;  The Numbers Game-The 1995 Addition and Revisions Book will have New Member Numbers;  Personal News Items;  Ad Hoc Computer Group Formed;  New Genealogy Volume Gives Much New Data;  1832 Memento At Hubbell Center-More Sought;  Beefmasters Hold Production Sale-Carl Leroy Hubble of Texas;  Members Elect 21 Directors At August 16 Meeting;  Class Inclusion OK-Debbie (Hubbell Callahan) Says;  Special People Who Attended Folsom Reunion;  New Directors Are Named For Hubbell Center;  Pictures From the Seventh Biennial Reunion At Folsom California-August 15 thru 20th 1995;  Family Reunions Occur Within Society Reunions;  Presentations Of Awards At Society Banquet;  “Steps In Time” Quilt Has Many Hubbell Names;  A Caring Family Society;  Ride’em Cowboy;  Dorrance Vies In Championship Chili Cookoff;  Please Help A Needy Editor At Christmas;  Sterling Hubbell Invents Chemical Film Touch-Up Pen;  Ode to The Clan by Karen Hubbell;  Many Help With Family Notes;  Sue Hubbell’s (Hubble) Latest Book is Fun To Read;  Judge Fred C Hubbell Sets $1 Fine For Speeders;  Picnic Winds up Program Group’s Reunion Work;  Dorrance Goes “Bonkers” As Do Family Members;  Shop By Mail For Your Family Christmas Gifts;  Tabloid Claims Telescope Finds Ghosts In Space;  Canadians Hold 46th Annual Reunion Picnic;  Burlington VT Site of Next Society Reunion;  Lester Earle Hubbell-Military Pay Reformer Dies.


1995-Spring-Family Notes
Four Tours Planned For Biennial;  Hubbell Center Opens-Directors Plan For Future;  Elections-Other Business Are On Biennial Agenda;  Personal News Items;  Folsom Offers History-Recreation and Shops;  Indians Claim 80 Acres in Bridgeport CT;  Rod Hubble Paints New Mexico Scenes;  Word From The Trading Post;  Pete Hansen Leads Scouts On 8-Day Alaska Snow Trek;  Michael Hubbell Builds Senior Living Projects;  Cleobury Church Wins Award For Restored Spire;  Computer Users Respond to Fall Questionnaire;  Nuclear Department Of Michigan University Honors John H Hubbell;  White Hills Man Dies At Age 94 (Leroy Beaver Hubbell);  New Biography of Edwin Hubble By Christianson;  Genealogy Group Honors (Jean Hubbell Peterson);  Ted Hubbell Dies-Was Contributing Society Member;  Rosemary and Leonard Wirkus Both Die;  New Price Set For “Additions and Revisions”;  Retires After 34 years Work on Town Roads (John Henry Hubbell);  Bus Tour Goes To Indian and Gold Villages;  Help Is Needed In Locating Missing Persons (William R Hubbell and Alexander and Virginia Rosa Wilson Hubbell);  Book Describes Telescope Struggles;  Marshfield Again Honors Astronomer;  Reynolds Starts New Series of Children’s Books;  Do Your Own Thing On Visit To Sacramento;  Reserve Your Hotel Separately;  Biennial Reunion Registration form;  The Pot Of Gold And People Who Stirred The Pot (R.J. Bob Hubbell);  Schedule For The 1995 Biennial.


1994-Fall-Family Notes
Blame It On The Computer;  Our Visit To Ten Places In England With Hubbell Ties-Excerpts From A Diary-by Jean E Hubbell Peterson;  Executive Committee Makes Several Financial Decisions;  Personal News Items;  5-Color Enamel Stick Pin Has Society Seal;  Beryl Hubbell-Society Founder & Officer Dies;  First Impressions of England by Carol Hubbell Boggs;  Society Gives Over $600 to Rock Church;  First Biography On Edwin Hubbell (Hubble) Issued In 1993;  Four Generations In Hubbell Mansion (Des Moines IA);  Telescope Earns Rave Reviews;  John H Hubbell Heads Radiation Physics Society;  Telescope Model Honors Native Marshfield Son;  Perhaps Hubballs Lived In A House Similar To This;  Roger Hubbell Is Not A Deerslayer;  Hubbell Center Gets Organized;  Married In A Sherpa Ceremony-Javin and Jan Pierce;  Personal coffee Mugs Being Sold;  Lion Heads On Coat Of Arms;  Info Exchange On computer Use For Genealogy;  Plan Your Family Vacation Around the 1995 Biennial.


