Rock and Ribbesford Parish Records

Ribbesford Parish Baptisms-Raw data file A

Ribbesford Parish Marriages-Raw data file B

Ribbesford Parish Burials-Raw data file C

Rock Parish Baptisms-Raw data file D

Rock Parish Marriages-Raw data file E

Rock Parish Burials-Raw data file F


Baptisms versus Burials:
Comparison of Rock and Ribbesford Parishes


Rock and Ribbesford Baptisms-Hubbolds only

Rock and Ribbesford Marriages-Hubbolds only

Rock and Ribbesford Burials-Hubbolds only


All Hubbolds organized by First name


All Richard Hubbolds-Table A in 2014 Annual

Richard’s Flow Chart:
All Richard Hubbold (self, marriages, sons, daughters, siblings) listings in Rock and Ribbesford Parish Records.  Refer to 2014 Annual for discussion

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