Summary of Hubballs by County

Hubball, Hubbold, Hubbalds of England

The database presented below is the result of a search of over 280 early English books and documents in which a reference is made to a Hubball (1).  This search uncovered two areas where the Hubball name was concentrated; the midland counties of Staffordshire, Shropshire and Worcestershire and the counties of and surrounding London.  The map of England on the left has the 3 midland counties outlined with a dark line.

Each entry in the database lists a date and a location associated with the reference, a brief statement about the subject matter,  the citation in which the reference was located and where the cited document can be located.  Each citation has been assigned a number.

To help the researcher, the Hubball reference in the cited document has been saved as a pdf and can be viewed.  These documents have been organized into bundles to economize space.  For example, to view document 4, click on Bundle A which contains documents 1 through 20.

(1) The spelling “Hubball” represents all of the spelling variations that have been encountered in this search.  Some of the more common variations of the spelling are: Hubbold, Hubbald, Hubbould and Hubble.  In early England, the spelling “Hubbell” is rare.


Click the image on the left to view the database





List of all books and documents searched for this study:

Links to cited documents listed in the database are below:

Bundle A: Documents 1-20;                   Bundle B: Documents 21-40;                Bundle C: Documents 41-50

Bundle D: Documents 51-60;                 Bundle E: Documents 61-75;                Bundle F: Documents 76-90

Bundle G: Documents 91-100;               Bundle H: Documents 101-110;            Bundle I: Documents 111-120

Bundle J: Documents 121-160;              Bundle K: Documents 161-180;            Bundle L: Documents 181-230

Bundle M: Documents 231-250;            Bundle N: Documents 251-276




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