1994-April-Family Notes
Lecture Series On Health Reform Honors Mary Hubbell Peterson;  New Genealogy & History Volume Goes to Press;  Pig Roast on England Trip;  Myrna Hubbell Kepford-New Chair of History Seeks Place Name Stories;  Winders (Barbara Ann Hubbell Winder and her husband) Inspire Fund For Center;  Rosemary Hubbell Wirkus’s Family Starts Alzheimer Care Foundation;  Raggedy Ann Man and Rose Hubbell;  110 Years of Cheese Making (Aureen Richardson);  Swifts Come to Hubbell Chimney;  Personal New Items;  How-to Book For Genealogy Tyros;  Privacy Suit Against K-Mart (Lewis Hubble);  Member At Cape For Repair Shuttle Launch (David G Hubbell);  Hubble Telescope Cartoon;  And How Was Your Winter? (Matthew Nelson-Alfred and Judi Hubbell);  Thank You!-from the Editor;  Jennette Lamaccia Apples In TV Show About Forgotten Frontier;  Beauty Pageant Contestant-Victoria Long;  Deaths Reported;  Three Weddings In Carney Clan;  Birthday At Terrace Hill;  15 Grandchildren At 50th Anniversary-Leroy and Mary Hubble;  Northern California Resort Picked For 1995 Biennial Reunion.


1993-October-Family Notes
IRS Approves Deduction For Scholarships, Hubbell Center is Established in Des Moines, Members Give to Rock Church, Society Elects 7 New Directors, Names in the News, Judith Puckett Wins State Award, Replace Faulty Cocktail Glasses, From Your Editor, New Committee Chairs Named, Trading Post Made Honorary Society Member, Kentucky Reunion, Dorothy Hubbell Dies At Age 94, Personal News Items, Hubbell Space Telescope To Get Major Repair Job, Reunion Photos in Newspapers, Kin to Astronaut and Astronomer, Medical Training For Wilderness, “Oh, to Be In England”, Hubble & Co. London Bistro, Family Weekend At Thee Hubbell House, Family Military History Starts, Webster Hubbell Named Associate Attorney General, Walter Hubbell’s Books Available, Canadians Your Money is Good, Good Progress On New Book, Canadian Reunion, Society Members-Wanted-XMAS Letters!, Second Warning on “World Book of Hubbells”, Not a Martian But a Moose Crash Survivor, New Society Member Upsets Astronomers, Genealogy Po…, Josephine Hubbell is Inducted into W&M Hall of Fame, California Here We Come!


1993-April-Family Notes
Hubbells Fight And Suffer Fires Near Ithaca, Editor’s Note, Register Now For Biennial Reunion!, Webster Hubbell in Justice Department, Yale Astronomer Will Tell About Hubble Telescope, Miss Hubbles To Attend Biennial, Philip Jones Seeks Letters at Biennial, Fred Hubble III Skippers Yacht For 3 Trophies, Steel Workers Are Millionaires, Correction, Hubbell Arranges Riverboat Stop, Beware of Genealogy Scams, Is This Your Laundry?, Personal News Items, Gibson Writes Book About British Warship, Special Bookstore On Family Trees, Hubbell Double Valve Invented, A 1907 Porch “Christening”, A Towering Appeal From Rock Church, Enjoy Yourself At The Biennial Reunion-Schedule of Events, Paintings About Canada’s History, Finance Records Are Transferred


