Hubballs of the Severn River Valley of England

The map below is a small, cropped section of a full map of Shropshire, Staffordshire and Worcestershire counties, England showing parish boundaries and the location of Hubball families from 1500 to 1799.  See the link below for access to the full map and for definition of Key symbols.  The blue line is the course of the Severn River and connects the town of Shrewsbury in the north to the town of Worcester in the south.

The map to the left, from Bridgnorth in the north to Bewdley and Rock Parish in the south contains the oldest and most concentrated locations of Hubball families.  The circled parishes; Claverley, Tettenhall and Rock have the highest concentration of Hubball Families in the early centuries.  Tong Parish is also circled and is the location of Hubbal Grange, a possible origin of the Hubball name.  This area is referred to as the “Hubballs of the Severn River Valley”.  Most American Hubbell/Hubbles trace their earliest ancestor to Richard Hubball the Immigrant (~1624-1699) who immigrated to Connecticut from Rock and Ribbesford Parish, Worcestershire around 1640.

The link for the full map is below.

Map of the “Distribution of Hubballs in the Severn River Valley of England”

The complete map of Shropshire, Staffordshire, Worcestershire, parts of Herefordshire and Warwickshire plot the distribution of Hubballs (all the various spellings) in the county’s parishes.  The data collected for this map covers the dates 1500 through 1799 taken from the surviving parish records that have been published online from 2014 to 2017.  See the 2017 Annual for details.

This map should be viewed while consulting the PDF below.  The PDF contains a list of all parishes reviewed to construct the map with information on surviving record dates.

List of Parishes Reviewed 

Listings of every Hubball found in the parish registers has been collated by county and parish and are presented in the three PDFs below.  These tables also contain listings of Hubballs from the 19th century but are not comprehensive.

Hubballs in Shropshire: 1500-1799

Hubballs in Staffordshire: 1500-1799

Hubballs in Worcestershire: 1500-1799



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