Hubbell Museum & Library Information

The Hubbell Museum & Library (HM&L)
500 SW 7th St., Suite 307
Des Moines, IA 50309
Hours: By appointment only

Situated in downtown Des Moines, the Hubbell Museum & Library (formally Hubbell Center) is a library and museum dedicated to the collection and preservation of items relating to the HUBBELL, HUBBLE, HUBBALL, HUBBEL, HUBEL and HUBLE families of the United States, and their ancestors from Great Britain and other countries.

The HML also serves as the focal point for The Hubbell Society Museum and Library, (HSML), which is associated with the HML, and provides structure, financial support, and directors to the board. Hubbell Museum & Library is a tax exempt not-for-profit corporation under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.


 2010-2015 OFFICERS:
President: James Windsor Hubbell, III
Vice President: Harvey Hubbell V
Secretary: Peter O. Hansen, M.D.
Treasurer: Michael Hubbell

*William B. Friedricks
*G. Thomas Sullivan
Librarian/Curator: *Patricia Dawson
Social Media Director: Hannah Herzog
Genealogy: Hilbert Hubble

*non – THFHS members
Each director serves for a two year term but may be reappointed. Directors are named by the Board of Directors of HSML. Those indicated by an *asterisk are not HUBBELL descendants (as required by the IRS ). All, however, have an interest in the THFHS, and the HUBBELL MUSEUM & LIBRARY.

The Historian of HML was former Director, HAROLD B. HUBBELL, whose years of HUBBELL family research are summarized in The History & Genealogy of the Hubbell Family, and whose field notes are a major holding in HML’s HUBBELL research material and library.

PATRICIA DAWSON serves as the Librarian and Curator of HML, and is available to assist all HFHS members and other interested persons. Pat catalogs and maintains all books, research materials and memorabilia in the HML, and acts as a liaison between HML, THFHS, and other resource facilities.

The mission of HML is to preserve, protect and display the history and artifacts of the descendants of Richard Hubball through sustaining a museum, library, and archive; making them accessible to the family and others worldwide.

Additional information can be found in the periodical booklets published by the HSML.

RESEARCH Facilities:
The HML is available for HUBBELL family research purposes, in person or by e-mail, and is open to the general public by appointment.  Visitors may  make  arrangements to visit the HML by contacting Pat Dawson at the Hubbell Museum & Library by e-mail (  Pat is also available to assist with research, and will make copies of appropriate materials, where found.

VISITING The Museum & Library:
To make arrangements to visit the HUBBELL MUSEUM & LIBRARY, contact Pat Dawson, and she will assist you with your hotel and transportation plans. You may wish to visit other sights in the Des Moines area, including the ancestral home of Frederick  M. HUBBELL, Terrace Hill, which is now the Iowa governor’s mansion.

The HML also holds many artifacts and pieces of memorabilia relating to many of the HUBBELLs, in whatever way the surname may have been spelled. Those relating to EDWIN POWELL HUBBLE, astronomer, and CARL OWEN HUBBELL, professional baseball player, are just two examples. Photographs of many of these HUBBELL related items, contributed by members of the THFHS, can be seen in the Hubbell Museum & Library Gallery.

The present suite housing the HML has been made available, through the generous contribution of HFHS members, JAMES W. HUBBELL, Jr., JAMES W. HUBBELL III, and the Hubbell Realty Co., of Des Moines, IA. The contribution of HUBBELL artifacts, or a cash donation, is encouraged and deductible to the extent of the current tax regulations.

The HML’s research Library contains several different categories of reference books and research materials. The major categories are shown below.

Two endowment funds have been set up for HML through the Greater Des Moines Community Foundation, to hold bequests and contributions supporting HML.  One of the funds is an Iowa Endowment fund, offering tax credits to Iowans who contribute; the other is an unrestricted fund for anyone to contribute to.  If you would like more information or to make a contribution to these funds, contact the HML.

Hubbell Shelf

Contents of Hubbell Shelf, Hubbell Museum & Library

The following are books, magazines, pamphlets, and other types of material which are on the “Hubbell Shelf” at the Hubbell Museum & Library.  They are grouped here as:  “Materials authored by Hubbells/Hubbles” and “Materials about Hubbells/Hubbles.” It should be noted that some of these materials are fiction and are so described.

Materials authored by Hubbells/Hubbles

American Cowboy (magazine) August, 1995, featuring photos by Dan Hubbell

Billings, Julia.  An Intimate Review; the Billings Family of Bridgeport, Connecticut by Mrs. Wilber Brooks Smith (Julia Billings), 1933.

Frye, Barbara L.  My Branch of the Hubbell Family.  Compiled by Barbara L. Frye, daughter of Richard Hubbell Frye.  Pontiac, MI, 2003. Softbound, unpaged.

Gibson, Marjorie Hubbell.  H.M.S. Somerset, 1746-1778. 1992, 252 pp.

Green, Mattie Hubble.  John Edgar Hubble, M.D.; a rare physician and surgeon.  1979, 61 pp.

Hanson, Rosella Hubbell.  Memoirs & Family History of Rosella Hubbell Hansen, Vol. I: Ancestry of Roy & Rosella Hansen, Vol II: Trebes, Schmidt, Hubbell, Pettyjohn, Waugh, Hansen, Poulsen., 2001.

Hayden, Sarah Hubbell.  The Journal of Sarah Hubbell Hayden; a day by day account of life in Ohio’s Western Reserve.  Written in Chagrin Falls, 1850-1856.  1990, 87 pp.

Hubbell-Plummer, Beatrice.  Little Homespun Songs.  Frederick A. Stokes, 1920.  104 pp.

Hubbell, Beth.  Luxury Travel; for the Unrich and Unfamous.  1992, 134 pp.

Hubbell, Catherine.  Cosmopolitan (magazine) 9/1944.  Page 64-5, short story by unplaced Catherine Hubbell.

Hubbell, Catherine.  The Glittering Shores.  Norton, 1951, 287 pp., Fiction.

Hubbell, Charles Bulkley.  Addresses and Verses., Brookside Farm, 1933, 61 pp.

Hubbell, Charles H.  Famous Planes and Pilots.  Saalfield Publishing Company, 1939, unpaged.Hubbell, Charles H.  Record Breakers of the Air.  Drawings and text of airplanes by Charles H. Hubbell (#7349), 1939.

Hubbell, Donald S.  The Legacy of Hubba the Dane. 1977, 214 pp.

Hubbell, Donald S., Jr.  Bennett’s Bayou, Bennett’s River, 1830-1900.  1981, 151 pp.

Hubbell, Donald Sidney.  Hubbell Pioneers.  1989, 432 pp.

Hubbell, Ed.  Ed Hubbell’s Verde Cattle and Guest Ranch.  Paulden, AZ. Promotional pamphlet, probably Edward Springer Hubbell.

(Hubbell, Fred).  The Tatler Annual, ’08, West Des Moines High School.

Hubbell, George Shelton.  Writing Term Papers and Reports.  Barnes and Noble, 1962.  164 pp.

Hubbell, Harold Berresford Jr. & Roscoe Leroy Hubble.  Additions and Revisions to History & Genealogy of the Hubbell Family: Hubell, Huble, Hubbel, Hubel, Huble. 1995, 1158 pp.

Hubbell, Harold Berresford, Jr. & Donald Sidney Hubbell.   History and Genealogy of the Hubbell Family, 3rd ed., 1980, 1986 reprint, 963 pp.

Hubbell, Harriet Weed.  Cannons over Niagra.  Westminster Press, 1954.  192 pp.  (Fiction)

Hubbell, Harriet Weed.  The Captain’s Secret. E.M. Hale & Comp.,  1955, 192 pp.  (Juvenile fiction)

Hubbell, Harriet Weed.  The Friendship Tree. Thomas Nelson & Sons, 1962, 217 pp.  (Juvenile fiction)

Hubbell, Harriet Weed.  Moonpenny Lane.  Thomas Nelson, 1961, 184 pp.  (Juvenile fiction)

Hubbell, Harriet Weed.  Surprise Summer.  Westminster Press, 1958, 175 pp.  (Juvenile fiction)

Hubbell, Harriet Weed.  Treasures of the Shore; a beachcomber’s botany.  Illustrations and botanical facts by Marcia Gaylord Norman, story by Harriet Weed Hubbell.  The Chatham Conservation Foundation, Inc., 1963, 135 pp.

Hubbell, Harrison Turner.  Talks by Harrison Turner Hubbell at Men’s Book Club of Bedford, Ohio. Transcribed by Clifton Howells Hubbell.  2000, 343 pp.

Hubbell, Harvey.  Ancestory, Harvey Hubbell History, 1797-1827., 2002?

Hubbell, Henry Salem.  Exhibition catalogs: 1. “American Portraits,”  Art and Culture Center of Hollywood, 1978.  2. “Henry Salem Hubbell, 1870-1949,”  Hollywood and St. Petersburg, 1984.  3. “Henry Salem Hubbell, a retrospective,”  Lowe Art Museum, 1975.  4. “Catalogue of an Exhibition of Paintings by Henry Salem Hubbell,”  Springfield Art Association, 1927.