1992-October-Family Notes
Schedule For 1993 Biennial-Park Plaza Hotel-New Haven CT, Goldie Chairs Membership Group, No Bull-But It’s Whitfield House, New Haven Offers Much For Biennial Reunion Attendees, Do You Have Trouble With Spelling Hubble?, Light From The Hubble, Hubbell’s On Map In Worcestershire, Family Center Being Explored, Michiganders Reune in July, Society Rolls Continue Rise, Personal News Items, Drum Corps Will Lead Family Walk in Village of Hubbell Houses, Wallace Hubbles Wed 60 Years, Anecdotes Wanted On Carl Hubbell, Kentucky Reunion Traces 160 Years, 43rd Nehemiah Hubble reunion, Hubble Ranch Buys Prize Bull, Photos For New Family Book, Citizen Award to Harold and Karen, Harry Hubbell Received NASA Commendation, Down to The Sea In Ships


1992-June-Family Notes
Dr Peter Hanson Honored by Colleagues, Directors Act to Make Gifts to Scholarship Fund Tax Deductible, Amherst Mystery Now on Stage, Hubbell Trading Post (pictures), Trading Post Celebrates Anniversary and Birthday, New Treasurer at End of Year, Picture of the descendants of George Lorimer and Eliza P Hubbell at Chazy New York-July-1991, Largest Reunion Held Near Lake Champlain, Who’s on the Left?-picture from the 1983 Reunion, Cake Recipe Needs Flour, Names in the News, Diamond and Golden Wedding Anniversaries, Rock Church Windows Restored, Personal News Items, Dennis Hubbell Heads History Committee, Reunion Held at Old Family Farm, School is Named For Edwin Hubble, Canadians Will Picnic, Were You At Hawaii Reunion?, Oh, Thou Laggard!


1991-September-Family Notes
Prof Paul Edgar Hubbell is Centenarian, Family Member Gave Fairfield Historical Society Display (Beatrice Hubbell Marsh Spencer), My Genealogy by Jean E.H. Peterson, New Haven-June 15-19 1993-Biennial Reunion, Editor’s Notes, RSVP Director Claire Has Talent-Claire Hubbell Pierce, Winslow City May Get Hubbell Trading Post, Christmas in the USSR by Bernice Treleaven, Among the Family-Misc Notes, Last Call for Photos and Biographies For 1993 A&R, Aureen Richardson, Bridgeport Author, Dorrance Hubbell is “Bonkers!”, Books For Christmas?, Correction-Hubbell Pioneers, Charitable Gifts


1991-May-Family Notes
Mahalo-Don and Madalene!, Hubbells Caught in Desert Storm, Mahalo-Hawaiian Hubbell Ohana-Biennial Reunion in Hawaii, Society Honors, Editor’s Note, The Capitol Steps parody of “You Got Trouble” and “Ya Got Hubble”, Hubble Telescope Photos are Improved by Computer, Our Sympathies, Still Looking for Helen E Hubbell, Great Iowa Treasure Hunt, Rock Church Window Restoration, Among Our Members-Susan Beougher and Jeanette La Macchia, Nehemiah Hubble Family Heritage Association, Hawaii Leisure = Learning, Clifton Hubbell-New President, Regional Reunions: Photo of 1990 Colorado Reunion (Hubbell/Ochs/Hills)-Nehemiah Hubble Family Heritage Assoc-Beryl and Glenn Hubbell gathering-The Illinois Hubble Group-Washington State Group, Misc Family News, Board Of Directors’ Meeting, Additional Pictures from the Hawaii Reunion (Small Family Groups), Genealogy Notes: Clinton Mo. Picture-Queries, Our Wakeman Ancestry, Additions and Revisions-1993, Genealogy Committee, Sick List, Society Membership Continues to Grow, For Sale


