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A place for all things Hubbell in all spelling variations worldwide. A membership organization to share family stories; increase our coverage of the family genealogy; a museum to store and curate family objects; and a library for research and historical papers relating to the family. The family name has many variations in spelling including Hubbell, Hubble, Hubbel, Hubel, Huble, Hubball, Hubboll, Hubolde. The Hubbell Society Museum and Library sprang from the union of the Hubbell Family Historical Society (THFHS) and the Hubbell Center to form the Hubbell Society Museum and Library (HSML) in August 2017.

Short History of the Society – The Hubbell Family Historical Society (THFHS) was founded in 1981, and incorporated in 1982 as a not for profit membership organization.  Originally, membership was for the descendants of Richard Hubball of Worcestershire, England and the New Haven Colony, Connecticut; persons interested in genealogy and history and from organizations supporting such activities.  As it evolved, membership grew to incorporate those with an interest in the Hubbell family without limits.

In 1992, the Hubbell Center, located in Des Moines, IA., was created to hold the papers of the F.M. Hubbell family and the large research collection of Harold B. Hubbell and other contributors.   Harold along with Donald Sidney Hubbell, PhD were joint authors of the 1980 and 1986 History and Genealogy of the Hubbell Family.  The 1980, 1986, and later the 1995 histories, built on the earlier works of Walter Hubbell’s history of the family written in 1881 and 1915.  Most recently, Hilbert R. Hubble has authored the 2017 Millennium Edition: Genealogy and  History of the Hubbell Family.  Together with other publications, they tell much of the story of the Hubbells in America. The archive now occupies 5 rooms and holds a vast array of information and artifacts about the Hubbell family including images of wills from the 15th and 16th centuries, basic resources on genealogy, and enormous amounts of information on the Hubbell family. The Museum collection includes interesting artifacts, paintings, clothing, and other memorabilia of the family over the centuries.

Genealogy Contributions of genealogical information to the Family Genealogist are not only helpful, but critical to trace the growing family as it adds generations to the ones recorded in the Society’s print publications. Please email genealogist@hubbell.org with your information and your questions about your family’s connection to Richard Hubball’s descendants.

DNA is in all of us. To find out more about how DNA is being used to supplement the surviving written record, helping us trace our distant ancestors and their migration across the European continent to England, go to the “DNA” tab above.  We encourage Hubbell/Hubbles from around the world to participate.  For more information contact the Society at: DNA@hubbell.org.

Biennial reunions of the society are hosted by members throughout the country. The rotation is East, Central, and West. The 2021 gathering was in Charleston, South Carolina and the 2022 reunion will be in Litchfield, Connecticut. The reunion activities are reported in the Family Notes.

Tickets can be purchased online at: 2022 Biennial Reunion of the Hubbell Society Museum and Library

Publications (Under the Publications Tab) The society publishes an Annual as well as the twice-yearly Family Notes. Together these cover the Hubbell happenings, news, information about the members, notable Hubbells, new discoveries about the family, and updates on activities. In addition to these serial publications there is a robust book publishing program. Books include five editions of the family History and genealogy as well as pioneers, Hubbells by choice, military history, and sea captains. More about these award winning books can be found at https://www.hubbell.org/shop/

Headstones Project Many times critical information is found on headstones in old cemeteries, no longer maintained by a family that has moved away or died out. If you encounter one of these and have a digital camera with you please add your images to our digital record by submitting the form here.

Members Only Page There’s a wealth of information and resources within the Members Only pages. Here you will find the most current publications, resources including original papers, parish records, and stories of individual branches of the society. It is easy to access by clicking on the News tab then down to Members Only. The password is in the Family notes sent to all dues paying members. Try it! Question? Contact us.

JOIN US! Become a Member of Hubbell Society Joining the society is easy. Jump to the Membership page http://hubbell.org/about/membership/ and either pay online or download the form, fill it in and mail as indicated with your dues! To become more active in the society please let the president – Matt Hubbell – know you are interested by emailing him at president@hubbell.org.

Location of our Society leadership The leaders of the Society live in all parts of the country. If you are traveling you may find yourself in the location of some of our Society leadership.

Mission Statement The mission of The Hubbell Society Museum and Library is to: research the genealogy; preserve the history; recognize the achievements; and promote fellowship for descendants of Richard Hubball, the immigrant.

HSM&L Membership Annual Dues, Hubbell Family Foundation, Hubbell Museum & Library and Hubbell Family Scholarship Fund contributions are tax deductible, being IRS-approved 501(c)(3) activities. 

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