Message from the President June, 2011

Message from the President June, 2011

As his term of office drew to a close, THFHS president Hilbert Hubble paused to review the last four years and shared his perspectives on the Society’s progress during that time. This is what he offered:


When I became President of the Hubbell Family Historical Society, I had two goals.

One: Ensure the viability of Hubbell Center

Two: Increase the membership of the Society

As I step down I realize I only achieved one of the two goals. Hubbell Center is thriving. However, membership is down. I guess my score is 50 out of 100.

  • During my tenure, I had the support of some wonderful people.
  • We have a new publications editor and a new treasurer.
  • We have a new web site and a new administrator.
  • We digitized some of the Hubbell Center records.
  • We established the Hubbell Foundation which has survived the economic downturn in better than average shape.
  • Published “Hubbell By Choice: The Ancestry of Some Early Connecticut Women”.

There is plenty of work to be done:

  • We need to keep abreast of new technologies.
  • We need to improve our membership appeal.
  • We need to find replacements for our aging active members who hold key offices.”


Grants and Donations
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The Society has an interest in recognizing places and structures of special significance to the Hubbell family. For years, plaques have been installed in various places where the name has significance. Structures that were built or occupied by or named for a historic Hubbell often need restoration and the Society receives applications for grants or donations for such projects. The grants may be for as much as $1000, depending upon the need, and the number of applicants in any particular year.

The form is self-explanatory, and will be mailed to applicants to fill in and submit prior to the deadline for the year allowing the committee time to review the background for the request. The applicant is expected to supply supportive information for their request.

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