Duplicate Books

The Hubbell Museum and Library has extra books that are related to Hubbells and we would like to sell them.  Most of these books are out of print and hard find.  If you are interested in buying any of these books, please send an email to hubbellcenter@gmail.com with your name, address and which book(s) you would like to purchase.  We will confirm that the book is still available and once a check is sent, we will mail you the book.

Bezzi, Tom. Hubble Time, a novel. 1987, 255 pp.   $15.00

Blue, Martha. Indian Trader; the life and times of J.L. Hubbell. Kiva Publishing, 2000, 356 pp. On Juan Lorenzo Hubbell.   $45.00

Christianson, Gale E. Edwin Hubble; Mariner of the Nebulae. University of Chicago Press, 1995. 420 pp.   $25.00

Gibson, Marjorie Hubbell. H.M.S. Ssomerset 1746-1778. The Life and Times of an Eighteenth Century British Man-O-War and Her Impact on North America, 1992, 252 pp. $32.95

Goettsch, Scherrie & Steve Weinberg. Terrace Hill: the Story of a House and the People Who Touched It. 1978, 120 pp.   $10.00

Green, Mattie Hubble. John Edgar Hubble, M.D.; a rare physician and surgeon. 1979, 61 pp. $10.00

Horseman, Elaine. Hubble’s Bubble. Norton, 1964, 220 pp. (Juvenile fiction)   $50.00

Hubbell, Beth. Luxury Travel; for the Unrich and Unfamous. 1992, 134 pp.   $5.00

Hubbell, Harriet Weed. The Captain’s Secret. E.M. Hale & Comp., 1955, 192 pp. (Juvenile fiction)   $5.00

Hubble, Mrs. Henry H. The New Complete Saint Bernard. By Milo Denlinger, Professor Albert Heim, Mrs. Henry H. Hubble, Gerda Umlauff and Joe Stetson. Howell Book House, 1970. 128 pp.   $5.00

Hubbell, Jay B. The Enjoyment of Literature. Macmillan, 1929. 289 pp.   $20.00

Hubbell, Jay B. An Introduction to Drama. Macmillan, 1932. 849 pp.   $5.00

Hubbell, Jay B. & John O. Beaty. An Introduction to Poetry. 1932, 524 pp.   $10.00

Hubbell, Jay B. Southern Life in Fiction. Eugenia Dorothy Blount Lamar Memorial Lectures,1959. University of Georgia Press, 1960, 99 pp.   $25.00

Hubbell, Lindley Williams. Double Triptych. Kobe: The Ikuta Press, 1974. 146 pp.   $50.00

Hubbell, Sue. Broadsides from the Other Orders; a book of bugs. Random House, 1993, 276 pp.   $5.00

Hubbell, Sue. A Country Year; living the questions. 1986, 221 pp.   $15.00

Hubbell, Sue. Far-Flung Hubbell. Random House, 1995, 187 pp. Essays.   $5.00

Hubbell, Walter. History of the Hubbell Family. reprint, 1880, 463 pp. $30.00 

Hubbell, Webb. Friends in High Places. Morrow, 1997, 342 pp.   $15.00

Hubbell, William (B.) Connecticut, photography by William Hubbell. Text by Roger Eddy. Graphic Arts Center Pub. Company, 1989, 160 pp. $10.00

Knapp, Lewis G. Stratford and the Sea, 2002, 288 pp. $26.99

Poulter, Douglas W. A Sojourn; The Hubbles of the United Kingdom & Other Commonwealth Countries. Palm City, FL, 2006. $45.00

Rigan, Otto B. James Hubbell’s Palace Doors of Abu Dhabi. 1982, 119 pp.   $20.00

Sharov, Alexander S. & Igor D. Novikov. Edwin Hubble, the Discoverer of the Big Bang Universe. 1993, 187 pp.   $50.00

The Nehemiah Hubble Family Heritage Association. The Descendants of Nehemiah Hubble and Lucretia Welton. 1997, 1010 pp. $30.00

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