Hubbell, Henry Wilson II.  Genealogy of the Hubbell, Sprague, Worth and Stafford Families. Handwritten, no date.

Hubbell, Herbert Porter.  “Darwinism” (1876) and “Liberalism & The Evolution Philosophy” (1878) Two hand-written lectures in binders.  Winona, MN.

Hubbell, James Windsor.  The Tattler, West High School, Des Moines.  June, 1923.

Hubbell, Jay B.  American Life in Literature.  Vol. I and II. Harper & Brothers, 1936, 1949,  957 and 981 pp.

Hubbell, Jay B.  The Enjoyment of Literature. Macmillan, 1929.  289 pp.

Hubbell, Jay B.  An Introduction to Drama. Macmillan, 1932.  849 pp.

Hubbell, Jay B. & John O. Beaty.  An Introduction to Poetry. 1932, 524 pp.

Hubbell, Jay B.  Southern Life in Fiction. Eugenia Dorothy Blount Lamar Memorial Lectures,1959.  University of Georgia Press, 1960, 99 pp.

Hubbell, Jay B.  Tales and The Raven and Other Poems, by Edgar Allan Poe.  Introduction by Jay B. Hubbell.  1969, 91 pp.

Hubbell, John G.  “He Wanted to Be a Pilot,” Reader’s Digest, January, 1990, p. 104-112.

Hubbell, John G.  experie P.O.W.; a definitive history of the American prisoner-of-war experience. Reader’s Digest Press, 1976.  633 pp.

Hubbell, John G.  “Stickum Up, Love!”  Reader’s Digest, October, 1989, p. 123-125.

Hubbell, John G.  Strike in the West; the complete story of the Cuban crisis, by James Daniel and John G. Hubbell.  Holt, Rinehart and Winston, 1963, 180 pp.

Hubbell, Lindley Williams.  Anthology, 72-86 and 90/91.  14 softbound volumes.  Kobe: The Ikuta Press, 1972-1991.

Hubbell, Lindley Williams.  Autobiography.  Kobe: The Ikuta Press, 1971.  29 pp.

Hubbell, Lindley Williams.  Autumn Stone in the Woods; a tribute to Lindley Williams Hubbell.  Edited by David Burleigh and Hiroaki Sato.  P.S., A Press, 1997.  120 pp.

Hubbell, Lindley Williams.  Climbing to Monfumo.  Kobe: the Ikuta Press, 1977.  45 pp.

Hubbell, Lindley Williams.  Czerny.  Kobe: The Ikuta Press, 1981.  10 pp.

Hubbell, Lindley Williams.  Double Triptych. Kobe: The Ikuta Press, 1974.  146 pp.

Hubbell, Lindley Williams.  The English Lyric in the Seventeenth Century. Kobe: The Ikuta Press, 1981.  47 pp.

Hubbell, Lindley Williams.  A Geography of the United States; poems.  P.S. A Press, 1999.  52 pp.

Hubbell, Lindley Williams.  Oedipus at Colonus (by) Sophocles.  English Version by Lindley Williams Hubbell.  Kobe: The Ikuta Press, 1978.  67 pp.

Hubbell, Lindley Williams.  Miscellaneous clippings, photos and publications.

Hubbell, Lindley Williams.  A Note on The Shakespeare Apocrypha.  Kobe: The Ikuta Press, 3rd ed., 1974, 19 pp; 4th ed., 1977, 20 pp.

Hubbell, Lindley Williams.  Pasiphae. Kobe: The Ikuta Press, 1976.  24 pp.

Hubbell, Lindley Williams.  A Second Miscellany.  Kobe: The Ikuta Press, 1975.  128 pp.

Hubbell, Lindley Williams.  The Suppliants (by) Aeschylus.  English Version by Lindley Williams Hubbell.  Kobe: the Ikuta Press, 1986.  26 pp.

Hubbell, Lindley Williams.  The Ten Avatars of Vishnu. Kobe: The Ikuta Press, 1978.  28 pp.

Hubbell, Lindley Williams.  Translations. Kobe: The Ikuta Press, 1983. unpaged.

Hubbell, Lindley Williams.  Travel Diary, 1953-1954. Kyoto: The Iris Press, 2002.  31 pp.

Hubbell, Lindley Williams.  Trilogy. Kobe: The Ikuta Press, 1977.  29 pp.

Hubbell, Lindley Williams.  Winter-Burning. Knopf, 1938, 64 pp.  Poetry.

Hubbell, Lindley Williams.  The Works of Lindley Williams Hubbell.  Kyoto: The Iris Press, 2002.

Hubbell, Lindley Williams.  The Works of Lindley Williams Hubbell, Poems and Essays, the second edition.  2 volumes, boxed set.  Kyoto: The Iris Press, 2004.  Also in compact disk format.

Hubbell, Martha E.  The Memorial: or The Life and Writings of an Only Daughter, by her mother.  Jewett, 1857.  384 pp.  On Mary E. Hubbell.

Hubbell, Martha Stone.  The Shady Side or Life in a Country Parsonage by A Pastor’s Wife.  Boston: Jewett, 1854.  348 pp.

Hubbell, Mary Ann (Walker) & Marjorie F. (Hubbell) Gibson with Carol Hubbell Boggs, Bertie Herman and Barbara Kruse.  Hubbell By Choice; The Ancestry of Some Early Connecticut Women.  Hubbell Family Historical Society, 2008. 369 pp.

Hubbell, Ned.  The Adventures of Creighton Holmes.  Popular Library, 1979, 286 pp.  Fiction.

Hubbell, Patricia.  The Apple Vendor’s Fair.  Atheneum, 1963.  53 pp.

Hubbell, Patricia.  Catch Me a Wind.  Atheneum, 1968.  52 pp.  Poetry.

Hubbell, Patricia.  8 A.M. Shadows.  Atheneum, 1965.  53 pp.

Hubbell, Patricia.  A Green Grass Gallop, poems for children.  1990.

Hubbell, Patricia.  The Tiger Brought Pink Lemonade, poems.  Atheneum, 1988.  32 pp.

Hubbell, Paul.  Grant Street Verse.  Pamphlets, 8 issues.

Hubbell, Paul E.  Hubbell, an Anglo-American Heritage; the antecedents and descendants of Luther S. Hubbell.  1971.  228 pp.

Hubbell, Ralph Gideon.  Come Walk with Me.  Prentice-Hall, 1975, 150 pp.On jacket:  Forty years with the Hub of Buffalo sports.

Hubbell, Ralph Gideon.  Three Strikes, You’re In.  Partners’ Press, 1988.  80 pp.  New York baseball reporter.

Hubbell, Raynor.  Collect Some Confederate Stamps Before 1961.  Griffin, GA: 1957.

Hubbell, Raynor.  Confederate Stamps Wanted. Griffin, GA: 1950.

Hubbell, Raynor.  Confederate Stamps, Old Letters and History.  Griffin, GA, no date.

Hubbell, Richard W.  4000 Years of Television; the story of seeing at a distance. Putnam’s Sons, 1942, 256 pp.

Hubbell, Rose Strong.  “It Happened to Us; Memoirs of an Artist’s Wife” (typescript).  “Quacky Doodles and Danny Daddles Book”;  “If I Could Fly” 1917; “Days of Make-Believe”, 1935.  Wife of artist Henry Salem Hubbell.

Hubbell, Ruth.  Foster Care and Families; conflicting values and policies. Temple University Press, 1981, 196 pp.

Hubbell, Sarah Sprague.  Memories, 1865-1933.  Type-written, unpaged.

Hubbell, Stephen.  A Twelve Years’ Ministry.  Hartford: E. Hunt & Son, 1853.

Hubbell, Sue.  A Book of Bees. 1988. 193 pp.

Hubbell, Sue.  Broadsides from the Other Orders; a book of bugs. Random House, 1993, 276 pp.

Hubbell, Sue.  A Country Year; living the questions. 1986, 221 pp.

Hubbell, Sue.  Far-Flung Hubbell. Random House, 1995, 187 pp.  Essays.

Hubbell, Sue.  Waiting for Aphrodite. Houghton Mifflin, 1999, 242 pp.  Essays on natural history.

Hubbell, Theodore Huntington.  A Monographic Revision of the Genus Ceuthophilus. University of Florida, 1936, 551 pp.

Hubbell, Walter.  The Great Amherst Mystery.  Brentano’s, 1916.  Reprint ed.  1992, 221 pp.

Hubbell, Walter.  The Haunted House; a true ghost story. Doylestown, PA: Wildside press, n. d.  From the edition published in 1879.  96 p.

Hubbell, Walter.  History of the Hubbell Family.  1st edition, 1881, reprint, no date, 463 pp.

Hubbell, Walter.  History of the Hubbell Family. 2nd ed, 1915, fac. reprint, 1990, 406 pp.

