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Frederick Hubbell Bible »

William Allen Hubbell (a288aj) has graciously donated a Bible that was originally owned by his Great-Grandfather Frederick Hubbell 1841-1925 a288b (2799b)

Jake Hubbell Paintings »

Hubbell Center in Des Moines recently received 2 amazing paintings done by Jacob (Jake) Hubbell (6672) and donated by Frank Hashimoto, a family friend whose father was married to Jake’s and Marjorie’s adopted daughter, Osei Sakamoto.  Jake was a coal miner and circus performer of Middlegrove, IL, born in 1882. The paintings were likely done […]

Clothes »

Below are photos of the final pieces in the collection given to the Hubbell Center by Susan Thompson. Wedding dress owned by Margaret Jane Hagen Hubbell Wedding dress owned by Margaret Seaton Libby Black Georgette party dress owned by Helen Hubbell Seaton Cream Satin bed jacket made by Helen Hubbell Seaton for Margaret Seaton Black […]

Scrapbooks »

Below are photos of two scrapbooks submitted to the Hubbell Center by Susan Thompson as well.  The red scrapbook was created by Herbert Porter Hubbell (2607) and the green scrapbook was created by Helen Hubbell Seaton (4791).

3 Bonnets »

Below are pictures of three bonnets owned by Helen Hubbell Seaton 4791 (1880-1949).   -Hannah Herzog

Another Picture from the Susan Thompson Gifts »

Continuing on with showing items received from Susan Thompson, we have here two pictures of fans.  These beautifully detailed fans were owned by Helen E. Hubbell Seaton 4791 (1880-1949). -Hannah Herzog

Hubbell Center Wall Artifacts »

The list of the Hubbell Center Wall Artifacts is now available on the Hubbell Center page.  This lists the items that are displayed around the rooms in the Hubbell Center in Des Moines, IA.  It includes descriptions of the items, what family history they relate to and how they arrived at the center. -Hannah Herzog

HUBBELL Center Receives Susan Thompson Gift »

On July 14, 2011 the HUBBELL Center received a donation of family photographs, letters and artifacts from Susan Libby and John Thompson.  Susan is the granddaughter of Helen Eliza HUBBELL Seaton (4791), great-granddaughter of Herbert Porter HUBBELL (2607) and great-great-granddaughter of Philo Patterson HUBBELL (1182). We will be posting with descriptions of the collection – […]

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