Newspaper Clippings (All States except Central KY)

This section contains newspaper clippings from around the United States organized by State and date of publication


1888-1019-Mr Hubble, a Stonemason from Decatur, AL dies of yellow fever during epidemic-NYC newspaper.


1914-0315-Lorenzo Hubble-large Navajo rug-Salt Lake City, UT newspaper.


1894-0518-Albert Hubble accused of stealing a watch-Los Angles, CA newspaper.

1897-1017-Viola Hubble-ME6883-of Santa Cruz-women’s drill team-and gets married-SF, CA newspaper.

1908-0322-Prince C. Hubble sings in a quartet-Los Angeles, CA newspaper.

1911-0523-P. C. Hubble of Oakland arrested but released due to extenuating circumstances-SF, CA newspaper.

1911-0616-Hubble street off of 7th St in San Francisco-SF, CA newspaper.


1878-0917-Erhart D. Hubble for governor of CT-Hartford -Washington, DC newspaper.

1910-0611-Mrs D. A. Hubbell of New Haven finds a run away girl-NYC newspaper.


1876-0122 and 0129-David Hubble-half caste-death-Honolulu, HI newspaper.


1919-0201-Wilbert Hubbell-baseball player from ID gets contract with Giants-NYC newspaper.


1886-0325-Frank D. Hubble post No 403 near Hillsboro IL-Washington, DC newspaper.


1864-0927-Sammuel Hubble of Green co, IN drafted-Terra Haute, IN newspaper.

1892-0112-Frank H. Hubble of Jeffersonville, IN-died of blood poisoning-Maysville, KY newspaper.

1918-1228-Frank W. Hubble of Pittsboro, IN-wounded WWI-NYC newspaper.


1879-0314-A. J. Hubble on Dow creek with weird calf-Emporia, KS.

1880-0710-Pierce R. Hubble in Larned, KS files suit-Dodge City, KS newspaper.

1880-0813-W.N. Hubble and co of Caldwell, KS selling 22000 sheep-Emporia, KS newspaper.

1884-0615-Hannah Hubble alas Mrs Richardson remarries-Wichita, KS newspaper.

1885-0523 and 1887-Wm. Hubble of Marvin-witness in Kirwin, KS-Phillipsburg, KS newspaper.

1888-0927-J. C. Hubble living 6 miles north of Jetmore, KS-sick cattle-Great Bend, KS newspaper.

1888-1115-Joseph Hubble a miner from Weir City-union demands-Wichita, KS newspaper.

1889-0712-Harry Hubble head cheese maker in Osborne, KS-Phillipsburg, KS newspaper.

1894-0427-Ira Hubble of Fairbanks, Morse co of Kansas City-Dodge City, KS newspaper.

1922-0108-Floyd Hubble of Augusta, KS-son of O.T. Hubble-Tulsa, OK newspaper.

Kentucky-non Pulaski and Lincoln co residents

1880-0930-Wake Hubble of Howe and Hubble-with breakbone fever-Cairo, Ill newspaper.

1882-0707-Julia Hubble-Montacello Wayne co, KY-jailed 10 days-assault-Stanford, KY newspaper.

1882-0707-Lucy Hubble-Montacello Wayne co, KY-arrested and jailed-Stanford, KY newspaper.

1884 to 1908-Mr and Mrs D. J. Hubble of Frankfort Kentucky-Frankfort, KY newspaper.

1891-1212-Jos. Hubble-numerator in the first ward-Frankfort, KY newspaper.

1891-1226-Joe Hubble visits sister in Columbia. TN-Frankfort, KY newspaper.

1899-0127-Hubble Chinn of the Centerville precinct files for bankruptcy-Paris, KY newspaper.

1901-0126-Sallie and F. B. Hubble paid dividend from Lexington Investment co-Frankfort, KY newspaper.

1904-0111-Charles Arthur Hubble of Fulton, KY-commits suicide-Paducah, KY newspaper.

1908-0201-Clyde B. Hubble-selling property to satisfy taxes-Paducah, KY newspaper.

1908-0512-Prof G. A. Hubble of Lexington at State Christian Convention-Maysville, KY newspaper.

1911-0505-John P. Hubble-fire prevention-Maysville and Hopkinsville, KY newspapers.

1914-0626-Mrs Mary Spears sister of Mr Hubble Shropshire of Paris, KY-Paris, KY newspaper.

1915-0513-Thomas Hubble delegate from Barbourville, KY–Berea, KY newspaper.

