Ancient and Modern Towns of Fairfield County Connecticut [click on the maps for a higher resolution picture].  The maps below show the location of town and parish church boundaries in Fairfield County in 1813 and 2021.  To help understand the shifting boundary lines and name changes some history of each town, as it is known today, has been included.
Bethel: once a part of Danbury, Bethel was established in 1855.

Bridgeport: was established in 1821. Located in the western section of the original Stratford Colony on the Fairfield Colony boundary line.  Bridgeport was an expansion of the small town or parish of Stratfield which lay less then a mile west of the port.  Stratfield was the home of Richard Hubball, our immigrant ancestor.

Brookfield: Established in 1788 and constituted out of the towns of Danbury and Newtown in Fairfield County and part of Litchfield County.

Danbury: Established in 1687 out of the Connecticut wilderness.

Easton: Originally known as North Fairfield and part of Weston, it was formed in 1845.

Fairfield: One of the original Colonies of Connecticut founded in 1639.  In 1666 all of the towns and parishes outlined in green were incorporated into Fairfield County.

Kent: part of what became Litchfield County, it was formed out of the Connecticut wilderness in 1739.

Monroe: Established in 1823 out of the northern part of Huntington (now called Shelton).

New Canaan: Formed in 1801 out of the northern portions of Norwalk and Stamford.

New Fairfield: Established in 1740 out of the Connecticut wilderness.

Newtown:  Established in 1711 out of the Connecticut wilderness.

Norwalk: One of the original Colonies of Connecticut, it was founded in 1651

Redding or Reading: Established in 1767.

Ridgefield: Constituted in 1709 out of the Connecticut wilderness.

Huntington: Established in 1789 out of Stratford. Name changed to Shelton in 1919. The area called Ripton is now part of Shelton.

Sherman: Constituted out of New Fairfield in 1802.

Stamford: One of the original Colonies of Connecticut, it was formed in 1641

Stratford: One of the original Colonies of Connecticut, it was formed in 1639.  At one point Stratford had extended its original boundaries to include the towns of Trumbull, and Huntington.

Unity/North Stratford/Trumbull: The residents of North Stratford around Nickol’s Farm were granted a parish charter in 1725 and was named Unity. In 1744 Unity merged with the Long Hill parish (just to the northwest of Unity) to become the Society of North Stratford.  The parish was granted full town rights in 1797 and was renamed Trumbull.

Weston: Established in 1787 out of Fairfield.

Wilton: Established in 1802 out of Norwalk.

Documents Establishing the Parish of Stratfield: 1690-1694:  Originally called the Pequannock or East Farms, the Parish name was changed in 1694 to Fairfield Village.  Later, in 1701, it was again changed to Stratfield Society.  The documents below are located in the Connecticut State Library in Hartford.

Document 105a: dated 2 May 1690: 20 inhabitants of the Pequonnock petitioned the General Assembly for the right to “procure a minister amongst themselves and be freed from paying to the minister of Fayrefeild”.  This petition was objected to by Fairfield and thus not sanctioned by the Assembly.  Signers of the 2 May 1690 petition that was presented to the Assembly were Richard Sr. (ME1), Samuel Sr. (ME5) and Richard Jr. (ME3)

In May 1691, the General Assembly granted the inhabitants of the Pequonnock the liberty to “procure and mayntaine the ministry in the sayd Paquaanag” but those inhabitants of the Pequonnock that belonged to the Fairfield township shall continue to help pay for the minister in Fairfield.  Six months later, at the October 1691 Assembly meeting, the Assembly granted them relief from supporting the Fairfield minister.

Document 106: undated:  signed by Richard (ME#1), Samuel Sr? or Jr? either (ME#5 or #10).

Document 112: 14 April 1691: signed by Richard Hubbell (ME#1).

Document 113: 14 April 1691: signed by Richard Hubbell (ME#1).

Document 115: 8 May 1691: signed by Richard Sr (ME#1), Richard Jr (ME#3) and Samuel Sr (ME#5).

Document 117: 6 May 1691: signed by Richard Sr (ME#1) and Richard Jr (ME#3).

Document 118: 11 May 1691: signed by Richard Sr (ME#1).

Document 122a: 30 Sept 1691: signed by Samuel Sr (ME#5).

