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HUB Reflects on 93 Exciting Years »

Hub Hubbell, who has spent most of his life in the rodeo business and promotion, looks back over a long life of keeping busy doing what he knows best. He and his wife took what life gave them and made the most of it as “The Shooting Hubbells” and now alone, he lives at his […]

Betty HUBBLE Vows To Take Action »

When you learn that your post office may be closed, you might want to have Betty HUBBLE on your side.  The post office in question has been in operation since 1881 when Henry C. Groseclose, who founded the Future Farmers of America, became its first postmaster.   HUBBLE, a resident of Ceres, Virginia recognizes that […]

Missouri Reflection on E.P. HUBBLE »

Following the final journey of the space shuttle, Missourians reflect on the role of their own, including Edwin Powell HUBBLE. There must have been something in the water or the air to attract so many from Missouri to enter the space program over the years. Learn a bit more about the man who is probably the […]

HUBBELL House Wins Accolade »

The HUBBELL House in Mantorville, Minnesota has been noted for the excellence of its fare since the 1800s and today it has been given its due. It has been recognized as the Best Landmark Restaurant in Minnesota by “The Official Best of “ organization. Read more about the restaurant and the Pappas family who have […]

HUBBELL, HUBBLE, See the Rubble »

We must be in Kansas because that rubble is intentional and it’s the handiwork of a Hubbell. One with a pretty good sense of humor and not a little skill in metal work.  On his sign he declares he’s a Hubbell, but on this website “HUBBLE Rubble” he seems to have morphed into a HUBBLE. […]

Did You Know? »

  The liberty ship ARTHUR M. HUBBELL was laying a transpacific cable between Hawaii and the West Coast when the scientists discovered an 11,000 foot “mountain” on the ocean floor. The mountain, lying northeast of Hawaii, was dubbed “Mount Hubbell”. -Twin Falls Times News 18 Dec 1957

HUBBELL Trading Post in the News Again »

John Lorenzo HUBBELL might have been surprised to see the changes that have occurred since he operated his trading post in Ganado, in Northern Arizona. Today the HUBBELL Trading Post is in the news once more concerning its operations there. More about this story can be found in this “National Parks Traveler” article.

Talented HUBBLE Carves Carousel Horses »

Ronnie HUBBLE has found the perfect subject to display his talent. He’s turned his skills to carving wooden horses for carousels to be enjoyed by the residents of Kingsport, Tennessee.  He is an example of yet another person who has found a project in retirement  allowing his skills to blossom once the time for them […]

Bradley- HUBBELL House Stays Busy »

If a house could wish for a way to spend its declining years it would surely want to be the Bradley-HUBBELL House in Easton, Connecticut. Once the place of families and bustling activity as early as the 1800s, it wouldn’t be surprising to see the house unoccupied and crumbling, or razed for a more modern structure. […]

Some HUBBELL in Everyone? Maybe »

The U.S. HUBs aren’t the only ones who have reunions, and this recent article was the announcement for the Canadian HUBs that was held yesterday, July 17, 2011 in Havelock, Ontario. The article is dated July 14 but I didn’t come across it till today – thank you Dorcas! We probably couldn’t have made it […]

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