Hubbell, Webb.  Friends in High Places. Morrow, 1997, 342 pp.

Hubbell, Will.  Apples Here. Albert Whitman & Co., 2002.  Juvenile picture book.

Hubbell, Will.  Pumpkin Jack. Albert Whitman & Co., 2000.  Juvenile picture book.

Hubbell, Will.  Snow Day Dance. (Picture book)Morton Grove, IL: Albert Whitman, 2005, unpaged.

Hubbell, Willard.  Bedales School Roll, 1929.

Hubbell, William (B.)  Connecticut. (Calendars), 1993, 1999-2000, 2001.

Hubbell, William (B.)  Connecticut, photography by William Hubbell.  Text by Roger Eddy.  Graphic Arts Center Pub. Company, 1989, 160 pp.  2 cop.

Hubbell, William (B.)  New England Coast.  1992, 95 pp.

Hubbell, William Harrison.  Cretaceous Sea; a novel of time travel.  Ace Books, 2002.  341 pp.

H.L. Hubbell Mfg. Co., Zeeland, MI.  Catalog.  Undated, household furnishings.

Harvey Hubbell Incorporated Annual Report: 1976

Hubbell Family Historical Society.  Annual. Various years.

Hubbell Family Historical Society.  Family Notes, the authorized newsletter of The Hubbell Family Historical Society.  Various issues.

Hubbell Incorporated.   Annual Report: 1991, 1992, 1993; Hubbell Electrical Specialties, 1914, 1921, 1937; Hubbell Lighting Buyer’s Guide, 1999; Hubbell Wiring Devices, 1962; Rugged Wiring Devices, 1958, 1961.

Hubbell Incorporated Centennial booklet, 1988

Hubbell Mechanical Supply Comp., Springfield, MO, Catalog #101

Hubbell Supply Co., Springfield, MO.  Calendars, 1996-2004. various issues.

Hubbell Network News, a newsletter delivered over the Internet.  Various issues.

Hubbell Publishing Company.  Rubaiyat of Omar Kyayyam, Fitzgerald translation.

Hubbell Realty Company, West Des Moines, IA.  Various publications.

Hubbell’s Legal Directory, 1893, 1918.

Hubble, Ava.  The Sydney Opera House; more than meets the eye.  Weldon, 1983, 48 pp.

Hubble, Harriss.  Thy Kingdom Come.  Arranged and conducted by Harriss Hubble for the National Council of Churches with narrations by Ray Middleton.  Phonograph record.  No date.

Hubble, Mrs. Henry H. The New Complete Saint Bernard. By Milo Denlinger, Professor Albert Heim, Mrs. Henry H. Hubble, Gerda Umlauff and Joe Stetson.  Howell Book House, 1970.  128 pp.

Hubble, Hilbert.  A Military History of the Hubbell Family in North America. The Hubbell Family Historical Society, 2001.  619 pp.

Hubble, Jasmine.  Sew and Go Baby; a collection of practical baby gear projects.  Krause Publications, 1998, 92+ pp.

Hubble, Jasmine.  Sew & Go: Easy Convertible Projects for the Active Lifestyle. Chilton Book Comp., 1996.  104 pp.

Hubble, Jasmine.  Stuff-lique; 3-dimensional appliqué. Birch Street Clothing, 1997, 96 pp.

Hubble, Mark A.  Psychotherapy with “Impossible” Cases; the efficient treatment of therapy veterans, by Barry L. Duncan, Mark A. Hubble, and Scott D. Miller.  Norton, 1997, 222 pp.

Hubble, Rosemary A.  Conversation on the Dung Heap; reflections on Job. Liturgical Press, 1998.  100 pp.

Hubel, David H.  Eye, Brain, and Vision. Scientific American Library, 1988.  240 pp.

Hubel, Reinhard G.  The Book of Carpets. Praeger, 1964.  348 pp.

Hubel, Teresa.  Whose India? The Independence Struggle in British and Indian Fiction and History. Duke University Press, 1996.  234 pp.

Kepford, Myrna.  Souvenir book, reunions, correspondence, etc., color photographs of Hubbell Family Historical Society members.

Kruse, Barbara C.  The Hubbell Family; the First 100 Years.

Kruse, Barbara.  Souvenir book of Kingston meeting, 1989, color photographs of Hubbell Family Historical Society members.

Kull, Frederick J.  The Life of Charles Brewster Hubbell, Typescript, 2006.

Maiden, Anne Hubbell.  through earl The Tibetan Art of Parenting; from before conception through early childhood.  Anne Hubbell Maiden and Edie Farwell.  Wisdom Publications, 1997.  185 pp.

Martindale-Hubbell Law Directory.  1939 ed: 2 vols.; 1998 edition: 26 vols.; International Law Digest, 1993 and 2001.

Munk, Barbara.  Your Good Hat. (poems)  Caitlin Press, 1994, 130 pp.

Nelson, Matthew A.  A Cool Space Day. Typescript with color pictures, 2005, 20 p.

Nelson, Matthew A.  Float Plane Trip to the Arctic Circle in August, 2005. Typescript with color pictures, 61 p.

Nelson, Matthew A. (#5829, 4247) Flying the Antonov An-2 in Alaska, 2003.  Typescript, unpaged. Flying the An-2 in Guatemala & El Salvador, 2005 and throwing in Alaska & the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race Just for Fun., typescript with color pictures, 41 p., Flying the An-2 from La Porte, Texas to Phoenix, Arizona, March 2006, typescript with color pictures, 17 p.

Nelson, Matthew A.  Granddaughters, the Stinson Voyager, and Space Launches. Typescript with color pictures, 2006, 82 p.

Nelson, Matthew A. Launch of SpaceShipOne, 9/29/2004. Typescript with color pictures, 7 p.

Nelson, Matthew A.  My Life Around Airplanes. Typescript with pictures, 2003.  78+ pp.

Nelson, Matthew A.  A Trip to New Mexico with The Explorers Club, The Building 44 Tragedy, and the Mercury 7 Astronauts. Typescript with color pictures, 2007, 33 p.

Pitcairn, Susan Hubble.  Dr. Pitcairn’s Complete Guide to Natural Health for Dogs and Cats. Rodale Press, 1982.  292 pp.

Robinson, Hubbell.  Television Quarterly (magazine), “Television’s Purpose.” Article in Fall, 1999.

Welsman, Catherine Hubbell & Betty Wilson Hubbell.  Family Fare; the Hubbell Family Historical Society Cookbook, 1989.  255 pp.

Materials about Hubbells/Hubbles

American Art Review. (magazine)  10/1998.  25th anniversary issue has lengthy article on Henry Salem Hubbell; his painting “Rosemary at Six” is reproduced on the cover.

Also in Summer 1992 of AAR and 10/1988 of Antiques (magazine)

Andrews, L. F.  Pioneers of Polk County, Iowa. Des Moines: Baker-Trisler Company, 1908.  2 volumes, Vol. II, p. 247-253, Frederick M. Hubbell.

Arizona Highways (magazine),  various issues relating to the Hubbell Trading Post National Historic Site, Ganado, AZ   9/1967, 7/ 1971, 11/1988, 3/75, 8/58.

Arkansas 1967. Football team schedule, photo and brief biography of Webster Lee Hubbell.

Arkansas.  University.  Razorback, 1967.  (Yearbook)  Photo of Webster L. Hubbell.

Bezzi, Tom.  Hubble Time, a novel.  1987, 255 pp.

Bible. Family Bible of Benjamin Hubbell, 1786, and others.

Blue, Martha.  Indian Trader; the life and times of J.L. Hubbell. Kiva Publishing, 2000, 356 pp.  On Juan Lorenzo Hubbell.

Branson, Oscar T.  Turquoise; the Gem of the Centuries. 1975, 62 pp.

Brugge, David M.  Hubbell Trading Post; National Historic Site. 1993, 80 pp.

Burleigh, David & Hiroaki Sato, eds.  Autumn Stone in the Woods; a tribute to Lindley Williams Hubbell. P.S., a Press, 1997.  120 pp.

Chiasson, Eric J.  The Hubble Wars. HarperCollins, 1994.  386 pp.

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Einstein, Charles.  The Fireside Book of Baseball. 1956, 394 pp.  Includes Carl Hubbell.

Fontana, Bernard L.  “Querido Patron:” Letters from Maynard Dixon to Lorenzo Hubbell.  1987  (pamphlet)

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Gaff, Alan D.  On Many a Bloody Field; four years in the Iron Brigade. Bloomington, Indiana University Press, 1996.  499 p.  (Oliver Hubbell)

Goettsch, Scherrie & Steve Weinberg.  Terrace Hill: the Story of a House and the People Who Touched It. 1978, 120 pp.  Des Moines Hubbell family.

Great People of the 20th Century. Time, 1996.  Includes Edwin P. Hubble.

Hiebert, Garth D.  A Dream Come True!  Memories of  Mantorville. 1978, 49 pp.