It appears that the right to “procure and mayntaine a ministry” that was granted the residents of the Pequonnock, in May of 1691, was not a grant to form a new church society.  Subsequently, the inhabitants hired Charles Chauncy as their minister and then petitioned the Assembly in May 1694 to form an ecclesiastical society. The petition presented to the Assembly, dated 4, 7 and 10 May 1694, was signed by Charles Chauncey and 8 others including Richard Hubbell, Jr (ME3) (8a). The Assembly granted the “humble request of Pequonnock that they may have liberty to joyne themselves in church order” (9).  The court also ordered that name Pequonnock “shall be altered and for the future it shall be called Fayrefield Village”

Document 129: 10 May 1694: signed by Richard Jr (ME#3).

Document 211 a&b: 30 April 1711: signed by Samuel Hubbell (ME#10).

Stratfield Parish Record: Volume 2

The following are the records of the second volume of the Stratfield Parish Record Book dating from the founding of the church in 1693 to about 1800.  The first volume, badly worn and possibly unbound, does not exist anymore.  Near the end of the second volume is the following entry: “Extracts from the loose leaves of the badly worn 1st volume of the Stratfield Society’s Records made May 1866 by Wm Rufus Bunnell, clerk of the First Congregational or Stratfield Church now called the First Congregational Church in Bridgeport.”  Multiple transcriptions from the first volume were entered into the second volume in a haphazard manner.  Events are not chronological.   It is unclear how much of the first volume was transcribed and how much has been lost.  Only the first few pages of Volume 3 are recorded here.

Hubbell entries are marked with a small light green circle on the left margin of the page.

Low Resolution Images

Parish Records:  Parts 1,2 & 3:  Pages 1-18                                  Parish Records: Parts 4,5 & 6:  Pages 19-34
Parish Records:  Parts 7,8 & 9:  Pages 35-49                               Parish Records:  Parts 10,11 & 12:  Pages 50-65
Parish Records:  Parts 13,14 & 15:  Pages 66-80                         Parish Records:  Parts 16,17 & 18:  Pages 81-97
Parish Records:  Parts 19,20,21 & 22:   Pages 98-119                Parish Records:  Parts 23 & 24:  Pages 120-135
Parish Records:  Parts 25,26 & 27:   Pages 136-151                    Parish Records: Parts 28,29 & 30:  Pages 152-165
Parish Records:  Parts 31 & 32:  Pages 166-179

High Resolution Images

The pdfs below are high resolution images of volume two containing about 5 pages each.  They are arranged as they appear in the original volume.

Part 1 (pages 1-6);  Part 2 (pages 7-13);  Part 3 (pages 14-18);  Part 4 (pages 19-24); Part 5 (25-29);  Part 6 (pages 30-34);  Part 7 (pages 35-38); Part 8 (pages 39-44); Part 9 (pages 45-49); Part 10 (pages 50-54);  Part 11 (pages 55-60);  Part 12 (pages 61-65);  Part 13 (pages 66-69);  Part 14 (pages 70-75);  Part 15 (pages 76-80);  Part 16 (pages 81-86);  Part 17 (pages 87-91);  Part 18 (pages 92-97);  Part 19 (pages 98-102);  Part 20 (pages 103-107);  Part 21 (pages 108-112);  Part 22 (pages 113-119);  Part 23 (pages 120-127);  Part 24 (pages 128-135);  Part 25 (pages 136-140);  Part 26 (pages 141-145);  Part 27 (pages 146-151);  Part 28 (pages 152-155);  Part 29 (pages 156-160);  Part 30 (pages 161-165);  Part 31 (pages 166-173);  Part 32 (pages 174-179)

Picture of Richard Hubbell’s (ME#3) silver communion tankard donated to the Stratfield Congregational Church in his will dated November 1734 along with the two surviving volumes of the Stratfield Parish Record Books.  Photo taken at the family reunion in 2022.

Fairfield (including Stratfield) Land Deeds:  The Indexs list all surviving deeds concerning all Hubbells in Fairfield county but only those deeds involving David (ME32) have been saved below. 

    1.  Town of Fairfield Deeds Vol A part 1-1649-1694-Richard and Samuel’s deeds only
    2.  Town of Fairfield Deeds General Index 1725-1798-All Hubbells
    3.  Town of Fairfield Deeds Vol 4- 1726-1732-Part 1-David only
    4.  Town of Fairfield Deeds Vol 5-1731-1737-Part 2-David only
    5.  Town of Fairfield Deeds Vol 7-1740-1744-Part 3-David only

Misc Deeds:

  • 1747 deed – Richard Hubbell of Stratfield-sells land to John Wheeler

Additional Fairfield / Stratfield Information

1): Pioneers and Patriots of the Pequannock-a 1936 publication of Isaac Sherman’s original map of the Pequannock (Stratfield).

