New York

New York in the Revolution 2nd edition 1898 by Roberts: multiple Hubbell’s, Bishops, Coles and Jaynes

New York in the Revolution-Supplement, 1901, by Knight: Ephiriam, Isaac and Stephen Hubbell

Military Minutes Council of Appointments for New York 1783-1821


A History of Elizabethtown-Essex county, New York by Brown 1905:  Julius C and Laura

A History of Green County NY – Shaddrach Hubbell, Minor Hubbell, Nathan Hubbell, Peter Hubbell, Edwin N Hubbell

A History of Ontario county New York-1901 by Milliken, Vol 1: Matthew and Walter Hubbell

A History of Delaware county New York 1856 by Gould: John and Isaac Hubbell

Delaware County NY Genealogy and History-many Hubbells

A History of Fulton county New York by Frothingham, 1892: Ray Hubbell

A History of Painted Post and the town of Erwin, New York by Allen, 1917: William S and Nehemiah Hubbell, Philo P Hubbell

First Annual Meeting of the Historical Society of Newburgh Bay and the Highlands 1884: Isaac Hubble

Pioneer Familes of Orange county, New York by Reamy: Mary Rachel Hubbell McWilliams

History of the Mohawk Valley, New York, Vol 3: Frank B. Hubbell

Utica, NY City Directory-Alrick-Henry S. and Alfred Hubbell-NY 1856


1799-Account of Fever in New York City: Phito Hubble

1000 Vital Records of Eastern New York

New York State Library, 85th Annual Report, 1902, Vol 2, Appendix 5, 1668 to 1783: Gaylord Hubbel and Elnathan Huble

Documents of the Colonial History of the State of New York, ed. by B. Fernow, Vol 15, State Archives vol 1, 1887: multiple Hubbells

1793 Deed from Jabez Hubbell of Cooperstown county and Ezben Hubbell of Ballstown county New York

Deed Index from Ulster county New York, 1761-1869: multiple Hubbells

Some of the Earliest Oaths of Allegiance to the United States of America, by Waldenmaier, 1944: John and Isaac Hubbell

Early Settlers of New York State, Their Ancestors and Descendants, by Foley, Vol 1: many Hubbells

Early Settlers of New York State, Their Ancestors and Descendants, by Foley, Vol 2: many Hubbells

1790 Census: Heads of Families in New York organized by county: many Hubbells

The Journal of the Reverend Silas Constant of Yorktown, Putnam Valley, New York by Roebling, 1903: Ezra Hubbell and Family

Minutes of the Albany Committee of Correspondence 1775-1778 by Sullivan, Vol 1, 1923: Jabez Hubbell

Calendar of NY Colonial Manuscripts-Land Papers 1643-1803; published 1864: Isaac, Lewis, Jedediah Hubbell

The Mack and Sine Families with allied families by Harry Mack: Nehemiah Hubble and family (US and Canada)

The West Family Register-Important Lines Traced 1326-1928 by Stone: Peaceable Hubbell West and her son Hubbell West

State of New York-Messages from the Governors 1683-1906: Richard Hubble (1806)


The New York Genealogical and Biographical Record, Vol 31, 1900: Isaac Hubbell

The New York Genealogical and Biographical Record, Vol 32, 1901:  Nehemiah, son of Seth;  John Hubbel and wife from Greenfield;  Evelina and Fanny Hubbell

The New York Genealogical and Biographical Record, Vol 34, 1903: Abigail Hubbel Fuller dau of Ephraim Hubbell Jr of Kent, CT

The New York Genealogical and Biographical Record, Vol 38 (NY Hubbells only): Seth and David Hubbell of South Salem (ME149 & 151) along with Nathaniel Wyatt, Mary Hubbell Knapp (ME419), Andrew Hubbell and wife Sarah (ME358).

The New York Genealogical and Biographical Record, 113 years, Master Index, 1870+1982: Thaddaus Hobbell

Genealogical and Family History of Western New York-Vol2-1912: Capt Samuel Hubbell

New York Historical Society Publications 1885: Ezra Hubble and wife Catharine-Mariner; Capt Nathaniel Hubbell; Jehiel Hubbell; Isaac Hubbell;


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