Hillerman, Tony.  Seldom Disappointed; a memoir. New York, HarperCollins, 2001.  341 pp.  (David Hubbell)

Historic Trading Posts; Plateau magazine of the Museum of Northern Arizona, 1986, 32 pp.

Holy Bible. Outside back cover has initials H.S. & J.A. Hubbell.  Henry Sheldon Hubbell and Janet A. Chamberlain.

Horseman, Elaine.  The Hubbles and the Robot. London: Chatto & Windus, 1968.  176 pp.  (Fiction)

Horseman, Elaine.  Hubble’s Bubble. Norton, 1964, 220 pp. (Juvenile fiction)

Horseman, Elaine.  The Hubbles’ Treasure Hunt. Norton, 1965.  175 pp., Juvenile fiction.

Huntington, D.  Manual of the Fine Arts. New York: A.S. Barnes, 1875, 476 pp.  Signed by Fred C. Hubbell, Jan. 23, 1882.

Iowa Press Association.  Who’s Who in Iowa. 1940, 1361 pp.  Hubbells, p. 989.

Iowan (magazine)  Winter, 1979.  Article on Terrace Hill, home of Frederick M. Hubbell.

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Jupiter, Del E.  “Matilda Madrid: One Woman’s Tale of Bondage and Freedom,” National Genealogical Society Quarterly, March, 2003, p. 41-59.  Includes Loring Curtis Hubbell (785, 748)  2 copies

KEN, bound copies of that magazine, April-May 1939, item and photo about baseball great, Carl Hubbell.

Kotlowitz, Robert.  Before Their Time; a memoir. New York: Anchor Books, 1997.  195 pp. (Gerald Rutherford Hubbell)

Lee, Cuthbert.  Contemporary American Portrait Painters. 1929, 108 pp., p. 55, Henry Salem Hubbell.

The Life of Tom Mix. 1933, pamphlet published by Ralston as promotional material for their Straight Shooters club.  Mix married Mable Hubble (#9341)

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MacDonald, John D.  A Flash of Green. Paperback novel has character, Kat Hubble.

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Connecticut Shelf

The following are books, magazines, pamphlets, and other types of material, which are on the “Connecticut Shelf” at the Hubbell Museum & Library in Des Moines, IA.  They are listed by author or issuing agency or title if no author is indicated.

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England Shelf – NEW!

Middle Atlantic Shelf

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Midwest Shelf      Revised, 2010

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New England Shelf      Revised, 2010

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New York Shelf

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South and West Shelf – Revised, 2010

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Hubbell Museum & Library Wall Artifacts 2011


East Wall:

Native American “dream catcher” purchased at Hubbell Trading Post. Gift of Carol Hubbell Boggs, 1999.

9” x 12” rectangle, inscription identifying founders of Hubbell Family Historical Society: Harold B. Hubbell, Jr. and Donald Sidney Hubbell, Ph.D. Donor: Jack Jerome Hubbell, 1991.

8” x “10 Crest and family medallion, in appreciation to Jack Jerome Hubbell for organizing the Hubbell Museum & Library, in Des Moines, Iowa. Donor: the Hubbell Family Historical Society/Jack Jerome Hubbell, 1995.

8” x 10” Crest, from HFHS in appreciation to Jack Jerome Hubbell, 1991 Donor: Hubbell Family Historical Society/Jack Jerome Hubbell, 1991.

10” x 16” rectangle with metal scroll thanking Hubbell Family of Des Moines, descendents of Frederick Marion Hubbell, for donating the space for the Hubbell Museum & Library in Des Moines. Donor: HFHS/Jack Jerome Hubbell, 1991.

South Wall:


Row 1

16” x 18” matted photo of participants in first discussion of the Hubbell Museum & Library held in Des Moines, Iowa, 1993.  Participants are James W. Hubbell Jr., Donald C. Hubbell, Clifton H. Hubbell (President of HFHS), Jack J. Hubbell (chairman of Hubbell Museum & Library committee) and Harold B. Hubbell.  Photograph taken on staircase at Terrace Hill, now the Governor’s Mansion for the State of Iowa.  Donor Harold B. Hubbell, 1996

17 x 14 walnut frame around area where metal plaques are mounted: In Recognition of Dedicated Service to the Hubbell Family Historical Society 1995 – 1999

7” x 9” framed color 1983 photograph of front of memorial gravestone of Richard Hubball, Old Stratfield Burial Ground, Bridgeport, Connecticut.   Donated by Jack Jerome Hubbell of Missouri, 1995.

11” x 13” Walnut plaque with picture insert for photograph of current president(s) of HFHS. Multiple small plates listing past presidents and dates of service, 1995.

1981-86 Ernest Hubbell                       1986-87 Roscoe Le Roy Hubbell

1987-91 Robert Lamson Hubbell                  1991-95 Clifton Howell Hubbell

1995 to present Harold George Hubbell

Row 2


12 ¾” x 15 ¾” wood-framed black and white photograph with explanation: “The Hubbell Family Historical Society, First group photograph – taken at the first Biennial Reunion on September 10 1983, in front of the White Hills Baptist Church in Shelton, Connecticut.” Gift of Harold B. Hubbell, November, 1999.

7 ¼ x 5 ¼ framed check to Hubbell Realty for rent for Hubbell Center, August 30, 1993.  Donated or loaned by Jack Jerome Hubbell, 2003.

11 ¾” x 9 ½” framed Hall of Fame certificate from The Hubbell Family Historical Society for Robert Lamson Hubbell, 2003.  Gift of Doanld C. Hubbell, 2003.

14” x 16: walnut plaque with velveteen inset and inscribed gold plate in memory of Beryl K. (Mrs. Glen A.) Hubbell (1929-1994) and her contribution to the HFHS. Plaque also contains a small pewter-colored family medallion showing the globe, sailing ship and Hubble telescope satellite. Prepared by H.R. Hubble and presented by HFHS, 1995

7” x 9” silver framed photograph of tombstone back at above grave of Richard Hubball, born England 1626, died in America 1699.  Gravesite located in Old Stratfield Burial Ground, Bridgeport, Connecticut.  Donated by Jack Jerome Hubbell, Springfield, Missouri, 1995.

10” x 13” plaque, black metal and wood, Hall of Fame Inductee Donald Sidney Hubbell, donated by Donald Sidney Hubbell, Jr., 4/30/2001.


West Wall:

Row 1

17 ¾ by 13 ¾ framed original oil of Church of St. Leonard,Ribbesford, England, painted and donated by Robert L. Hubbell, 1995.

20” x 16” matted watercolor print of “Old Bewdley Bridge on the River Severn” as it was in 1630.  Inscription indicates site as ancestral home of the Hubbells and the Wakemans. Donor: Harvey Hubbell IV, Framed by Jack Jerome Hubbell, 1995.

18” x 24” frame holding photocopy of (2) documents from a 17th century petition describing activities in the county of Wiggern about 1610. Along side is a handwritten description of the contents and significance of the original document which contains a signature of Richard Hubball (a church warden) as item #10. Framed and donated by Harold B. Hubbell, 1997.

Row 2

7” x 9” with metal plate inscribed “ Presented to the Hubbell Family in recognition of 350 years since Richard Hubbell left the parish of Rock for New England.” On back, 5th June 1988. Donor: Friends of Rock Church (Worcestershire), following HFHS tour of England, 1988. Donated at the same time by the Friends was the 9 and ½ inch-high glass goblet, which is kept in a wooden case with brass fittings in the display cabinet.

17” x 14” original 1995 oil painting of Rock Church by R. L. Hubbell. Donor – R.L. Hubbell, 1995.

10 x 16 framed photograph by A.J. Hubbell, unplaced (1991) and description of Tudor style house facing Rock Church, Rock Worcs., England that served as rectory, structure was standing approximately 1580 – 1620 and would have been familiar to Richard Hubbell before he embarked for America. Framed and donated by Harold B. Hubbell, Feb. 1997

9” x 12” black framed certificate noting 100 year anniversary of Ellis Island Foundation.  Certifies that Richard Hubbell came to America from England.  Signed by Lee Iacocca, chair of Ellis Island Foundation.  Presented to C.H. Hubbell, president of HFHS, 1995.


South Wall

Cloth towel about 21” x 31” printed in brown, Friends of Rock Church (Rock Worcestershire England), four views of the church and scenes relating to it and its ancient history, 1970s.

West Wall

19” x 22” wood framed certificate (in Spanish) to Donald S. Hubbell for agricultural merit from Francisco Franco. Gift of Donald Sidney Hubbell, Jr.   4/30/2001

13” x 16” frame, cover sheet of John Phillip Sousa music score with composer’s original autograph and note to R.W. Hubbell, from R.W. Hubbell estate, framed and presented by Harold B. Hubbell, 1996.

14” x 19 ½” framed reproduction of newspaper Page: The Press (Ridgefield CT) February 12, 1892 with column on Dr. Martin D. Hubbell.  Gift of Harvey Hubbell IV, 8/2000.