2): Royce List of Burials in Old Stratfield (Pequonnock) Burying Ground-This valuable list copied in 1800 from old diary records of Matthew Sherman expands the names of people buried in the cemetery that was made by Samuel Orcutt in his history of Stratford and Bridgeport in 1886.

3) Black Rock-Seaport of old Fairfield by Lathrop and Wheeler, 1930–A History of Black Rock Harbor and Stratfield Containing the diary of William Wheeler (1762-1845) a chronicler of life in his time.  For convenience the book is divided into 8 sections.

1) A Short History             2) William Wheelers Journal part 1           3) William Wheelers Journal part 2

4) Old Homesteads           5) Wharves and Shipping                            6) Appendix

7) Family Index                 8) General Index

Stratford Colony Land Records-Index 1731-1759 (Hubbells only): Stratford and Fairfield Colonies were administratively merged into the County of Fairfield in 1666.  Because the Stratfield Parish Society was constituted from the eastern portion of Fairfield Colony and the western portion of Stratford Colony, many of Richard the Immigrants descendants lived in Stratford.  The earliest entry for a Hubbell, located in Volume 1, is for John Hubbell (ME#2) selling 6 acres of land in April 1731.  Proprietor Meetings were held to distribute Colony lands in the northern, unsettled parts of the Colony to individuals.

This material was photographed at the town clerks office in Stratford, CT in 2022.  

Vol 1: Grantee and Grantor Deed Index.

Vol 1: Proprietor’s Meeting-March 1734.  Lt Richard Hubbell of Ripton (ME#17), James (ME12), David (ME#32), John (ME51).

Vol 1: Proprietor’s Meeting April 1735.  Lt Richard Hubbell of Ripton (ME#17), James (ME12), David (ME#32), John (ME51) and possibly Samuel Hubbell.

Vol 4: Grantee and Grantor Deed Index.  Contains one deed of Samuel (ME#5) purchasing land in 1706/7 but not recorded until 1729.

Vol 4: Proprietor’s Meeting 1729.  Lt Richard Hubbell of Ripton (ME#3), David (ME#32) and John (ME51).

Vol 4: Proprietor’s Meeting 1732.  Lt Richard Hubbell of Ripton (ME#3), David (ME#32) and John (ME51).

Vol 5: This volume contains some genealogical information about Hubbells.


The following are extracts from the Stratford Land records photographed and compiled by the LDS.

Town of Stratford Deeds-General Index and list of all entries in 15 volumes 1652-1800

Vol 1 Part 1      Vol 1 Part 2      Vol 2 Part 2-1682-1724      Vol 3-1720-1723      Vol 4-1724-1737

Vol 5-1710-1753-Part1-includes church records      Vol 5-1710-1753-Part2-includes church records

Vol 6 thru Vol 15-1734-1771

Other Fairfield County Church Records:

  • Stratford, Connecticut Episcopal Society Church Records:
  • Church of Christ in Unity and North Stratford Records Renamed Trumbull in 1797.  Records from 1731 to 1808
  • Baptisms, Marriages and Deaths From the Early Records of the Congregational and Episcopal Churches of Stratford, CT:

Part 1:     Part 2:     Part 3:

  • Grace Church P.E. at Long Hill (part of Trumbull according to church records in the 19th century but now part of Shelton): The cemetery is located in modern day Shelton;  records start 1829.  Lewis (ME1472 or 690: some confusion with this family), Mary Jane, Rebecca, Harriet.
  • Norfield Church (Weston) Records: The church (parish) was established in 1757, Weston was established in 1787 out of Fairfield.

Volume 1: Hannah Drew (ME534), Isaac (ME534), Elen Downs (ME1378), Eliza (ME1379), Jane                  (ME1380), Ebenezer (ME170), Mary.

Volume 2&3: Isaac, Hannah, Elen Downs, Elizabeth, Ebenezer, Mary, Hubbel Ewell.

  • North Fairfield Church Records: The church (parish) was established in 1762 from a portion of the Stratford and Fairfield Colonies and was originally a part of Weston. In 1845 North Fairfield split off from Weston and become Easton.

Volume 1: Abijah (ME91), Timothy (ME89), Seth (ME303), Nathaniel (ME438), Stephen                                 (ME437), Orange, Charles, Mrs. Patison H Hubbell.

Volume 2: Abiah?, Abigal (ME439), Mary (ME305), Isaac, Cate (ME747), Rhoda (ME1167), O.                       Hubbell, Laura O Hubbell, Lillian Hubbell Parrack, Zachariah (ME315), Henry S.