1918-0628-Capt Harry Hubble Chinn of Bourbon co left town with 27 recruits-Paris, KY newspaper.

1918-0801-Mr T. P. Hubble of Louisville-foreman job at newspaper in Stanford. KY-Stanford newspaper.

1919-0314-Capt Harry Hubble Chinn of Bourbon co died at camp from disease-Paris, KY newspaper.


1896-0229-Frank Hubble of Baltimore, MD arrested in Chicago-Scranton, PA newspaper.


1918-1212-F. Hubble of Attleboro, MA killed in WWI-NYC newspaper.


1918-0924-Alexander Edwin Hubbell marries Ada Alcorn-he is from Bay City, MI-Lincoln co, KY newspaper.


1898-0929-T. B. Hubble-actor in opera-St Paul, MN newspaper.


1852-0429-George H. Hubble of Grundy, MO-3rd electoral district-Glasgow, MO newspaper.

1873-0725-M.J. Hubble clerk Green co. MO-Jefferson City, MO newspaper.

1881-1117-W.P. Hubbell moving into town-Richmond, MO newspaper.

1882-0218-Hubble and Co-Coal mining-Richmond, MO newspaper.

1895-0125-W.W. Hubble of Schell City, MO at the cattle yards-Kansas City, KS newspaper.

1895-0507-O.P. Hubble kills a man in Marysville, MO-Guthrie, OK newspaper.

1901-0511-Martin J. Hubble representing a foreign insurance co-St Louis, MO newspaper.

1904-0103-Miss Georgie Hubble of Springfield-marriage-present were Sarah, Janie-St Louis, MO newspaper.

1910-1122-Oda Hubbell and family murdered by Roscoe in Maryville, MO-Bisbee, AZ newspaper.


1868-0321-J.B. Hubble Revenue Agent for Montana-Virginia City, MT newspaper.

1873-1015-W.H. Hubble discovered silver in Montana-Bismarck, ND newspaper.

1875-0730-Ansel Hubble leaves for Fort Pease, MT with other mountain men-Deer Lodge, MT newspaper.

1882-0126-Hubble & Co of Miles City, MT cutting railroad ties for Northern Pacific RR-MT newspaper.

1882-0201-Isaac Hubble murdered on the Yellowstone River in MT-Benton, MN newspaper.

1890-1128-Mr. (Ansel) Hubble at Yellowstone Lake in 1867-Dodge City, KS newspaper.

1902-0702-John Hubble arrested for gambling

1904-0720-L. Hubble arrives in Fergus county from Gilt Edge

1907-0307-Lemuel Hubble-Socialist miners union-Helena, MT newspaper.

1910-0916-Wade J. Hubble clerk in Culbertson, MT leaves for Francesville, IN to visit parents

1911-0120-L. W. Hubble of Springfield, MO selling land in MT

1911-1109-G. C. Hubble of Sandpoint-Libby, MT.

1912-0518-J. M. Hubble

1914-0131-Post Office in Sweetgrass county named after Ansel Hubble


1886-1218-J. D. Hubble incorporator of town of Holland, NE-Omaha, NE newspaper.

1890-0916-George W. Hubble-Divorce-Omaha, NE newspaper.

1892-0504-Ed Hubble eloped with someone’s wife-sentenced to prison-Columbus, NE newspaper.

1896-0716-Wm Hubble body found in Lakeside, NE-Columbia, NE newspaper.

1897-0505-Gertrude Hubble of Shelby, NE age 23 issued a marriage license-Omaha, NE newspaper.

1900-0905-G.W. Hubble charged with selling liquor to Indians-Omaha, NE newspaper.

New Mexico

1857-0401-James Hubble killed in Sonora-from Santa Fe New Mexico-Washington, DC newspaper.

New York

1847-0422-Hiram Hubble-Appointments to the Canal Board-Oswego Canal-New York Tribune newspaper.

1873-0227-Eugene Hubble indicted for murder-NYC newspaper.

1875-1013-S. B. Hubble for senator-Putnam co. NY-NY newspaper.

1884-0126-Benjamin R. Hubble arrested for shooting at his brother in law-NY Tribune newspaper.

1887-0403-Miss Ida Hubble-soprano soloist of Grace Church, NY-NYC newspaper.

1894-1116-Frank Hubbell brother of Charles B. commits suicide in NYC.

1900-1106-Mrs Augusta Hubbell and husband Charles J. of NY-Victim of Faith-Washington DC, newspaper.