12” x 15” document frame containing original “broadside” of February 4th,

1867 newspaper advertisement for “ the best plows made in the state of Illinois” available from Hubbell and Co., Paola, Illinois. From Rosemary Hubbell Wirkus family papers.

Framed by Harold B. Hubbell, 1995.

12 ¼” x 13 ¼” black wood framed  Facsimile of a $20 Banknote, Series of 1902, issued by the First National Bank of Hubbell, Michigan, Feb. 19, 1909. Original owned by Jack J. Hubbell of Springfield, MO, July 1999. Framed by Harold B. Hubbell, 1999.

North Wall

Woven family crest on a gray background hanging from a presentation rod by loops. Size 25” x 36” with 2 spellings (Hubbell – Hubble ) showing year of 1086. Donor: Nehemiah Hubble Family Heritage Association of Canada, 1995.

Board Room

West Wall:

15” x 12” wood-framed shadow box containing the proclamation of Hubbell Family Day by the Town of Chapel Hill, NC.  Gift of Donald C. Hubbell, 2003.

12 ½ x 15 ½ walnut framed document: Mayor’s Proclamation Establishing June 12, 1999 as Edwin Powell Hubbell Day in the city of Marshfield, Missouri. Framed by HBH.

Framed 11” x 18” proclamation by New Haven, Connecticut, May John C. Daniels, proclaiming reunion date June 23, 1993 and wishing Hubbell family well during the 7th Biennial reunion.  Presented by HFHS, 1995.

9” x 12” black framed proclamation by Mark A. Lauretti, Mayor of Shelton, Connecticut.  Designates June 23, 1993 as Hubbell Family Day in Shelton.  Presented by HFHS, 1995.

12” x 15” color photo of 1996 HFHS Executive Committee and Program

Committee at Plattsburg, NY. Photo and identifications by Harold B. Hubbell, 1996.

11” x 15” black framed certificate from Nehemiah Hubbell Family Heritage

Association honoring Bernice Treleaven, honorary life member 1993. Donor: Celeste H. Kauhanen, 1996

12”x14” colored group photograph and listing of attendees to third biennial reunion in Flagstaff, Arizona, May 27, 1987. Photograph and identifications by donor Harold B. Hubbell, 1996

12” x 9 ¾” gold wood-framed color group photo, The Hubbell Family 11th Reunion, 2003, North Carolina.  Gift of Carol Hubbell Boggs, 2003.

14 ¾” x 11 ¾” black framed color group photo, the 12th reunion, Albuquerque, New Mexico, June 27-July 2, 2005.

12”x14” black framed colored photograph and listing of attendees to fourth biennial reunion in Kingston, Ontario, Canada, July 12-15 1989. Photograph and identifications by donor Harold B. Hubbell, 1994.

9 ¾ x 12 ¾ black framed color photograph and listing of those pictured of the attendees to the 7th Biennial Reunion, Folsom, CA, August 14-20, 1995. Gift of Harold B. Hubbell, 2006.

12” x 16” frame with color photograph of HFHS Second Biennial Reunion Meeting, Des Moines, Iowa, June 20-22, 1985.  Group picture with name of attendees listed below.  Picture and identifications by donor Harold B. Hubbell, 1997.

11” x 9 ¼” black-framed color photograph of attendees at HFHS Founding Meeting, Mantorville, MN, 1981.  People in photo listed on back.

9&3/8” x 11” black, wood-framed color photo of HFHS reunion attendees  in Honolulu, HI, 1991. Donor, Clifton H. Hubbell, 2008.

9” x 11” black, wood-framed color photo of HFHS reunion attendees, New Haven, CT, 1993.  Donor, Clifton H. Hubbell, 2008.

9” x 12” wood-framed color photo of HFHS reunion attendees, Burlington, VT, 1997.  Donor, Clifton H. Hubbell, 2008.

8 ½” x  10 ½” black wood-framed color photo, Hubbell House Plaque Dedication, Mantorville, MN, 8/22/1998.  Donor, Clifton H. Hubbell, 2008.

9 ¾” x 12 ¾” wood-framed color photo of HFHS reunion attendees, Kenai, AK, 2001.  Donor, Clifton H. Hubbell, 2008.

9 ¾: x 12 ¾” wood-framed color photo of HFHS reunion attendees, Frankenmuth, MI, 2007.  Donor, Clifton H. Hubbell, 2008.

North Wall:

”x 30” black framed poster of the Hubbell Family Trading Post established in 1878 in Ganado, Arizona. Poster is from the Southwest Parks and Monument Association and shows interior of post, many Indian artifacts and products of weavers and silversmiths. Descriptive text speaks to influence of John Lorenzo Hubbell and the fact that trading post is still an important part of the Navajo community. Donor – Francine A. Hubbell, 1993, framed by Jack Jerome Hubbell, 1994

8” x”11 black document framed picture of HSHF member Mathew A. Nelson in 1993 at the geographic South Pole. Donor – M.A. Nelson, framed by Harold B. Hubbell, 1994

5” x 8” illustration of the Keeler Tavern, in Ridgefield, Connecticut by Albert Hubbell, noted illustrator.  Item featuring the site of a Revolutionary War skirmish was clipped from cover of New Yorker Magazine and framed by donor Harold B. Hubbell, 1995.


East Wall:

28” x 24” black frame containing a collection of pictures from Arizona Highways magazine featuring the Hubbell Trading Post, a National Historic Site.  Discusses family members Lorenzo Hubbell and Mrs. Dorothy Hubbell (the last Hubbell trader), with comments about Juan Lorenzo Hubbell.  Included are interior pictures of trading post, living quarters, the last of the Hubbell Freight wagons, and a panoramic view of the post located in its desert setting.  Assembled and framed by donor Harold B. Hubbell 1997.

9” x 12” black wood certificate frame, photocopy of article and pictures of Carl Hubbell and his son. First part of article featuring the opening of the Carl Hubbell Museum in Meeker, Oklahoma, May 13, 1978. Framed by Harold B. Hubbell, 1995.

9” x 12” black document style frame of photocopied article announcing “pasture baseball game welcomes Hubbell home.”  Photo of Jay, Carl and Merritt Hubbell before the pasture baseball game in Meeker, Oct. 22, 1933. Donated by Jack Jerome Hubbell. Framed by Harold B. Hubbell, 1997.

11”x 15” photocopy of article detailing highlights of Carl Hubbell’s career including his discovery by Dick Kinsella, a NY Giant scout who found Carl by accident in a Texas League game in 1928. This is part of Carl Hubbell grouping. Donor – Jack Jerome Hubbell, 1995.

15”x19 3/4” wood-framed collage of Carl Hubbell: 1 check, 1 large photo, 1 color illustration.  Gift of Jan Logan and Fred W. and Carol Braithwaite.

9” x 12” photocopy of remainder of magazine article of above and pictures of the Carl Hubbell Museum in Meeker, Oklahoma. Donor – Jack Jerome Hubbell, framed by Harold B. Hubbell, 1995.

10” x 18” maple framed 18 player Callahan baseball card set (circa 1950) includes Carl Hubbell. Donor – Jack Jerome Hubbell, 1995.

8” x 10” framed press photograph of  Carl Hubbell talking to Bob Feller, with original autographs of both players who are in respective team uniforms. Donated by Jack Jerome Hubbell, 1995

18 ¼ x 22 ½ wood-framed black, white and red poster, “Shark!!”  Dr. Gordon Hubbell.  Gift of John A.E. Hubbell, 1999.

South Wall:


16” x 20” framed photo copy of original patent document and drawing of inventor Harvey Hubbell, Jr., 1883 League of America Wheel Man.  Shows US patent office and patent for “interlocking plug and cap,” which had use for connecting leads to electrical power sources.  Donated by Harvey Hubbell IV, 1995.

12”x16” frame with August 8, 1985 letter from Ronald Reagan to Harvey Hubbell IV. Beside it are photographs of Harvey Hubbell preparing for balloon flight featured in film “Mission Kosciuszko, on PBS.  Donated by Harvey Hubbell IV, 1995.

11 ¾ x 9 ¾ gold wood-framed color reproduction of Henry Salem Hubbell painting, “By the Fireside.”  Donated or loaned by Jack Jerome Hubbell, 2003.

12”x14” framed photography of Henry Salem Hubbell and granddaughter Rosemary Hubbell in Florida, c 1926.  Rosemary married Leonard Wirkus, and was an original director and first Secretary of HfHS, 1981-1983.  From the Rosemary Hubbell Wirkus collection, framed by Harold B. Hubbell, 1997.

25” x 30” painting, Japanese doll and flowers. By Henry Willard Hubbell(?) Gift of Kathryn W. Lott, 2000.

11 ¾” x 9 ¾” gold wood-framed color reproduction of Henry Salem Hubbell painting “ Luminous Reflections.”  Donated or loaned by Jack Jerome Hubbell, 2003

22” x 18” painting of the French countryside by Henry Willard Hubbell. Gift of Kathryn W. Lott, 2000.