1990-September-Family Notes
Cash of Helene Hubbell, Louisa May Hubble Dickerson, Additions and Revisions-Genealogy Committee, Binget Hansen Conquers Denali, Hubble Space Telescope TV Documentaries, Aloha, Hawaii!-April 23-30 1991, Editors Notes, 1990 Regional Reunions Report, Scholarship Memorial Fund-How will it Work?, Libraries and Historical Societies, Connecticut-photographs by William Hubbell, Death Notices, For Sale, Personal Notes




1990-May-Family Notes
Hubble in Orbit-Family Celebrates Space Telescope-April 9-12, 1990, Kin of Edwin P Hubble Comes to Space Center, Canadian Reunion Corrections, TV Documentaries of Telescope and Family, Society Receives Honors, Ann and Harvey IV Hubbell Do An Outstanding Job, Family and Society Get Media Attention, Edwin Powell Hubble-a bio, John H Hubbell (5858)-A Emperor Waltz in Hubbell’s Fashion by Yoshiko Harima, Publications to Note (about Edwin P Hubble and the telescope), Family Clippings, Personal Notes, In Memoriam, Scholarship Fund-update, 1990 Local Reunions, 1991 Hawaii Biennial Set



1989-Family NotesHubbell Pioneers-the book, Hubble Space Telescope-Launch Information, The Cookbook “Family Fare”, 1989 Kingston Biennium Directors’ and Membership Reports, Canadian Prime Minister’s Welcoming Comments, The Premier of Ontario’s Welcomeing Comments, Editor’s Notes, Record 160 Attended Kingston Biennial-Pictures, Connecticut-photographs by William Bradford Hubbell (6997), Navaho Rugs, Terrace Hill, Personal Notes




1988-Family Notes
Family Tour to England-Recollections by Jessie Hubbell Scaggs-22 photographs of people on the trip, Editors Note-looking for a new Family Notes editor, Hubbell Trading Post in Winslow to Become Museum of Indian Trade, Library Committee update by Susan Beougher, 1987 Membership list, Notice for the 1989 Biennial Reunion in Kingston Ontario, Canada, The oldest Hubbell-Mary Hubbell (5270) turned 105 years old this year, 1988 Dues reminder, Donald Sidney Hubbell-RIP




1987-Family Notes
1987 Biennial Reunion at Flagstaff and a Visit to The Hubbell Trading Post at Ganado, Cookbook editors set deadline for contributions






1986-Family Notes
Family News–Dorothy S. Hubbell-Spirit of Arizona Award, Amusing Anecdote by Eileen Hart Hubbell (6290j), Judith Puckett-A Few Caught Thoughts, Beverly Hubble Tauke-an interesting job, John H Hubbell (5858), Reverend Jessie Scaggs, Harvey Hubbell, Robert Lamson Hubbell (5194)-Pillar of the Community Award, Leroy Hubble-retirement, Eileen Hubbell Johnson (8130)-Grave Stones, Projects-Donald S Hubbell and the book “Pioneer Hubbells”, Milford M Hubbell (4244)-“Hubbell Places”, Queries, Membership-Claire Hubbell Pierce (6188), Committee Reports, Books-A country Year by Sue Hubbell (a89), Mrs Flora Maull (1183)-“Genealogical Notebook of Flora Davis Maull”, 1985 Financial Report


1985-Family Notes
1985 Biennial Reunion in Des Moines-text and pictures






1984-Family Notes
1985 Des Moines Ia. Biennial Meeting agenda, Committee Updates-Genealogy-Library-History and Biography, Family News, Gifts, Book Available, Queries, General Interest





1983-April-Family Notes
The 1983 Fairfield Conn. Biennial Membership Meeting and Reunion Dinner-the agenda, Rock Parish Church in Worcestershire England, Hubbell House wooden sidewalk planks, Gifts from Members, “Queries” to be part of Family Notes





1982-Family Notes
Reunion And Luncheon at “Hubbell House”- Minnesota, The Hubbell Family Historical Society Formed.., Attention State Representatives, About Genealogies, President’s Notes, Have You Wondered?, Your Address, Book Notes, The Editor, Reunion-1983


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