1902-0827-Colonel William H. Hubbell of NY dies at 55-Salt Lake City, UT newspaper.

1902-1013-George William Hubbell marries Else Montfort Peirce-NY City newspaper.

1904-0430-Lillian Hubbell runs a boarding house has trouble-NYC newspaper.

1904-1006-Clarence Hubbell aged 14 witnesses suicide-NYC newspaper.

1904-1010-Job Hubbell of Saratoga county, NY kills a bear-NYC newspaper.

1905-0421-Captain Hubble owner of sawmill-boy hurt-NYC newspaper.

1907-0927-Cyrus O. Hubbell dies-NYC newspaper.

1908-0714-B. G. Hubbell-President of Telephone Co announces merger-NYC newspaper.

1908-1101-Julliette Hubbell daughter of Charles B. married in big wedding-NYC newspaper.

1920-0106-Kate V. Hubbell daughter of Thomas J. Hubbell dies at 82-NYC newspaper.

1933-0421-Harry F. Hubble, Rev of Buffalo, NY-let there be dancing in church-KY newspaper.


1859-0626-Abbie Hubble and Jacob Hubble-letters left at the Cincinnati, OH post office.

1859-0818-Daniel Hubbel son of Gabriel Hubbel dies in accident-Perrysburg, OH newspaper.

1861-0613-Sgt Major C. H. Hubble-dress parade-Cincinnati, OH newspaper.

1862-0422-A. Hubble of the 71st infantry sick with typhoid fever-army news-Cleveland, OH newspaper.

1862-1119-Daniel Hubble-Co. E, 25th Fremont, OH-civil war injured-Cleveland, OH newspaper.

1864-0818-James R. Hubble of Delaware, OH running for Congress-St Clairsville, OH newspaper.

1867-0522-Daniel Hubble voted in Champaign co. Ohio in 1805-Urbana, OH newspaper.

1868-0116-James R. Hubble-8th Congressional district OH-McArthur, OH newspaper.

1868-0702-John Hubble of Ohio-rejected as Minister of Ecuador-Memphis, TN newspaper.

1870-0727-James R. Hubble-Senator-Warren, Ohio newspaper.

1871-0104-Young Hubbles Elope; probably living in OH-Richmond, VA newspaper.

1885-0925-Thomas Hubbell-ME11716-not dead after all-Monclova township, OH-KY newspaper.

1896-0522-Rev James W. Hubble of Mansfield, OH-died of blood poisoning-Lincoln co, KY newspaper.

1913-0805-H. C. Hubble-real estate promoter in Loveland in financial trouble-Mt Vernon, Ohio newspaper.


1883-0327 Charles Hubble-Cheyenne Indian living in OK-Oklahoma newspaper.

1896-1210-Richard Hubble-Cherokee Indian-son denied citizenship-Vinita Indian Ter. newspaper.

1908-0212-son of Mrs R. W. Hubble of Maud, OK strangles to death-Guthrie, OK newspaper.

1914-0904-Richard Hubble-deserted his family-possibly a365c-Tulsa, OK newspaper.

1920-0601-A. B. Hubble of Broken Arrow-local manager ice plant-Tulsa, OK newspaper.

1921-0918-Jesse Hubble-possibly dau of a365c-writes a song-Ardmore, OK newspaper.

1921-1003-Thrace Hubble-ME8465g-dau of O.T. Hubble marries G. Pardee-Tulsa, OK newspaper.

1921-1218-John Astor Hubble-7 year old boy writes letter to Santa-Ardmore, OK newspaper.

1922-0108-Floyd Hubble-ME8465h-of Augusta, KS-son of Oscar T.-visiting family-Stroud, OK newspaper.

1922-0309-O. Y. Hubble of Stroud, OK elected president of Commercial club-Tulsa, OK newspaper.

South Dakota

1922-0908-Theron Hubble of Murdo, SD-ARa294e-part of posse that captured killers-Bismark, ND newspaper.


1862-0304-W.E. Hubble-Memphis mounted confederate troops-Memphis, TN newspaper.

1868-0727-J. Hubble Field-US Attorney for TN-Memphis, TN newspaper.

1907-0425-Albert Hubble of Knoxville, TN kills himself-Berea, KY newspaper.


1869-0309-Judge (Jarvis?) Hubble killed by Indians in TX-New Orleans newspaper.

1888-1216- John Hubble of Denton co charged with Bigamy-Ft Worth, TX newspaper.

1901-1023-Hubble and Green Co of Dallas to build at Trinity Univ-Houston, TX newspaper.