  • New London, CT Church Records: A Mr. Hubbell and wife had their daughter, Elizabeth, baptized at the First Church of Christ on 19 Jan 1694.  This is ME#9 Ebenezer Hubbell

Military Information:

Rolls and Lists of CT men in the Revolution:  19 “Hubbells”

General Connecticut Source Material:

Connecticut Towns-A list of every town in Connecticut with links to original source material (church records, Probate, cemeteries etc).

Connecticut Towns of Fairfield County only-location of source material (a subset of the above)

A list of stories published in the Annual:  Visit the Publications / Annual tab to read.

Early Connecticut Marriages by Fredrick Bailey-list of Congregational Churches that have reported the loss of their records of baptisms and marriages prior to 1800.

Book 1:      Book 2:      Book 3:      Book 4:      Book 5:      Book 6:      Book 7:

The New York Genealogical and Biographical Record, Vol 38 (CT Hubbells only): New Fairfield (Sherman), CT Marriages: Ephraim, Hepsibah, Shadrack, William Gaylord, Amos, Abigail, Amanda, Polly and Urana Hubbell.

The Illustrated Gazetteer and Business Book of Connecticut for 1857-1858: contains 35 individual Hubbells or Hubbell operated companies listed by occupation and location.

History of Danbury, Connecticut 1684-1896 by James Bailey-1896: Luman L. Hubbell (ME#984?); Capt. Samuel Hubbell; Noah Hubbell; Rev James W. Hubbell; Hubbell Wildman.

History of the Towns of New Milford by Orcutt 1702 to 1883: Numerous Hubbells.

Fairfield, Connecticut-historical papers: with lots of Hubbles-CT-1700s

Marriages in the North Society of New Fairfield CT-a number of Hubbells

Public Records of the State of Connecticut-May 1793 to Oct 1796:  Amos, Gideon, Jedediah, Moses

Connecticut Historical Society Vol 11-Law Papers-1741 to 1750:  Thaddeus Hubble (ME#158); Ebenezer Huble (ME#85) 1744 CT Army

The Restoration of Christ Episcopal Church Cemetery in Stratford, CT-resting place of a number of early Hubbells.

Genealogies of the Town of Stratford, CT-taken from early Stratford records by Benjamin L Swan (19th century).  Swan gave his genealogy to Samuel Orcutt who used it in his History of Stratfield and Bridgeport.

Stratford Town Records: Index to Births-Marriages and Deaths

The Genesis of Christ Church Stratford CT by Kenneth Cameron-1957

Stratford Probate Records 1782-1788 Index only

Guilford, Connecticut map showing Richard the Immigrants farms-ca 1650-1660s

Connecticut State Library in Hartford, CT: county and Superior court records from Fairfield county-a small sampling of court documents from the 1700s.

* David Hubbell: loan, John Mill Smith-1746 /1747

* David Hubbel: loan from Jesse Bradley (front page only)-1801

* Elizear Hubble vs John Huff: (front page only)- Aug 1744

*Epharaim Hubbell: Justus of the Peace-Nathaniel Hollester, New Fairfield-1747

*Epharaim Hubble and others beat up another person-New Fairfield-Dec 1748

* Ezra Hubbell vs James Weed Jr: (front page only)-1753

* Ezra Hubbel vs Joseph Lewis Jr: (front page only)-1753

* Hubble and Fairweather vs James Dunlap (front page only)-1735

* Hubbel and Andrus vs Jesse Bradley (front page only)-1801

* Jehiel Hubble vs Nathaniel Peck-1747

* Jeheil Hubbel of Greenwich vs Andris Truby-1750

* Peter Hubbel and Charles Duncomb vs Joseph Hayes-part 1-1747

* Peter Hubboll and Charles Duncomb vs Joseph Hayes-part 2-1747

* Peter Hubble vs Charles Duncomb (front page only)-1749

* Phenisus Hubble vs Robert Silleman-1751

* Richard Huble to serve on grand jury-1723

* Richard Hubbell vs Robert Silliman-1726

* Richard Hubbel vs Nath Sillman-1731

* Richard Hubble and Peter Hubbel; (front page only)-1735-1737

* Richard Hubble vs Hor Odell; (front page only)-1740

* Richard Hubble vs Samuel Odel-1747

* Richard Hubbell vs Samuel Clark of New Haven-1749

* Richard Hubbel vs William Burr; a summons for Jedediah Mills to appear in court-1749

* Richard Hubble vs William Burr: (front page only)-1751

* Samuel Hubbell of Kent vs James Smedly-1749-1750

* Zachariah Hubble-court papers-1736-1749

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