15 ¼’ x 12 1/8” wood-framed oil painting of house and trees by Willard Hubbell, perhaps of Silvermine, Norwalk CT, c. 1914.  Gift of Rosemary Hubbell Wirkus.

12” x 18” frame containing envelope addressed to Willard F. Hubbell at South Florida Children’s Hospital in Miami, Florida.  Envelope bears date of 1942 and cancellation stamp from Nassau, Bahamas.  Also in frame is letter to Willard F. Hubbell, Executive Secretary from the King Edward VIII, former Duke of Windsor and former Prince of Wales who was Governor of the Bahamas, 1940-1945.  From Rosemary Hubbell Wirkus collection, framed by Harold B. Hubbell, 1997.

Oval brown wood portrait photograph of  Frederick M. Hubbell 9 and ¾” high with hanging name plate. (1999)

Oval brown wood portrait photograph of  Mrs. Frederick M. Hubbell, 9 and ¾” high with hanging name plate. (1999)

Wooden framed photo 9 and ½ “ x 7 and ¾” Frederick C. Hubbell 1919-1921. (1999)

Wooden framed photo 9 and ½” x 7” and ¾” Fredrick M. Hubbell 1888-1907. (1999)

8” x 10” sketch/engraving of Francis Burritt Hubbell of Whitehills, Shelton, Connecticut, father of Des Moines pioneer Frederick M. Hubbell.  This old engraving was tucked in pages in Walter Hubbell’s History of the Hubbell Family, 1881 edition which belonged to Rev. George A. Hubbell, great, great grandfather of donor Harold B. Hubbell who also framed item, January, 1997.

Wooden framed photograph James W. Hubbell, 9” x 11”. (1999)

Wooden shadow box 9 and ½” x 7” containing framed folding likeness of Frederick Marion Hubbell, signed. (1999)

9” x 7” wooden base with metal medallion YMCA award to Grover C. Hubbell, December 28, 1955. (1999)

31¼” x 13½” gold-framed brass plate “F.M. Hubbell Son & Co. Inc. 205 Hubbell Bldg. Phone 3-3228.”



West Wall:

11” x 13” walnut plaque with inscribed silver metal plate noting and honoring the Hubble Telescope in Space Observatory.  Acknowledges contributions of the HFHS to the space industry.  Presented 1990, by Best Western Space Shuttle Inn.

14 5/8” x 12 3/8”  wood-framed invitation to the dedication ceremony of Edwin Hubble into the Hall of Famous Missourians, newspaper clipping and 2 color photographs.  Gift of Harold B. Hubbell, 2002.

Silver-framed 20” x 26” poster honoring Hubble Space Telescope Servicing Mission to correct spherical aberration.  Framed courtesy of Hubbell Museum & Library director Bonnie Percival.  Donor – Dick Durbin, 1997.

12 ¼” x 16 ¼”  wood-framed special U.S. Post Office issue, “Images from the Hubble Space Telescope named in honor of distinguished American astronomer Edwin Powell Hubble.”  Loaned by Harold B. Hubbell, 2003.

10” x 13” matted photograph of 10 people and includes same 4 children appearing in nearby picture.  Lists Cecil James and Lucy Hubble, Henry Hubble, Lillian Lee Bodling, Dr. William H. James, Rush James, William Hubble, Lucy Ann James, William H. James, William C. James, Edwin P. Hubble, Malcolm and Virgil James.  Taken Marshfield, Missouri, 1910.  Donated by M.I. Goffin, 1993.

14”x 22” silver poster frame is a photocopy of April 6, 1990, USA Today articles, drawings & pictures about the Hubbell Telescope and astronomer Edwin Hubble whose research proved the viability of an expanding universe. Includes drawings and pictures of crew that will deploy the space shuttle housing the telescope. Donor – Dick Durbin, 1997.

20” x 13¾”  Gold-framed oval photograph portrait of Major Edwin P. Hubble, in U.S. Army uniform. Gift of Harvey Hubbell IV, 2003.

20 3/8” x 10 3/8” black-framed certificate: “A Proclamation Establishing June 12, 1999 as Edwin Powell Hubble Day in the City of Marshfield, Missouri.”  Gift of Donald C. Hubbell, 2003.

14 ½” x 11 ½” wood framed photo of HFHS group in front of Hubble Space Telescope model.  Three fabric patches inserted in frame.

18” x 24” framed poster “A Year of Discovery.”  Copy of painting by Ball Aerospace Communications artist shows the Hubble Telescope during a maintenance or deployment mission.  Donated by Richard E. Durbin 1994.

8” x 10” framed sepia-toned photography of 4 children (boy, girl, boy, boy) sitting stair-stepped fashion.  They are (left to right) Henry, Lucy Lee, Edwin Powell and William Hubble.  Donor: Jack Jerome Hubbell, 1995.

5’ x 7” photograph of three children with mother: Edwin Powell Hubble with head on mother’s shoulder, brother behind mother, sister on mother’s lap.  Donated by Jack Jerome Hubbell of Springfield, Missouri, 1995.

4” x 6” pewter-colored frame holding color photograph of house where Edwin P. Hubble was born in Marshfield, Missouri.  Donor : Jack Jerome Hubbell, 1995.

8” x 10” black, wood-framed U.S. postage stamp set of American Scientists, includes Edwin Hubble.  Gift of Al and Nancy Hubbell Bunnett, 2008.

19 ½” x 13 ½”  wood-framed portrait of 7945(5544) Dorrance Martin Hubbell, signed Guy Worrdell (?).  Gift of Harold B. Hubbell, 2003.

Oval, gold-painted tinted portrait, George Augustus Hubbell. Gift of the estate of E. Hope Reitschlin, 2005.

Oval, brown-framed tinted photo, William MacCulloch, tinted by his daughter, Margaret Anne MacCulloch Hubbell.  Gift of the estate of E. Hope Reitschlin, 2005.

14” x 16” framed, autographed 1995 color photography of HFHS member Dorrance S. Hubbell posing in costume of Bonkers the Clown.  Framed by Harold B. Hubbell (8/18/95)

11 ¾ x 8 ¾ wooden plaque, with 2 engraved plates and wooden gavel, inscribed “To Bonkers” from the Carson Clowners, 1990-1992.

19 7/8” x 17 ½” gold over red wooden framed watercolor, The Grade Monoplane 1909 by Charles H. Hubbell.  Reprint on back with explanation.

Received at Hubbell Museum & Library after Frankenmuth Biennial, 2007.

10 3/8”x 14 ¾”  framed pencil drawing of woman by #6221 Bradford Peirce Hubbell, signed and dated 1936.  Gift of Jean and Frank McNamara, 2001.

10” x 14” framed menu cover from Hubbell House featuring family crest on red background.  Item commemorates 1981 HFHS formative meeting at this Mantorville, Minnesota restaurant.  Framed and donated by Harold B. Hubbell, 1993

10”x11” framed sketch or lithograph of Abraham Lincoln by T. Johnson. From the estate of Reginald Worth Hubbell February 26th, 1984. Donated by Nancy Hubbell Kauysla, 1995.

East Wall:

10”x14” original picture of 3 Hubbell brothers in WWI uniforms – Lt. John Platt Hubbell (Sr.), Maj. George Loring Hubbell Jr., and Lt. Sherwood Hubbell. Picture taken in Plattsburg, NY, during summer of 1917 following training camp. Donor – Dr. J.P. Hubbell, 1997

8 ¾” x 10 ¾” wood-framed letter from the Office of Dwight D. Eisenhower to Lt. Col. Reginald Hubbell, 1952.

11 ¾” x 9 ¼” wood-framed copy of Medal of Honor Certificate for William S. Hubbell, 1916.  Gift of Hilbert Hubble, 2003.

14 ¾ x 11 ¾ black wood-framed color picture of U.S. Air Force helicopter by Charles Herman Hubbell (#7349).  Gift of Jack Jerome Hubbell, 2000.

14 ¾ x 11 ¾ black wood-framed color picture of Boeing B52 by Charles Herman Hubbell (#7349).  Gift of Jack Jerome Hubbell, 2000.

Doorway to computer room.

24 ½” x 18 ¾” double portrait, gold-painted oval frame of Edward P. Hubbell and wife Ella Winter.  Edward was the son of Samuel W. Hubbell and grandson of Charles Brewster Hubbell.  Received at Hubbell Museum & Library after Frankenmuth Biennial, 2007.

18 ¼” x 12 1/4” wooden framed State of Michigan Special Tribute to The Hubbell Family Historical Society.  .  Received at Hubbell Museum & Library after Frankenmuth Biennial, 2007.

20” x 24” framed poster-sized view of Hubbell Hall (prior to its demolition) at Michigan Technological University.  Signed Print # 104/1000 by artist Flood.   Donors: Audrey and Eugene Allyn, 1995.

