During my 10+ years as editor of the Hubbell Family publications, I have collected a tremendous amount of information on members of the Hubbell family.  To help other researchers, I am posting this collected information in this section of the website. Some, but not all, of the original source material can be found online on various websites if one wishes to pursue a specific reference.

The listings contain a name and is sometimes followed by a ME# (eg: ME11747) or an A&R#.  The first number (ME) is the identification number that is found in the most current Hubbell/Hubble family genealogy book; The Millennium Edition: Genealogy and History of the Hubbell Family Volumes 1 & 2 (2017). The second (A&R) is the number assigned in the 1995 Additions and Revisions edition of the Hubbell Family history and genealogy. Both books may be purchased from the “Store” tab on this website.

Most of this material is new and does not duplicate the information that has been collected by previous researchers that are stored on DVDs at the Hubbell Library in Des Moines, Iowa.  These DVDs may be purchased by emailing a request to the Library at

To conserve resources, most of the material posted are low resolution.  At some time in the future, high resolution images will be copied on an archival DVD and stored at the Library in Des Moines.

This section will be updated, periodically, as new material becomes available.

last updated: 27 November 2022


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