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New 2022 SNP Data Table »

Below is the new 2022 SNP testing results layered on the Hubbell Family Tree.  For an explanation of the data see the Y-DNA Surname Project Report located under the DNA tab on the home page.

Unidentified Hubble in Dutches and Ulster County NY militia-1777 »

This document courtesy of the Senate House Archives in Kingston, Ulster county NY is a list of members of Captain Benjamin Kortright’s militia company under the command of Colonial Morris Graham dated Sept 1777. This is possibly Dennis Hubbell (ME#121) of Connecticut however identification is uncertain.

Court Documents from the State Library in Hartford, CT »

A recent visit to Hartford and the State Library reveled numerous Fairfield county and superior court documents referencing Connecticut Hubbells from the early and middle 1700s.  See the “Publications / Genealogy Research Sources and Information / Connecticut” tab for a sampling of documents.  Below are pictures of a typical bundle of documents held together with […]

New Feature: Research Material Now Available »

A new section on the website, containing research material, is under construction under the Publications tab.  This material contains photos, deeds, obits, newspaper articles and much more on various Hubbell/Hubbles.

The Hubbell Family’s Y-DNA Results-New Report »

New information from the Family’s Y-DNA suggests our origins are not Scandinavian (Viking) but Spanish and French.  Read the report located under the DNA / Y-DNA Surname Project tab

Barbara Kruse and her New Orleans Visit »

Barbara Kruse and her Granddaughter Joanne Thornburg visit Molly Marine in New Orleans  

Rod Hubble Painting from Fall 2014 Newsletter »

Rod Hubble paintings

Hubble Telescope Pointing At Nothing »

In 1996  astronomers pointed the Hubble Space Telescope at what appeared to be absolutely nothing and left it there for 10 days, and then in  2004, they did it again for 11 days.  This  time they pointed the Hubble toward another seemingly black, empty  “nothing” area.  A narrator describes what Hubble revealed in those areas of nothingness.  They made […]

“What’s happening at the Hubbell House in Albuquerque, New Mexico”?-Read an update by Margie MHK Hlava »

Hubbell House Alliance- Happenings 2013

James T Hubbell: Pictures from Spring 2013 Family Notes »

James T Hubbell Pictures from Spring 2013 Family Notes

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