9 & 3/8 x 11 & ¾ framed certificate, The Connecticut Society of Genealogists, Inc., The 2009 Literary Award Contest, Grand Prize, “New England Genealogy”  Hubbell by Choice; The Ancestry of Some Early Connecticut Women by Mary Ann (Walker) Hubbell, Marjorie F. (Hubbell) Gibson with Carol Hubbell Boggs, CSG #12860, Bertie Herman & Barbara Kruse, May 16, 2009.

19” x 13” black framed double portrait of Lorinda Bennett and Samuel W. Hubbell. .  Received at Hubbell Museum & Library after Frankenmuth Biennial, 2007.

Museum Collection (Coming soon)

Artifacts in the Hubbell Museum and Library’s collection are in various locations throughout the Center.  Background material on these items may be found in the manila folders marked “Museum” and “E-Bay.”

Foyer Display Case:  Material from the Rosemary Hubbell Wirkus Collection

Box of assorted artist’s brushes

5 plaster casts 4 of heads and one of hands, probably used by artist Henry Salem Hubbell

Wooden box and palette

Porcelain statue of Japanese woman, 10 & 1/4 high

Silver plate Reed & Barton baby cup belonging to Henry Salem Hubbell

Framed wedding invitation, Rosemary to Leonard V. Wirkus

2 framed oil paintings by Henry Willard Hubbell, 7 & ¾ x 5 & ¼

Founders Day plaque to Leonard V. Wirkus & Rosemary, 4/13/1985

Wedding shoes belonging to Lydia Hauseline Hubbell

Autograph book, Lydia H. Hubbell

2 Guest books, Rosemary & Leonard Wirkus


Harlequin costume, Willard Hubbell, France, 1905-1910

Baby clothes and blanket, child’s plaid dress, Rosemary and Willard Hubbell

Quilt made of small puffy squares

Medals and buttons:

Group of buttons from 1918 army uniform, Cornell Cadet Corp., Harlan Plant of Bethlehem Steel, Henry Willard Hubbell

Group of items: Civil War sash, insignia, collar bars, epaulettes, Captain Willard Orvis Hubbell, 12th Kansas Volunteer Infantry, Co. C, U.S. Army, 1861-1865

Group of items: Cuff link of Willard Orvis Hubbell, 2 Miami Women’s Club Award pins, one labeled “1937”, possible cuff links, art awards, small medallion, GAR veteran’s star with attached ribbon and eagle, Napoleon medal

Bookcase in Library:

3 Commemorative plates: 10” diameter, “Centennial, Hubbell, Nebraska 1880-1980.  See 1723, Hubbell H. Johnson, founder, Gi*

6” diameter, gold-rimmed, fruit pattern in colors with message, “Souvenir Hubbell, Nebr.”

7” diameter, Dutch blue rim, sailboats & windmills, with message “Seasons Greetings Clark’s Cash Store, Hubbell, NEBR”

All plates on loan from Jack J. Hubbell

Set of 4 coasters in framework, “Equitable of Iowa Centennial, 1867-1967”

Fabric: 1 square yard of 100% cotton fabric manufactured by Rose & Hubble in England, sold in America for $8.50 per yard.  The design is entitled “A Rose for Diana”, a white rose with green leaves on a blue background.  The company declared that “all proceeds (from sale) will be given to Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Fund.”  On loan from Jack Jerome Hubbell.

2 wooden cigar molds on loan from Jack Jerome Hubbell: The larger (cigarillo) is a 22” long mold of 2 mating segments, 2 ½ “ thick (when mated) x 4” wide which readily fit together.  The inner side of each segment has 20 carved, half-oval and tapered molds, running transverse, each 4” long, diameters/widths ½” at center.  Indistinct lettering appears on an edge (5/8”) of one segment reading perhaps “Miller Hubbell & Peters MFG Co” on the edge of the other segment (same side) appears equally faint lettering with patent info – a date appears to be “Oct. 25 1897”.  Smaller (cigar) mold consists of a bottom 10 3/8” long x 6” wide x 3/8” thick, closed at one end by a ¼” piece.  The inner surface has been carved with 6 oval half-molds running lengthwise, 10 1/8”.  The other end is open but may have been closed by a ¼” end-piece too.  A top is in two pieces: the first piece is joined (glued) to the bottom, measuring 5 3/16” long x 6” wide, with 6 matching half-round molds running.  The second top piece is 5” long, same width but is not joined to the bottom, rather it is hinged to the first piece (by 2 recent-vintage brass hinges and chromium screws) so it can lay back on it.  It too has 6 matching half-molds running lengthwise.  Small nail holes at the end suggest there was an end-piece to close that end.  Center diameters of the 6 molds differ: two vary from9/16” to 11/16”, a 3rd varies 5/7” to ¾”, a 4th varies ¾” to 7/8”, a 5th varies 13/16” to 15/16” and the largest has an almost round 17/16” diameter.

2 Metal embossers: Seal 1: Hubbell Realty Co., Seal 2: F.M. Hubbell, Son & Co., Inc.

Dish with 2 candles, sealing wax and 2 seals: F.M. Hubbell & Son and F.C. Hubbell

2 Mini scrapers, one white, one blue, Hubbell Realty and Hubbell Homes.

Ledger Book, Hubbell Realty Co.

3 Boxes of Lantern slide plates, one is labeled “Ship” and one is labeled “Fish”

Board Room

The Hubbell Quilt.  Designed and made by Betty L. Morgan.  Materials were furnished by Maxine R. Allenbaugh, her sister.  Signatures were embroidered from blocks on which 139 family members wrote their signatures at the 7th H.F.H.S. biennial reunion in Folsom, CA, 1995.  The quilt was donated by Betty to The Hubbell Family Historical Society at its 8th biennial reunion in Burlington, VT, 1997, where it was first displayed.  The Society conducted a two-year family raffle of the quilt.  The drawing was held at the 9th biennial reunion in Springfield, MO, 1999.  Jack J. and Shirley Hubbell won the quilt at Springfield and donated it to the Hubbell Museum & Library, Des Moines, IA.

Chair in Board Room:  Tapestry/rug (wool?)  off-white background, brown borders & Navajo design, a cross in center, 25” x 45”, small tag wired on: “Indiana Watson’s Indian Weaving,” POB 1024, Cardiff CA 92007.  On loan from Jack J. Hubbell.

Board Room Display Shelves


Two male threaded electrical sockets marked Hubbell, manufactured by #3113, Harvey Hubbell Inc. of Bridgeport CT, early 1920s

Two yellow boxes from Harvey Hubbell, Inc. one is 7379, flush receptacle, one is 7797, floor outlet, pull-chair electric socket.  On loan from Jack J. Hubbell

Switch, mfgd. By  Hubbell, 1970s.  Gift of Harold B. Hubbell

Two model railroad cars: 1. HO gauge tank car, 71/2” long, mfgr. Is International Harvester Corp., Philadelphia, made in Slovenia; upper half yellow, lower black, each side bears (3113 Harvey) Hubbell Co. Bridgeport CT logo and “Killark” printed adjacent in black. 2. Box car 71/2” long, same mfg data as 1., yellow body, black catwalk, each side bears “Hubbell” Co. logo in black & below is “Wiring Device Division”

2 plastic plugs, Hubbell (Harvey Hubbell, Inc.)

Memorabilia from the estate of E. Hope Rietschlin: 1 photograph; 1 baby book; 5 medals: 2 medals of merit from the Republican Presidential Task Force, 1 Republican Majority medal, 2 life member, Republican Presidential Task Force; Baby basket with 2 brushes, 2 combs, 2 rattles, 2 containers, 2 envelopes, 1 ball, 1 birthday book and several safety pins; silver baby cup and spoon, green locket with pictures, pink baby potty in case.

Medal awarded to Donald S. Hubbell by Francisco Franco in wooden case.  Medal was awarded for his work in Spain in agriculture, c. 1942.  Gift of Donald Hubbell Jr. and Helen J. Deutsch

Document case and document of Sydney A. Hubbell, Judge of 3rd Judicial District of New Mexico under Lincoln.  Document outlines his interpretation of treason as set down by the U.S. Constitution

Leather wallet and debate paper of George Hubbell.


Hall Display Case


Wooden gavel with metal plate: “Grover C. Hubbell, President, Des Moines Y.M.C.A., 1942”

Decoration from the 1995 biennial, Folsom, CA: gold pine cone and ore wagon from dinner table setting.

2 Medicine bottles, gift of Jack Jerome Hubbell, 1. 5” high, “C.H. Hubbell, Druggist, McPherson, Kan. 3673(2904) Clayton Huntington Hubbell, 1859-1931.  2. 2 ½” square,

7 “ high: “Hubbell, Philada”, Hubbell Pharmacy, Philadelphia, PA 3108 (2541) (2477) O. S. Hubbell


Decorated box with artificial flowers and ferns, table decoration for Burlington, VT, biennial, 1997.  Made by Carol H. Boggs

Rock Church: Brown and white ceramic plate with gold rim: “The Church of Rock Parish, England”   Glass goblet, 9 1/2” high, “Rock Church, June, 1988”  Donated by the Friends of Rock Church (Worcestershire) following the HFHS tour of England.

