Jake Hubbell Paintings

Hubbell Center in Des Moines recently received 2 amazing paintings done by Jacob (Jake) Hubbell (6672) and donated by Frank Hashimoto, a family friend whose father was married to Jake’s and Marjorie’s adopted daughter, Osei Sakamoto.  Jake was a coal miner and circus performer of Middlegrove, IL, born in 1882. The paintings were likely done in the 1930s or 1940s and Jake also built the frames which surround the artwork.  They hang on the west wall of the library room at Hubbell Center.

Jake was part of the fascinating circus world of pre-World War II America. He and his family toured with carnivals and circuses for years. His wife, Marjorie, daughter Osei and his three nieces, daughters of brother, Isaac (Ike)(6671) were part of the troupe who trained together. Jessie, Mabel and Irma were part of the Sels Floto circus, the Flying Wards and other groups.

A more extensive article on this family with photos is planned for Family Notes.

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