1903-0213-0422 and 0428-Steve Hubble-black-arrested for a crime against nature-Salt Lake City, UT newspaper.

1907-0627-George Hubble-vagrant addicted to morphine-Salt Lake City, UT newspaper.

1910-1114-William Hubble age 84 in 1901 dead at Tintic-Salt Lake City, UT newspaper.


1895-0926-Miss Kate A. Hubbell-ME1522-grandfather was Aaron Hubbell-Bennington, VT newspaper.


1863-0828-Wm J. C. Hubble-ME5442-died at Gettysburg-Civil War-Abingdon, VA newspaper.

1863-0925-Hubbles Gap in Smyth co, VA-Abington, VA newspaper.

1864-0122-R. H. Hubble-marriage at his home-Abingdon, VA newspaper.

1875-0224-Miss Anna Hubble of Smyth co. VA-drowned in the Holston River-Knoxville, TN newspaper.

1902-0328-Frank B. Hubble VP of electric railway company-Alexandria, VA newspaper.

1902-0920-Child kidnapped by Gypsies in VA-Richmond, VA newspaper.

1905-0302-William Hubble alias Davis convicted of stealing a horse-Tazwell, VA newspaper.

1918-1116-Garland Hubble of Chatham Hill, VA-casualty of WWI-Washington DC newspaper.

1919-0205-Harmon B. Hubble of Chatham Hill, VA-wounded in WWI-NYC newspaper.

Washington DC

1862-1009-Police Matters-John Hubble turned over to the Military-Washington, DC newspaper.

1863-0710-Jos. Hubble-Co. C, 39th Mass. killed in civil war-Washington, DC newspaper.

1904-1127-Frankilin Hubble Mackey-ME[1316]-Washington lawyer-obit-Washington DC newspaper.

West Virginia

1854-0131-Seiah? R. Hubble of NY-Assistant Postmaster General-Wheeling, WV newspaper.

1856-1205-Hubble and Sons-bankrupt-Wheeling, WVA-from NY Tribune newspaper.

Unplaced Individuals

1881-1103-Silas P. Hubble consul at St Johns, Quebec-Austin, TX newspaper.

1882-0520-J. B. Hubble-unclaimed Letter at post office-Cairo, IL newspaper.

1894-1206-L. H. Hubble-Asst Adj General 2nd division 23rd corps-civil war-Washington, DC newspaper.

1897-0228-Rev. Mr Hubble-120th anniversary of the battle of Spanktown NJ-Kansas City, MO newspaper.

1897-0518-Capt J. C. Hubble battery operated appliances-a new company-Scranton, PA newspaper.

1897-0723-Morton and Hubble traveling photographers in Crab Orchard, KY-Mt Vernon, KY newspaper.

1900-0928-J. P. Hubble gives an insurance lecture in Chicago-Phoenix, AZ newspaper.

1900-1212-Major Henry W. Hubble-fourth US Artillery attending dedication-Washington, DC newspaper.

1901-0327-Jay Hubble and the passage of the Civil Service Act-Washington, DC newspaper.

1901-1026-C. H. Hubble superintendent of RR lines west of Missouri R-Omaha, Neb newspaper.

1901-1027-G. G. Hubbell-book on psychic phenomena and its ban from library-Lexington, KY newspaper.

1902-0222-John M. Hubbell starting a new Cereal Company-Seattle, WA newspaper.

1904-0418-Rev. Dr. William S. Hubbell calls Sundays cesspools-NYC newspaper.

1905-0611-Raymond Hubble gets an idea-Salt Lake City, UT newspaper.

1906-0726-Frank Hubble displays civil war gear carried in civil war-Washington, DC newspaper.

1909-0628-Mrs Hubble-supreme officer of the Royal Neighbors of America-Salt Lake City, UT newspaper.

1909-1112-F. D. Hubble general agent of a steamship company-Stanford, KY newspaper.

1915-0415-Mme Hollinshead Hubble will sing solos at musical-Seattle, WA newspaper.

1916-0622-J. C. Hubble-witness-Mexican war-Honolulu, HI newspaper.

1917-0322-C. J. Hubble of the International film service-Honolulu, HI newspaper.

1917-0414-Corporal Walter E. Hubble army recruiter-Covington, LA newspaper.

1918-0306-C. Joseph Hubble filming World War I battles-Washington, DC newspaper.

1922-0408-Rev Hubble of Chicago advocates dancing in churches-St Joseph, MO newspaper.

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