Plate, cream-colored with reddish picture of Hubbell House, Mantorville, MN 1954, #2153 James B(arker) Hubbell.  Loaned by Jack J. Hubbell

Plate, cream-colored with 5 brown coats of arms, The Hubbell Family Historical Society

Model of Hubble Space Telescope.  Loaned by Jack J. Hubbell

5 Antique powder holders, 2 horns and 3 metal canisters.  Gift of James W. Hubbell, Jr.

3 Dairy bottles, 1 on loan from Jack J. Hubbell with name in black: “Baker Hubbell Dairy”  Opposite company logo: 3 bottles encircled by words “Baker Hubbell Dairy Inc Peoria.  2 a gift of Harold B. Hubbell: Wigwam Farm, S.B. Hubbell, White Hills, Shelton, CT

Shot glass, Conn., with state flower and seal, gift of Harold B. Hubbell

Wood-framed mirror, 9 ¾” x 9 ¾”, “Hubbell Bros. Derby, Conn.  The Corner of Good Shoes”  Gift of Harvey Hubbell IV

Mounted color photo, “Gaseous Pillars in M16 * Eagle Nebula, Hubble Space Telescope* WFPC2, 9 7/8” x 8 ½”

Highball glasses from biennial reunions in Kingston, Oahu and Springfield.  2 plastic mugs, Hubbell Supply Co. logo.  Gifts of Jack J. Hubbell and Harold B. Hubbell

2 Mugs with Canada logo, from the Nehemiah Hubble Family Heritage Assoc.

Aluminum 12 oz. beer can with logo of Hubbell House, Mantorville, MN, marked National Historic Site, also “1st Edition – Limited,” from Paul Pappas Mgr, 1981.  See A & R #2153.  James B(arker?) Hubbell, built and owned 2 structures on the site, 1853/1857.  On loan from Jack J. Hubbell

Small items:

Gifts of Jack J. Hubbell: Corncob pipe, part of table centerpiece for biennial dinner, Springfield, MO.  Golf ball with logo Hubbell Inc.

Gifts of Harold B. Hubbell:  Publicity items, green-lettered “E.S. Hubbell & Sons, Ltd., Thamesville Ontario (#4184), 6” rule and 6 ¼” ballpoint pen, 1970s, 2 7 & ½” white pencils with green letters “E.S. Hubbell & Sons Ltd.”, 7” red/black ballpoint pen, black-lettered “Hubble Heritage Day”, 7” green lead pencil lettered “Rose Hubbell” (10088), 1950s, 6” white plastic cocktail stirrer marked “Hubbell House Since 1854” (#2153) Mantorville MN, 1981, Book of matches, black cover, gold print “Hubbell”, 1950s, Small flash light “Hubbell Supply Co.”, 5 ¼” dark green ballpoint pen, “The Hubbell Family Historical Society”

Hall Shelves


Colonial Art Needle Set, manufactured by 5339, W(illiam/Wilton) E(lmer) Hubbell Co., Joplin MO; plastic handle and 14 metal parts & pieces, instructions and guide for use included, files Bm, Fp and Gen1.  On loan from Jack J. Hubbell.

Rain Gauge, metal stand 3 ½ “ x 4” on which printed: Hubble Water Well Service, Test Holes and Water Well Drilling, Pump Sales & Service, East Hwy 60, Hereford Texas; removable test tube 6: long, ¾” diameter, held vertical to stand by 2 metal “clips,” graduated 1” to 5”; 1 ½” diameter, rotatable metal disk fixed to stand bears inscribed numbers 1-9 on periphery.  Gen2.  On loan from Jack J. Hubbell.

Zippo lighter, new, 2” high, in its box with instruction sheet: Front panel stamped (3113. Harvey) Hubbell Co Bridgeport CT logo and “It Pays to Have Good Connections” letters FTC appear vertically, initials? Of possible recipient F.T. Campbell whose surname written on box cover; back panel reads “Hubbell Sales Refresher Course.” On loan from Jack J. Hubbell.

Commemorative medal, silver-color, “Hubbell Metals Inc. 50th Anniversary” 1 ½” diam, reverse “American Bicentennial 1776-1975”, 7292(5162) Howard Hanson Hubbell, Mw*  On loan from Jack J. Hubbell.

Advertising ruler, 12” flexible metal with 1951 calendar, in its own advtg folder, of L.F. Hubel, Maynard MN.  Unplaced.  Telcon by HBH to a David Hubel of Maynard 320-269-8054, June, 2003.  No response.  Gen2.  On loan from Jack J. Hubbell.

Straight-edge razor, blade sharp but nicked, engraved: “Hubbell Q-E-D Randall” dark handle, perhaps bone, each part 5” long.

Turquoise “trading beads”, 18, ¼” diameter, made at Hubbell Trading Post, Ganado, New Mexico, Jh, Nh, Nk

Brass scale model of Oriental opium pipe, called a hubble bubble.  On loan from Jack J. Hubbell.

Pewter Christmas tree ornament, 2 1?4” diameter with cutout of birdhouse and cardinal, engraved each side 1995 Jones Family Farms, #3886, Philip Hubbell Jones, Shelton, CT

Medallion, J.L. Hubbell Trading Post, 5177, Ganado, AZ.  Gift of Ron & Karen Hubbell.

Sporting News Record Book, 4 volumes, 1936, 1937, 1938 and 1939

Christmas tree ornament in box. Hubble Space Telescope, “Launched into Space 1990” Gift of Harold B. Hubbell.

“Antique Hubbell’s brass match safe, patented 1876”

Button, blue letters on white: Hubbell U.E.L. 1784-1984 Celebration

Golf tee set, E.S. Hubbell & Sons Ltd, Corrugated steel pipe grader & snow blades

Datebook, 1901, Henion & Hubbell, Chicago IL

Postcard: Hubbell’s Laundry, Washday on the Alaska Highway

Small woven rug from the Hubbell Trading Post with the word “Hubbell” woven in and a certificate of genuineness

Shelves in Workroom


Three colored plastic pieces: one Native American woman, two ovals with cowboy and cowgirl figures.  All are labeled H.L. Hubbell by Burwood Industries, HOMCO.  On loan from Jack Jerome Hubbell.

Commemorative baseballs: Carl Hubbell, autographed, made in China but “signed” in USA and Lefty Grove.  On loan from Jack Jerome Hubbell.

Two gold-colored metal medallions, 1 ½” diameter, in cardboard folder 5” x 3 “ with text “shining stars of baseball” commemorate 7263.  Carl O. Hubbell.  Each medallion engraved 1 side of COH pitching, other sides recall 2 important pitching feats.  On loan from Jack Jerome Hubbell.

Wooden box with hinged lid, used to transport crystal Rock Church gift goblet.  Colored photo on lid.

Reunion centerpiece with log cabin, Kingston, Canada, 1989.  Made by and gift of Rev. Jessie Scaggs.

Group photo, 9 ½” x 7 ½” Charlie Hubbell family

Hubbell Wick for oil cook stoves, No. 331, Made in Canada, red and tan box.  On loan from Jack J. Hubbell.

Lilliput Hubble Bubble, small house with box.  On loan from Jack J. Hubbell.

Cast iron “Sad Iron”, 6 lbs., 6 and 1/8” long, 3 and 5/8” wide; four lines of text in raised letters on top of iron. 1. A.Y. Hubbell & Co. (Gen2), 2. illegible – perhaps refers to patent, 3. 6, 4. Elmira NY.  Iron shown in Irons by Iron, David Irons, 1994, p. 102, #7, late 1800.  On loan from Jack Jerome Hubbell.

Memo pads from HMS, Hubbell Supply, Inc. (3, 5” x 8”)  Gift of Jack J. Hubbell.

Brown image case, 3 ¾” x 4 ¾”, containing image of Elijah Dewey Hubbell.  Gift of Hilbert Hubble.

Steel spatula, 13” long, handle bears text: “Hubbell’s Feed Store, Poultry Supplies, phone Boulder 36.  On loan from Jack Jerome Hubbell.

Fragment of a roofing tile, about 5/8” thick from Ipsley House (Huband family) of Ipsley Warwickshire, say 1700s?  The manor house was razed to accommodate the Law Society Offices but part of the original(?) wood structure was incorporated into the new building, picked up by HBH on site, 1950s.

3 Blue kerchiefs with black letters from Springfield, MO, reunion, 1999.  3 T-shirts, 2 with crest and one with “HUB”  4 caps, 2 from Hawaii, 1991, 1 with crest, 1 from Hubbell’s Trading Post.  Gift of Harold B. Hubbell

Two canvas carry bags, both with Hubbell coat of arms.  Smaller one is labeled: Hubbell 1086.  Larger one is labeled: Hawaii Reunion 1991.

Diaries of Rosemary Hubbell Wirkus, 1950-1993, 44 volumes.

Books from Rosemary Hubbell Wirkus collection,

Large scrapbook, Henry Willard Hubbell.

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