Family Histories

Welcome to the Hubbell/Hubble Family History Page.  Posted here are publications, letters, oral histories and remembrances of specific family histories.

  1. Submitted by Margie Hlava (A&R# [8667])–Michigan
  2. Submitted by Hilbert R. Hubble (A&R# 9750)–Ohio, Iowa, Nebraska, Colorado
  3. Submitted by Carol Hubbell Boggs (A&R# 11690)–Seymour, ?
  4. Submitted by Myrna Hubbell Kepford (A&R# 12146)–Kansas
  5. Robert Denis Hubble–Tipton parish, Worcestershire/Staffordshire;  London, England and currently Montana, USA


  1. The Hobble (Hubbell) family–Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana.  Family information from the diary of Lida Fuller Small.  Diary is located in the public library in Frankfort, IN.
  2. The ancestry and history of the John B. Hubble and Sarah Lavinia Jones (ME#1243 /AR#1234) family of Virginia , Missouri and Illinois.  Material includes information on Keren Happuck Norman Turner (Revolutionary War Nurse), Martin Jones Hubble, Edwin Powell Hubble, the noted astronomer, and various allied lines.  Material submitted by the Rammelkamp and Long families.       Family Flow Chart       Family History by Jamie Hubble (1954)       Martin Jones and Edwin Powell Hubble       Additional information and Allied Lines
  3. The Hubbles of Indiana–Hubble Station; CT-NJ-PA-IN; submitted by Mark Hubble
  4. Richard Hubball, the Immigrant from Worcestershire, England-A review of the English records of his birth and immigration by Margie Hlava (printed in the 2020 Annual)
  5. John Herman Hubble (ME#9222) b: 1921 VA d: 2007 IN–A Family Story


  1. Dinosaur Fossil Collector in 1880s Wyoming:  Arvilla Hubbell Parshall recounts family stories about F.F. Hubbell (Frederick Fletcher Hubbell, ME#5183), his brother Frank Zebina and father Sardis collecting fossils for the Yale University paleontologist C.O. Marsh.
  2. Julian B. Hubbell, MD (ME#6782)–His relationship with Clara Barton and the American Red Cross.





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