F.M. Painting

In November 2017, the Hubbell Museum and Library received a new painting of Frederick Marion (F.M.) Hubbell.  It was donated by the great-great grandkids of F.M. – the Des Moines Hubbell family.  It is 35”x45” and a great addition to the Hubbell Museum and Library.  F.M. lived from 1839-1930, and this painting was created in 1954.  F.M. moved from Connecticut to Des Moines, Iowa with his father in 1855 at the age of 16. During the remainder of his life in Des Moines he bought property in downtown Des Moines, helped start the Des Moines’ first streetcar line, helped found Equitable Life Insurance Company of Iowa, helped establish the Des Moines Water Works, and created the Narrow Gauge Railway Construction Company.  F.M.’s great-great grandson is currently campaigning for governor of Iowa.  

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